Wheelock Bibliography

The books listed here will give those interested in Wheelock genealogy a solid foundation for further research. They give a fascinating account of the early generations of the Wheelock family in America, along with insights into what their lives were like and the times in which they lived.

  • Wheelock Genealogy, by Carlyle C. Wheelock, of Woonsocket, RI, and Winifred (Thomson) (Argersinger) Gonseth of Clayton, NY, 1955, unpublished manuscript. Available in the New England Historical Genealogical Society, Boston, Massachusetts. Also available in Special Collections of Dartmouth Library, Hanover, N.H.

    This book is a tremendous resource to any Wheelock genealogist, and contains a wealth of information about the early history and genealogy of the Wheelock family in America. Most of the information here was compiled by Carlyle Wheelock between 1905 and 1920. In the 1930's, Winifred Gonseth organized Carlyle's material, and compiled it into book form. The book contains a comprehensive genealogy of the first five or six generations of Wheelocks in this country, with detailed references to source material. Carlyle's sources included Vital Records, probate records, land records,  published materials, and extensive correspondence with other Wheelocks around the country.  Unfortunately, the book has no index.

  • Early Generations of the Wheelock Family of America, by Marcus Warren Waite, unpublished manuscript. Available in the New England Historical Genealogical Society, Boston, Massachusetts.

    As it's title suggests, this book covers the first 5 or 6 generations of the Wheelock family in America. Sources are often (but not always) cited; it's clear that Marcus Warren Waite was a skilled genealogist. This book has a thorough accounting of the early Wheelock generations, and is a useful complement to Carlyle C. Wheelock's compilation. Unfortunately, this book does not have an index either.

  • The Wheelock Family of Calais, Marcus Warren Waite, published in 1940 by The Driftwood Press, North Montpelier, Vt. Available in many libraries.

    Calais, Vermont, was founded by Abijah, Peter, and Asa Wheelock, from Charlton, Mass. This books outlines the genealogy of these three founders, and discusses their role in the development of Calais. The book was written in the early 1900's, and published in 1940. It contains an excellent index, and good references to source material.

    This book can be purchased on the WWW from Higginson Book Company.

  • The Wheelock Family in America, 1637 - 1969, Compiled by Walter T Wheelock. Published by Walter T Wheelock, of Uxbridge, Mass. Available in many libraries.

    This book is in the New England Historic and Genealogical Society circulating library, and can be borrowed by NEHGS members. It contains a partial genealogy of the Wheelocks down to about 1800. Among other things, it has the Wheelock coat of arms, Ralph Wheelock's will, and short biographies of many of the early Wheelocks. Most of the book concentrates on the descendents of Charles Wheelock, whose relationship to Ralph is as follows: Charles/Jerry/Simeon/Silas/Benjamin/Benjamin/Ralph. The book contains many pictures of Walter T. Wheelock's ancestors.

    Unfortunately, the book does not have an index, and source citations are infrequent.

  • History of the Town of Medfield Massachusetts, 1650-1886, by William S. Tilden. Available for a small fee (around $15) from the Town of Medfield, Mass.

    Medfield was founded by the Rev. Ralph Wheelock. The book summarizes the founding and early history  of Medfield. It distills the  town records into a picture of how Medfield evolved in the earliest years of it's  history. Many references to Ralph Wheelock and his successors can be found here. The later third of the book contains a genealogy of the early residents of Medfield, including a Wheelock genealogy that partly covers three generations.

  • The English Ancestry of Joseph Clark (1613 - 1683) of Dedham and Medfield, Massachusetts, by Christopher Gleason Clark, published in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 152, January 1998.

    This article presents strong evidence that Rev. Ralph Wheelock, founder of Medfield, Mass., married Rebecca Clarke. Other published genealogies have asserted that Ralph married Rebecca Wilkinson or Rebecca Barber. A great deal of original research is presented here that verifies the Clarke connection. Christopher Gleason Clark can be reached by email at chrisclark805@gmail.com.

  • Mr. Wheelock's Cure, by Christopher Gleason Clark, published in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 152, July 1998.

    This article presents proof that Gershom Wheelock and Rebecca Wheelock (children of Rev. Ralph Wheelock) were born in England. Records of their baptism were found in the parish register at the village of Eccles, near Banham, County of Norfolk. Furthermore, the article presents strong evidence that Rev. Ralph Wheelock served clerical duties at this parish for several years after his graduation from Clare Hall, Cambridge, and before his departure for the Mass Bay Colony in 1637. Christopher Gleason Clark can be reached by email at chrisclark805@gmail.com.

  • Eleazar Wheelock and the Adventurous Founding of Dartmouth College, by Dick Hoefnagel with the collaboration of Virginia L. Close, published by The Friends of Dartmouth Library, Hanover, NH, 2006.

    This is an extremely well researched book on the life of Eleazar Wheelock, and the founding of Dartmouth College, written by a man who has an unflagging fascination with Wheelock, his life, and times. Dick Hoefnagel, a retired member of the of the faculty of Dartmouth Medical School has read through the collection of Wheelocks personal papers, and is, no doubt, the worlds expert on Dr. Eleazar Wheelock.

  • The Hatch and Brood of Time, Five Phelps Families in the Atlantic World, 1720-1880, by Peter Haring Judd, published by the Newbury Street Press, Boston, MA, 1999.

    This book presents an excellent account of the relationship between Rev. Eleazar Wheelock and his son in law, Alexander Phelps; drawn from the perspective of Phelps. The life of Alexander Phelps and his many interractions with Rev. Wheelock, and the Wheelock family, is skillfully woven  into the context of  New England history. This is a great book for those who love history and genealogy.

    The book also contains a genealogy of Rev. Eleazar Wheelock and his family. There are a few mistakes in the children of Rev. Ralph Wheelock, but otherwise accurate.

    The book can be obtained from the Newbury Street Press.

  • Mr. Ralph Wheelock, Puritan, by Rev. Lewis Hicks, Jointly authored by Thomas Seabury, 1899, published by the Hartford Press in 1899. 51p

    This paper (online here) was read before the Connecticut Historical Society, 7 Nov 1899, by Rev. Lewis W. Hicks in Hartford, Conn. It contains a very thorough and well researched biography of Rev. Ralph Wheelock. The Rev. Hicks was a descendent of Ralph Wheelock.

  • Early Families of Lancaster Massachusetts, 1643-1700, Vol I-IV, by Rev. Frederick Lewis Weiss, Minister of the First Church of Christ in Lancaster, Lancaster, 1941. These volumes are deposited in the public library in Lancaster, and have not been published. The four volume set covers most of the early families of Lancaster, including Wheelock, and extends the lines down to the residents of Lancaster, 1941, who descended from these early families.

  • Sketch of the Life of Deacon Jonathan Wheelock of Cavendish, Vt., by Gertrude Bernadette Wilgus, Privately Published, 1942, Ascutney, Vt. Available in the New England Historical Genealogical Society, Boston, Massachusetts. Also available in Special Collections of Dartmouth Library, Hanover, N.H.

    This book is a well researched and detailed account of the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Wheelocks, specifically the line of  Deacon Jonathan Wheelock  It contains details of Wheelock and Drury land transactions in Shrewsbury, the story of Gershom's construction of the "whistling house", the first house built n Shrewsbury, and the genealogy of Gershom's son, Deacon Jonathan, who later moved to Cavendish, Vt. Deacon John's relationship to Ralph is as follows: Jonathan/Gershom/Samuel/Gershom/Ralph.

  • The Families of Cavendish (Windsor County) Vermont, Volume 1, by Linda M. F. Welch, Cavendish Historical Society.

    This book contains the genealogy of Deacon Jonathan Wheelock, of Shrewsbury, MA, and Cavendish, Vt.

  • History of the Town of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, From Its Settlement in 1717 to 1829, With Other Matter Relating Thereto Not Before Published, Including An Extensive Family Register, by Andrew H. Ward, Member of the New England Historic and Genealogical Society, Boston, Published by Samuel G. Drake; J. Howe, Printer, 1847.

    This book is a detailed account of the early history of Shrewsbury, with multiple references to Samuel Wheelock, his son Gershom Wheelock, and his grandson, Deacon Jonathan Wheelock. It contains accounts of the earliest land transactions in Shrewsbury, details of the founding of the church in Shrewsbury (in which Samuel Wheelock was active), information about the officers and early selectmen of the town (Samuel and Gershom referenced frequently), and a comprehensive genealogy of the of the earliest settlers of the town, including many Wheelocks.

  • Old Times in Shrewsbury Massachusetts, Gleanings from History and Tradition, by Elizabeth Ward, 1892.

    This book, available in the Shrewsbury Library, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, contains a delightful account of Gershom Wheelock's construction of the first house in Shrewsbury.

  • History of Grafton, 1647-1879, by Frederick Clifton Pierce, 1879, published by the author.

    This book covers the history of Grafton, Massachusetts. Grafton was once part of Sutton, and is very near Shrewsbury. Many of the Shrewsbury Wheelocks removed to Sutton and Grafton in the early 1800's. This book contains an extensive genealogy of the Wheelocks, particularly the descendants of Leonard Wheelock; and contains a detailed biography of Jerome Wheelock, an inventor and businessman prominent in Worcester, Mass.

  • Capt. Ralph Wheelock of Sturbridge, His Ancestry and Some of His Descendants, by Henry J. Clarke, Esq., Quinabang Historical Society Leaflets, Vol 1, No. 15. Read in part before the historical society, 29 June 1903.

    This essay documents the family history and genealogy of Capt. Ralph Wheelock, of Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Capt. Ralph's relationship to Rev. Ralph Wheelock is as follows: Capt. Ralph/Ephraim/Eleazar/Rev. Ralph Wheelock. There are some interesting stories here of the Captain and his descendents, including the story of his son Calvin, who chased off a ghost in the neighborhood, warning it to never return!

  • History of the Town of Milford, Worcester County, Mass, From Its First Settlement to 1881, by Adin Ballou, published by the Town of Milford, 1881, Boston, Franklin Press.

    Milford was formed from Mendon, Massachusetts. This History of Milford includes genealogies that cover the founders and early settlers of Mendon, including brothers Eleazer and Benjamin Wheelock (sons of Rev. Ralph Wheelock). The genealogy section discusses briefly the roles of Eleazer and Benjamin in early Mendon, where they lived, and what they did. It then outlines the genealogy of Benjamin. Not much is said about Eleazer's genealogy except "he had sons and drs. of whom I need not treat".

  • Eleazar Wheelock-founder of Dartmouth College, by James Dow McCallum, Dartmouth College Manuscript Series # 4 published in 1939.

    This book contains a biography of Rev. Eleazar Wheelock.

  • Texian Odyssey, The Life and Times of a Forgotten Patriot of the Republic of Texas, Colonel Eleazar Louis Ripley Wheelock (1793-1847), by Mary Foster Hutchinson, published by Sunbelt Eakin Press, Austin, Texas, 2003.

    This book contains a well researched and entertaining biography of Eleazar Louis Ripley Wheelock, grandson of Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, founder of Dartmouth College.