Will of Daniel Wheelock

of Glocester, RI (1707 - 1793)

(Transcribed by Roderick B. Sullivan, Jr., Mar 2000, ammended Feb 2019)

(Written 13 July 1789)

(Probated 2 Sep 1793)

I Daniel Wheelock of Glocester in the County of Providence & In the State of Rhode Island [] yeoman being an old man yet in a good Degree of Bodily health & of a sound mind & memory - Calling to mind the Mortality of my Body knowing that it is appointed for man once to Die do make and publish this thirteenth Day of July In the year of our Lord AD 1789 this my last will & testament In Manner following that is to say -

[Imprimis?] I give and bequeth unto Deborah my Well beloved Wife the Whole of the proffits of my Homestead farm Situate in said Glocester Except the one half of my orchard with all my farming tools & House hold goods with the Whole of my cattle and other Stock During her natural life.

Item: I give and bequeth unto my beloved Son Paul Wheelock the whole of my land lying in Uxbridge in the County of Worcester & in the CommonWealth of the Masachusetts to him his heirs and asigns forever: And also the one half of the proffits of my orchard on my Homestead Farm With liberty to use for himself my Cyder Mill & [press?] he being at one half the Cost of Repairing the same During his natural Life. Also I give my said son Paul one half of my Cyder casks & the Whole of my wearing apparel Except my best great coat. And If I should have a yoak of oxen I give them to Said Paul & his Son Philetus Wheelock Equally between them. Also I give to my said Son Paul my Cart & the one half of my Carpenters tools after my said Wife hath done with them as aforesaid.

Item: I give unto my grandson Phinehas Keith my best Great Coat.

Item: I give my grandson Esek Wheelock one Spanish mill Silver Dollar or the value thereof.

Item: I give and bequeath to my three grandsons namely Seth Wheelock, Calven Wheelock & Luther Wheelock the Whole of my Homestead Farm Situate in Said Glocester with all the Remainder of my farming tools after my said Wifes Decease to them & only to Each of their Right & Lawful heirs forever Equally to be Divided between them & each of their heirs. Provided always they & each of them may & shall [have] the priviledge to sell his or their parts of my said farm to one another and the one half of my Cyder Casks & the one half of my Carpenters tools I give them - And it is my Will that they the said Seth Calvin & Luther Shall pay the Bank & all others my Just Debts with my funeral charges & the Reasonable Charges of my Executor hereafter named. And I give them the Said Seth Calvin & Luther all my notes and Securities for money.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Mary the one half of all my Cattle and other Creatures Exept my oxen & the half part of all other my moveables and herein otherway bequeathed and also I give the Said Mary the one half of my Household goods, Said Cattle Household goods and other moveables are to be given as aforesaid after the Decease of my said wife and not before.

Item: I give & bequeth unto my beloved Daughter Deborah the one half of all my Cattle and other Creates Except my oxen with the half part of all other my moveables not herein other ways given all WHich my Said Daughter is to have after the Decease of my said Wife & not Before.

And I make Constitute & ordain my aforesaid Son Paul Sole Executor to this my last will & testament. In Witness Whereof I the Said Daniel Wheelock have hereunto let my hand & Seal the Day & year within Written, Signed Sealed published & Declared by the Said Daniel Wheelock as & for his last Will & testament. In the Presence of us Who at his Request in his presence & in the presence of each other have Subscribed our names as Witnesses hereto

David Greene

James Harkness

Benedict Arnold

Daniel Wheelock [Seal]

Glocester September ye 2nd 1793 this Will presented to the Council for probate by the Executor & Mr. Benedict Arnold And David Greene two of the Witnesses appeared & on affirmation Declared that they saw the testator Mr. Daniel Wheelock sign Seal publish & Declare this paper as & for his Last Will and testament & that he then appeared to be in sound mind & perfect memory and that they with Mr. James Harkness in his & each others presence subscribed thier names Hereto as Witnesses. Therefore it is [noted] & Resolved that this Will be proved & approved & hereby is ordered to be Recorded voted & past [] []. Richard Steere Jun. [] [] [] and Recorded by Richard Steere Jun. [] [] []

(Transcribed by Roderick B. Sullivan, Jr., Mar 2000, Feb 2019)