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Amos Bosworth

Spouse: Sukey Wheelock
Marriage: 17 Jan 1815


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Rev. Benjamin Pomeroy

Birth: 19 Nov 1704, Suffield, Hartford, CT

Death: 21 Dec 1784, Hebron, Tolland, CT

Burial: 21 Dec 1784, Hebron, Tolland, CT

Spouse: Abigail Wheelock

  1. Benjamin Pomeroy, born 9 Jan 1736, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut
  2. Ralph Pomeroy, born 8 Dec 1737, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut
  3. Eleazar Wheelock Pomeroy, born 1 Sep 1739, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut
  4. Josiah Pomeroy, born 4 Sep 1741, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut
  5. Abigail Pomeroy, born 31 May 1744, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut
  6. Josiah Pomeroy, born 18 Jun 1745, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut
  7. Hannah Pomeroy, born 28 Jan 1749, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut
  8. Hezekiah Pomeroy, born 17 Jul 1750, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut
  9. John Pomeroy, born 5 Mar 1754, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut
  10. Elihu Pomeroy, born 19 Aug 1755, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut
  11. Augustus Wheelock Pomeroy, born 14 Feb 1758, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut


Benjamin Pomeroy was a contemporary of the Rev. Eliazer Wheelock, founder of Dartmouth. He obtained a A.B. from Yale in 1733; a D.D. from Dartmouth, 1774. Rev. Pomeroy was a minister in Hebron, Conn. from 1734 to 1784; a chaplain in the army during the French and Indian wars; and a chaplain in the 3rd regiment Connecticut Line, from Jan. 1777 to July 1778. His tombstone in Hebron bears the following inscription:

"Along the gentle slope of life's decline, He bent his gradual way; Till full of years, he drops Life's mellow fruit into the grave."

"Here lies the body of Rev. Benj. Pomeroy, D.D. minister of the First Church of Hebron, and a trustee of Dartmouth College. Native of Suffield. Ob. Dec. 21st. 1784; aged 81. For 50 years a zealous preacher of the gospel, and eminently successful [...]. A Patron of learning, a firm and active Pastor and a friend to the distressed."

(Source: "History and Genealogy of the Pomeroy Family", by Albert A. Pomeroy, 1912)


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Lucretia Smith

Spouse: Oliver Wheelock
Marriage: 24 Oct 1782, Lancaster, Worcester, MA


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Joel Richard Springer

Birth: 12 Jul 1976

Father: Darald Springer
Mother: Patricia Gail Wheelock

Spouse: Ashley Carlson
Marriage: 1 Jul 2006


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Hannah Wheelock

Father: Levi Wheelock
Mother: Waitstill _____


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Ralph Wheelock

Birth: 12 Feb 1682/83, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Death: 15 Oct 1748, Windham, CT

Burial: Old Cemetery, Hebron, CT

Father: Eleazar Wheelock
Mother: Elizabeth Fuller

Spouse: Ruth Huntington
Marriage: 8 Jan 1707/8, Windham, CT

  1. Elizabeth Wheelock, born 25 May 1709, Windham, CT
  2. Eleazar Wheelock, born 22 Apr 1711, Windham, CT
  3. Ruth Wheelock, born 25 May 1713, Windham, CT
  4. Abigail Wheelock, born 3 Mar 1717, Windham, CT
  5. John Wheelock, born 20 Jan 1719/20, Windham, CT
  6. Sarah Wheelock, born 7 Jul 1725, Windham, CT

Spouse: Mercy Standish
Marriage: 30 Sep 1726, Windham, CT

  1. Mary Wheelock, born 26 Nov 1728, Windham, CT


The Mendon VRs report Ralph's birth as follows: Ralph, s. of Eleazer and Elizebeth, Feb. 12, 1682.

Ralph Wheelocks will was probated (PR #4103) 21 Feb 1748/49 in Windham, CT mentions wife Mercy, son Eleazer, daughters Elizabeth Henry, Abigail Pomeroy, Sarah Bingham, and Mary Bingham.

His headstone in the Andover Road Cemetery, Hebron, CT, was transcribed by Rick Gagne:

06248-1-9 [Eleazar Wheelock's father] This MONUMENT/ sacred to The/ MEMORY OF MR/ Ralph wheelock/ Deacon of ye First/ Chh of Christ in/ windham who/ died Oct. 24 AD 1748/ 'tat. 6 [sic]