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Byron J. Blanchard

Birth: 13 Apr 1831

Death: Oct 1851

Father: Joseph Blanchard
Mother: Lucy D. Wheelock


Byron Blanchard was a sailor, lost at sea.


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Anna Fuller Chappell

Birth: 2 Oct 1799, Middlefield, Otsego Co, NY

Death: 19 Oct 1893

Burial: Canandaigua, Ontario Co, NY

Father: William Chappell
Mother: Mary Chloe Fuller

Spouse: Joseph Wheelock
Marriage: 31 Dec 1818, Shaftsbury, Bennington Co, VT

  1. Hosea Wheelock, born 13 Nov 1821, Shaftsbury, Bennington Co, VT
  2. Jerome Slater Wheelock, born 9 Aug 1823, Shaftsbury, Bennington Co, VT
  3. Richard Peter Wheelock, born 10 Feb 1826, Shaftsbury, Bennington Co, VT
  4. Nahum Bottom Wheelock, born 15 Mar 1828, Shaftsbury, Bennington Co, VT
  5. Martin Seneca Wheelock, born 18 Aug 1830
  6. Margaret Sophia Wheelock, born 18 Aug 1830, Perry, Livingston Co, NY
  7. John Jones Wheelock, born 5 Jan 1833
  8. Mary M. Wheelock, born 10 Jan 1835
  9. Anna Eliza Wheelock, born 12 Oct 1837, Leicester, Livingston Co, NY
  10. Martha Amelia Wheelock, born 23 Aug 1841, Cuylerville, Livingston Co, NY
  11. William Wheelock, born 18 Mar 1844, Otsego, NY


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Gladys Irene Jeronime

Birth: 11 Apr 1915, Middlesex, VT

Father: Ray L. Jeronime
Mother: Ina Clarabel Wheelock

Spouse: Robert Deigan
Marriage: say 1944

  1. Bonnie Lois Jeronime, born 29 Oct 1940, Cambridge, NY
  2. Virginia Roberta Deigan, born 14 May 1945, Long Beach, Ca

Spouse: Samuel Woods Cossins

  1. Jack Cossins, born 30 Dec 1946, Reno, NV
  2. Samuel Cossins, born 19 Mar 1948, Henderson, NV
  3. Frederick Cossins, born 30 Sep 1950, Henderson, NV


Marcus Warren Waite, in "The Wheelock Family of Calais, VT", 1940, incorrectly lists Irene's birthdate as 14 Apr 1915. The corrected date, shown here, is supplied by Irene's sister, Arlene (Jeronime) Fitzgerald.


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John Metcalf

Spouse: Elizabeth Wheelock


John Metcalf's 29 Sep 1848 Winthrop, Kennebec Co, ME will leaves everything to his wife, Elizabeth, and appoints Albert Sturtevant of Winthrop as executor. It's signed by Leonard Sturtevant (his brother in law), among others. (Src: "Maine, Wills and Probate Records, 1584-1999", John Metcalf, Vol 63, 1842-1849, online at, retrieved June 2018).

This is most likely the John Metcalf who died 3 Oct 1848, and is buried in Maple Cemetery, Winthrop, Kennebec Co, ME. (Src: FindAGrave memorial 115818616,


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Ada Sophia Wheelock

Birth: 8 Sep 1854, Spencer, Worcester Co, MA

Father: Aaron Bowker Wheelock
Mother: Ruth Converse

Spouse: Frank A. Rice
Marriage: 10 Jun 1875, Worcester, Worcester, MA

  1. Holly Adelbert Rice, born 1880
  2. Myron Frank Rice, born Jul 1888


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Emery Wheelock

Birth: 20 Nov 1775, Shrewsbury, Worcester Co, MA

Death: 2 Aug 1841, Jaffrey, Cheshire Co, NH

Burial: Old Center Cemetery, Jaffrey, NH

Father: Stephen Wheelock
Mother: Lucretia Newton

Spouse: Martha Hill
Marriage: 3 Dec 1800, Peterborough, NH

  1. John H. Wheelock
  2. Franklin Stephen Wheelock
  3. Elizabeth Wheelock, born 2 Feb 1809
  4. Nancy Wheelock, born 20 Sep 1811
  5. George Boyden Wheelock, born 6 May 1822


Emory settled in Peterborough, NH, returned to Jaffrey, NH; settled on lot 14, range 6, afterward removed to lot 10, range 6, where he died. He and his wife had five children. "The History of Jaffrey", by Cutter refers to her as Martha Hill, and her gravestone in the Old Center Cemetery in Jaffrey refers to her as Martha, yet the New Hampshire marriage record refers to her as Patty Hill.

The Hubbardston Vital Records record the birth of Emery, "Nov. 19, 1775." His death is given as 2 May 1841 by the "The History of Jaffrey", the Jaffrey NH death record gives 3 Aug 1841, yet his headstone in the Old Center Cemetery gives 2 Aug 1841.