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Roderick John Clark

Spouse: Katherine Victoria Wheelock
Marriage: 10 Dec 2003

  1. Declan Kimber Clark, born 25 Jun 2005, Providence, Providence Co, RI


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Elizabeth Hubbard

Birth: 20 Sep 1851, Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA

Spouse: Wesley Des Brisay Wheelock

  1. Harriet Elizabeth Wheelock, born 10 Nov 1875, Holliston, Middles Co, Mass.
  2. Clara Jane Wheelock, born 5 Sep 1878, Woodville, Middlesex Co, Mass.


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William H. McGuire

Birth: about 1873

Spouse: Ruby A. Wheelock

  1. William McGuire, born 25 Nov 1922
  2. Isabel McGuire, born about 1924
  3. John McGuire, born about 1926
  4. Howard McGuire, born about 1928


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Mittie Parker

Birth: 1788

Death: 21 Apr 1863

Spouse: John Wheelock


Mittie was the daughter of Major Nathaniel and Salomi (Whitman) (Cleveland) Parker.


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Salome Parsons

Death: 20 Feb 1881

Spouse: John Wheelock
Marriage: Freedom, OH

  1. Deforest Wheelock, born Jun 1837, Freedom, Portage Co, OH
  2. George D. Wheelock, born 26 Feb 1837, Freedom, Portage Co, OH


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Cyrus Wheelock

Birth: 28 Dec 1763, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Father: Ebenezer Wheelock
Mother: Mary Sleeman

Spouse: Phoebe Albee
Marriage: 19 Jan 1786, Milford, Worcester, MA

  1. Willis Wheelock, born 21 Oct 1798, Milford, Worcester, MA
  2. Waitee Wheelock, born 21 Oct 1798, Milford, Worcester, MA


The is probably the Private Cyrus Wheelock that served in the Revolutionary War under Captain Philip Ammidon in March, 1781.

Cyrus appears in the 1790 Census living in Milford, with 1 male under 16, and 2 females. In 1800 he is enumerated again in Milford, next to Ebenezer Wheelock, age betwen 25 and 44, with 2 boys under 15, two girls under 10, and a female (his wife?) age 25 to 44. After 1800 he disappears from the Massachusetts Census records. However, in 1810, a Cyrus Wheelock appears in Readfield, Kennebec Co, ME, age greater than 45, with a male, age 16 to 26, 2 females under 16, and a female (his wife?) age 26 to 45. Cyrus continues to appear in the Readfield, Kennebec Co, Maine Census records in 1820, 1830, and 1840, in which year he is between 70 and 80 years old, implying a birth date between 1760 and 1770. Appearing also in Readfield at various times is David Wheelock and William Wheelock. Note that Cyrus Wheelock is the cousin of Jesse Wheelock, who settled in Union Township, Lincoln Co, ME.

Cyrus Wheelock, age 43 (sic), born in Milford, residence Readfield, enlisted in the 34th U.S. Infantry, Capt. Rober Douglass' Company, 29 Apr 1813. (Src: Maine, Compiled Military Records, 1812-1865 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011. Original Source: Maine State Archives, Maine; 1498; Record Group: Maine War of 1812 Records). This ties together t he Cyrus Wheelock of Mendon (and Milford) with the Cyrus Wheelock in Readfield, ME.

A Cyrus Wheelock married Abiah Johnson in ME, 2 Sep 1835. Other early marriages in Readfield, ME include Catharine Wheelock to Bela Gilman, 8 Dec 1820; William S. Wheelock to Mary Bartlett, 11 Jan 1814; and David Wheelock to Sukey Packard, 2 Ja n 1813. (Src: "Maine Marriages, 1771-1907", online at, accessed Jan 2016.)

Cyrus Wheelock, age 87, is enumerated in the 1850 Census living in Belgrade, Kennebec Co, ME with his wife, Abiah (age 67). He does not appear in the 1860 Census.

Maj. William S. Wheelock died in Readfield, Kennebec Co, ME in Aug 1824, age 37 years. (Src: "Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast, 1704-1930", online database at, from 28 Aug 1824 death notice in the Columbian Centinel; ret rieved May 2017.) Maine probate records indicate that he died intestate, with Cyrus Wheelock assigned executor, with Bela Gilman and Caleb Dudley as sureties. This leaves little doubt that William S. Wheelock was the son of Cyrus; and suggests that Catherine Wheelock may have been his daughter. (Src: "Maine Wills and Probate Records, 1584-1999 for William S. Wheelock, Kennebec Co, Vol21-22, 1819-1843", online at, retrieved May 2017.)

Bela Gilman, and his wife Catherine (age 48, born Mass) are enumerated in the 1850 Census living in Mount Vernon, Kennebec Co, ME with 5 children.

Mrs. Catherine Gilman died 7 May 1869 in Mt. Vernon, Kennebec Co, ME, age 67 years. The death record contains no information about her parents. (Src: "Maine, Death Records, 1617-1922 for Catharine Gilman", online at, retrieved May 2017.)


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Janet M. Wheelock

Birth: 1882

Death: 1894

Burial: West Winfield Cemetery, West Winfield, Herkimer Co, NY

Father: Samuel Clayton Wheelock
Mother: Jennie Davis


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Stephen Wheelock

Birth: 22 Feb 1750/51, Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA

Father: Nahor Wheelock
Mother: Abigail Williams

Spouse: Lucretia Newton
Marriage: 18 Jan 1774, Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA

  1. Emery Wheelock, born 20 Nov 1775, Shrewsbury, Worcester Co, MA
  2. Salley Wheelock, born 1 Oct 1778, Hubbardston, Worcester, MA
  3. Naby Wheelock, born 12 May 1781, Hubbardston, Worcester, MA
  4. Walter Wheelock, born 8 Dec 1783, Hubbardston, Worcester, MA
  5. Martin Wheelock, born 17 Feb 1786, Hubbardston, Worcester, MA
  6. Tabitha Wheelock, born 21 Sep 1787, Hubbardston, Worcester, MA
  7. Lucretia Wheelock, born 1 Apr 1790, Hubbardston, Worcester, MA
  8. Martin Wheelock, born 13 Sep 1792, Hubbardston, Worcester Co, MA
  9. Daniel Wheelock, born 1 Mar 1794, Keene, Cheshire Co, NH
  10. _____ Wheelock, born 19 Feb 1795, Hubbardston, Worcester, MA


Stephen fought in the Revolutionary War, serving as a Private in Captain Job Cushing's Company of Minutemen which marched in response to the Lexington Alarm of 19 April 1775.

Walter T. Wheelock lists two additional children, Stephen and Samuel, one (unspecified) having birth date 19 Feb 1795, the other a presumably later birthdate. He also indicates that some members of this family went to Eden, VT.

In 1778, Joe Grimes, Jr., of Hubbardston, deeded lands to Stephen Wheelock (Worcester County Deeds, book 79, page 127). Stephen Wheelock is enumerated in Hubbardston, MA, in the 1790 Census, with 1 male older than 16, 2 males younger than 16, and 5 females. In 1790, he deeded land to William Hunting, of Hubbardston, MA (Worcester County Deeds, Book 109, pg 103), after which he appears in no further Massachusetts Census records. In 1795 he bought 120 acres in Alstead, NH, in partnership with David Bennett of Hubbardston, MA. In 1796 the property was sold to Amos Gale; the deed was signed by Stephen Wheelock, Lucretia Wheelock, and David Bennett. (Cheshire County Deeds, Vol26, pgs 170, 174, 253.) He is enumerated in Cheshire County, NH, in the 1800 Census. His son, Emory, married Martha Hill 3 Dec 1800 in Peterborough, Cheshire Co, NH. His son Walter married Betsey Johnson 25 Apr 1806 in Marlborough, Cheshire Co, NH [See Note 1]. And the Tabitha Wheelock who married Israel Marsh 11 May 1812 in Keene, Cheshire Co, NH may have been his daughter.

His son Walter moved to Eden, VT, and first appears there in the 1810 census. The weight of evidence strongly suggests that his son Martin Wheelock moved there in a similar time frame.

The birth of his presumed son, Daniel Wheelock, is not found in the VRs, but Daniel's appearance in Eden, the naming pattern in his family, and his death record strongly suggests that he is the son of Stephen and Lucretia. Another early settler of Eden, VT, Samuel Wheelock, b. 1797, may also have been a son of Stephen and Lucretia.

Stephen Wheelock's death date is not known, but a guardianship was filed for Daniel Wheelock, in Eden, VT, in 1813 (NEHGR, Vol 66, pg 20).


1) The marriage of Walter Wheelock and Betsey Johnson is recorded in the New Hampshire VRs; and confirmed in "Gregory Stone Genealogy: Ancestry and Descendants of Dea. Gregory Stone of Cambridge, Mass., 1320-1917", by J. Gardner Bartlett.

2) A marriage intention for Sarah Wheelock and William Murdock, was filed in Hubbardston, 13 Jan 1833.