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Margaret Bain

Birth: 1890

Spouse: Willard E. Wheelock
Marriage: 1917

  1. Willard Bain Wheelock, born 1920


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Emiline Green

Spouse: George Reynolds

  1. Charlotte Reynolds, born 23 Sep 1868, Sugar Grove, Warren Co, PA


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Mary Sleeman

Spouse: Ebenezer Wheelock
Marriage: 16 Feb 1737/38, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA

  1. Mary Wheelock, born 19 Jul 1738, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA
  2. Eunice Wheelock, born 31 Aug 1739, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA
  3. John Wheelock, born 30 Jul 1742, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA
  4. Timothy Wheelock, born 8 Nov 1744, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA
  5. Lois Wheelock, born 25 Nov 1746, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA
  6. Thomas Wheelock, born 7 Apr 1749, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA
  7. Mary Wheelock, born 24 May 1751, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA
  8. Elisabeth Wheelock, born 2 May 1754, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA
  9. Abigail Wheelock, born 31 Jul 1756, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA
  10. Lydia Wheelock, born 10 Jul 1759, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA
  11. Cyrus Wheelock, born 28 Dec 1763, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA


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Eli Wellington Wheelock

Birth: Jul 1826, Marshfield, Washington Co, VT

Death: 9 Apr 1887, Chelsea, Suffolk Co, MA

Father: Eli Wheelock
Mother: Hepsibah Osgood

Spouse: Frances Graham (--?--)
Marriage: about 1851

  1. Minnie E. Wheelock, born about 1852, Chelsea, Suffolk Co, MA
  2. Albert M. Wheelock, born 20 Nov 1854, Chelsea, Suffolk Co, MA

Spouse: Frances H. M. Hennessey
Marriage: 22 Apr 1865, Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA

  1. Francis Lyon Wheelock, born 18 Jul 1873, Lyons, France


He was born in Marshfield, Vermont, and lived most of his adult life as a merchant in Chelsea, Massachusetts, where he died 9 Apr 1887, ae 60 years 9 months. His will, written 26 July 1882, proved 9 May 1887, mentions his wife, Frances H. M. Wheelock, and his son, Francis Lyon Wheelock.1

Research Notes:

In 1840 he was a student at New Salem Academy in New Salem, Massachusetts, and a resident of Barre, Massachusetts.2

His marriage to Francis Hennessy was his second, her first, per marriage record.

In 1850 he was 25 years old, a clerk, born Vermont, living in his father's household in Boston - no apparent wife or children.

E. Wellington Wheelock was living in Chelsea in 1855, age 29, born Vermont, grader, with Fanny G Wheelock, age 26, Albert M. Wheelock, age 7 months, and Minnie Wheelock, age 4, all born in Massachusetts. Also in the household was his father, Eli, mother Hepsibeth, and Malora K., all born in Vermont.

In 1860, Eben [sic] W. Wheelock, age 34, born Vermont, merchant was again in Chelsea, with Fanny G. Wheelock, age 33, born Peurto Rico, with Minnie E. Wheelock, age 9, born Massachusetts.

In 1865, Eli W. Wheelock, age 36, born Rhode Island [sic], occupation listed as "dry goods," was living in Chelsea, with Fanny Wheelock, age 24, and Minnie Wheelock, age 13, both born in Massachusetts. Note that this Fanny must be his new wife, Frances (Hennessy) Wheelock.

On 6 October 1868, Eli W. Wheelock, of Boston, Massachusetts, applied for a passport, listing his birth date as 25 July 1828, born in Marshfield, Vermont.3

In 1870 in Chelsea, Eli W. Wheelock was 42, born Vermont, importer of tailor trimmings, living with Fannie H. Wheelock, age 29, Minnie E. Wheelock, age 18, and Edward M. Hennesy, age 21, all born Massachusetts.

In 1880, Eli was living in Gardner St, in Chelsea, age 54, born Mass. [sic], importer of tailor trimings, living with his wife, Fanny, age 32, born Mass, Alice Lambert, age 18, born Mass, neice, and Francis Wheelock, son, age 7, born France. Two servants were also living in the household.

He wrote his will on 26 July 1882. It was proved 9 May 1887. He left bequests to his wife, Frances H. M. Wheelock, and to his son, Francis Lyon Wheelock, who was under the age of 21. He nominated his wife as executrix.4


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  4. Suffolk County, Massachusetts, probate records, 591:40.

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Ida Wheelock

Birth: 6 Apr 1874

Father: Josiah B. Wheelock
Mother: Martha Elizabeth Denney


Ida married Richard Maycack (Metcalf?). They had children Alta, Garnet, Edna, Ruby, and Helen.


  1. Private records of Karen Lansing, a descendant of Josiah Burley Wheelock and Martha Denney, Nov 2000

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Mary Wheelock

Birth: 15 Nov 1800, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA

Death: 13 May 1873

Burial: Hersey Cemetery, Pembroke, Washington Co, ME

Father: Eleazer Wheelock
Mother: Polly Benson

Spouse: Perez Hersey
Marriage: 10 Dec 1822, Dennysville, ME


Mary is twin to Joseph.

The Maine death records of three of Mary's children (Elmira Hersey, Perez W. Hersey, and Sabra Osborn) identify her maiden name as Wheelock, and her birth place as Massachusetts (different towns). The records identify her husband as Perez Hersey, born in Pembroke.1

Her headstone in Hersey Cemetery gives her age at death as: 72 yrs, 6 mos.


  1. "Maine Vital Records, 1670-1921", online at

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Phila D. Wheelock

Birth: calculated 8 Nov 1822

Death: 19 Nov 1883, Providence, RI

Father: Silas Wheelock
Mother: Celian Mathewson

Spouse: Daniel S. Thompson
Marriage: 14 Jan 1844, Scituate Township, Providence, RI


Her death record identifies her as the daughter of Silas and Celian Wheelock.


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Phineas Wheelock

Birth: 1781, Winchester, NH

Death: 1 Aug 1848, Huntertown, Allen Co, IN

Burial: Old Huntertown Cemetery, Allen Co, IN

Father: Phinehas Wheelock
Mother: Prudence Dodge

Spouse: Margaret Hennesey
Marriage: 8 Apr 1804, Charlestown, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA

  1. John Watts Wheelock, born 10 Jun 1805, Charlestown, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA
  2. William Gray Wheelock, born 7 Oct 1808, Charlestown, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA

Spouse: Elizabeth Hennesey
Marriage: 14 Dec 1809, Charlestown, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA

  1. Louisa Wheelock, born Apr 1811, Winchester, NH
  2. Elbridge Gerry Wheelock, born 25 Nov 1814, Burlington, VT
  3. Sarah P. Wheelock, born 7 May 1817, NY
  4. Catharine Wheelock, born about 1820, NY

Spouse: Polly Carr
Marriage: between 26 Jul 1824 and 18 Mar 1825, probably Plattsburgh, Clinton Co, NY


Both he and his first two wives (Margaret, Betsey Hennesey) were "of Charlestown" when they married there in 1804 and 1809.

During the war of 1812 he was commisioned an ensign and second lieutenant in the 4th infantry, 3 Jan 1812; a first lieutenant 2 Sep 1813. He was honorably discharged 15 June 1815.1

He was a resident of Charlestown on 21 Jan 1812 when he wrote a letter to the Secretary of War accepting his appointment as an Ensign 4th Regiment U.S. Infantry.2

His regiment fought at the Battle of Plattsburgh in 1814. Per service record, he was left sick there 29 Aug 1814.3

He is enumerated in the 1820 U.S. census living in Plattsburgh, Clinton Co, NY, age 26 to 44, with a boy under 10 (possibly Elbridge Gery), another between 10 and 15 (possibly William Gray), three girls under 10 (Louisa, Catharine, Sarah), and a female age 26 to 44 (Elizabeth).

"Phineas Wheelock, assigner of Amos P. Delong," was granted 40 acres of land near Fort Wayne, Allen Co, Indiana, on 1 Aug 1844.4

Phineas' gravestone, in the Old Huntertown Cemetery, Hunter, Indiana, bears the following inscription: "Capt. Phineas Wheelock, an officer in the 4th Regiment, U.S. Infantry, during the War of 1812. Born Winchester, N.H. 1781. Died August 1st 1848. Aged 67 years."

Research Notes:

Phineas' second wife, Elizabeth, died in Plattsburgh on 26 July 1824.[1] By 18 March 1825, Phineas had married someone named Polly, with whom he sold land in Plattsburgh to David Broadwall.[2] It was probably the same Polly Wheelock of Plattsburgh to whom John Clifford mortgaged property there on 10 May 1850.[3] In 1850, Polly Wheelock, age 64, born in Connecticut, was living in Plattsburgh in the household of John Clifford, age 42, born New Hampshire, and Almina Clifford, age 46, who, like Polly, was born in Connecticut. This would suggest that Polly was perhaps the mother-in-law of John Clifford, and that Almina Clifford was her daughter. One of the children of John and Almina Clifford - Martin - identifies his parents as John Clifford and Polly Seeley, suggesting that Polly's name might have been Seeley before she married Phineas.[4]

In 1820, a Polly Seeley was living in a household in Plattsburgh consisting of two females, one 16 through 25 and the other 26 through 44 (probably Polly). This is very likely the woman who married Phineas, and signed the deed as his wife on 18 March 1825. She would have married Phineas between 26 July 1824, when his second wife died, and 18 March 1825, when she signed the deed. In all likelihood she went to Indiana with Phineas, and came back to Plattsburgh after he died to be with her daughter, Almina (Seeley) Clifford.

There are a few other facts that support "Seeley" as Polly's surname before she married Phinehas Wheelock. A Polly Seeley, age 9, died in Plattsburgh on 10 Nov 1818, daughter of Joseph.[5] This is possibly a daughter of Polly Seeley, whose husband therefore would have been Joseph Seeley. A Joseph Seeley, born circa 1778, died on 26 Dec 1819, and is buried in Riverside Cemetery, in Plattsburgh.[6] This fits with Polly's appearance as "Polly Seeley" in the 1820 census, and a marriage to Phinehas Wheelock between 26 July 1824, when Elizabeth (Henessey) Wheelock died, and 18 Mar 1825, when she appears in a deed as Phinehas' wife.

Polly's maiden name is given as Carr on family trees at, 5 Feb 2022. She was born in Torrington, Litchfield Co, Connecticut on 10 Dec 1786, the daughter of Robert and Mary.[7]

[1] Fred Q. Bowman, 10,000 Vital Records of Eastern New York, 1777-1834 (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing, 1987), p. 281, "Wheelock, Elizabeth, 34, wf of Phineas, d 7/26/1824 in Plattsburgh (7-8/7)"; citing Plattsburgh Republican, 7 August 1824.

[2] Clinton County, New York, Deeds K:274, image 148 at

[3] Clinton County, New York, Deeds 16:280, image 460 at

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[5] Bowman, 10,000 Vital Records of Eastern New York, 1777-1834, p. 224, "Seeley, Polly, 9, dau of Joseph, d 11/10/1818 in Plattsburgh... (7-11/21)"; citing Plattsburgh Republican, 21 Nov 1818.

[6] Find a Grave, gravestone phoeo for Joseph Seely (1778–26 Dec 1819), memorial ID 182401661.

[7] "Connecticut, Vital Records, Prior to 1850," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 5 Feb 2022), Poley Carr, 10 Dec 1786; citing Birth, Torrington, Litchfield, Connecticut, United States, Compiled by Lucius A. and Lucius B. Barbour, housed at State Library, Hartford, Connecticut; FHL microfilm 008272225. See also Family Tree at, entry for Polly Carr ( : accessed 5 Feb 2022).


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William Stedman Wheelock

Birth: 9 Jun 1869, Quincy, IL

Death: 27 Sep 1870

Father: Thomas Seabury Wheelock
Mother: Sarah Maria Nash


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