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Jennie Davis

Spouse: Samuel Clayton Wheelock

  1. Janet M. Wheelock, born 1882
  2. Mina D. Wheelock, born 1885
  3. Mabel C. Wheelock, born 1889
  4. Katherine N. Wheelock, born 1894
  5. Leslie Clayton Wheelock, born 30 Dec 1895, West Winfield, NY
  6. Robert S. Wheelock, born Feb 1898


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Abigail Ditmars

Spouse: Henry Vroom

  1. Jane Vroom, born 29 Oct 1809, Clements, Annapolis Co, Nova Scotia
  2. Harriet Elizabeth Vroom, born 1813, Clements, Annapolis Co, Nova Scotia


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Lillian Lando

Spouse: Nathan Sherman Wheelock

  1. Charles Elmer Wheelock, born 26 Mar 1919, Syracuse, NY
  2. Robert Nathan Wheelock, born 1920, Syracuse, NY


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Guilford Percy Wheelock

Birth: 28 Jun 1874, Cambridge, MA

Death: 6 Apr 1944, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA

Burial: Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, MA

Father: Guilford Dudley Wheelock
Mother: Jessie Elizabeth Pierce

Spouse: Margaret Jeannette Dolan
Marriage: 27 Aug 1895, Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA

  1. Guilford Dudley Wheelock, born 10 Oct 1896, Cambridge, MA
  2. William Francis Wheelock, born 2 Mar 1898, Cambridge, MA
  3. Percy Arthur Wheelock, born 22 Apr 1900, Cambridge, MA
  4. Margaret E. Wheelock, born 28 Jul 1902, Cambridge, MA
  5. Jessie Edna Wheelock, born 20 Aug 1906, Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA
  6. Helen A. Wheelock, born 13 Feb 1908, Cambridge, MA
  7. Edith Alice Wheelock, born 26 Sep 1909, Cambridge, MA
  8. Bertha Louise Wheelock, born 2 Sep 1911, Cambridge, MA
  9. Mary Wheelock, born 1 May 1913, Cambridge, MA


Guilford Percy Wheelock fought in the Spanish American War. He was appointed Corporal, Company B. Fifth Regiment Infantry, Second Brigade of the Militaia of Massachusetts 24 Oct 1897. He was appointed sargeant on 26 June 1899. Guilford Wheelock is buried in the Spanish American War section of the Cambridge Cemetery, Boston, MA. (Src: Records of Georgia Wheelock, his granddaughter, Jan 2004.)


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Jonathan Wheelock

Birth: 10 Dec 1779, Warwick, Franklin, MA

Death: 1 May 1852, Warwick, Franklin, MA

Father: Eleazar Wheelock
Mother: Huldah Woodward

Spouse: Prudence Smith
Marriage: 1800

  1. Icybrinda Wheelock, born 29 Oct 1800
  2. Prescott Wheelock, born 9 Apr 1802, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA
  3. Adaline S. Wheelock, born about 31 Dec 1804
  4. Jonathan Wheelock, born 22 Oct 1806, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA
  5. Jefferson Wheelock, born 11 Sep 1808, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA
  6. Caroline Wheelock, born 29 Dec 1811, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA
  7. Mary C. Wheelock, born 9 Feb 1813, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA
  8. Alonzo G. Wheelock, born 27 Jan 1817, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA
  9. Emeline Wheelock, born 23 Apr 1819, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA
  10. Huldah W. Wheelock, born 23 Apr 1824, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA


Jonathan Wheelock, age 70, and Prudence Wheelock, age 70, are enumerated in the 1850 Census, living in Warwick, MA. Living in the same household is Adalin Wheelock (female), age 41.


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Katherine Victoria Wheelock

Birth: 16 Jul 1974

Father: Kimber Gadsby Wheelock
Mother: Leslie Gail Penner

Spouse: Roderick John Clark
Marriage: 10 Dec 2003

  1. Declan Kimber Clark, born 25 Jun 2005, Providence, Providence Co, RI


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Luther Wheelock

Birth: calculated 31 Oct 1782, Tyringham, Berskshire Co, MA

Death: 25 Apr 1868, Blandford, Hampden Co, MA

Father: Samuel Wheelock
Mother: Dinah Leyland

Spouse: Clarissa Marcy
Marriage: 1824, Tyringham, Berkshire Co, MA

  1. Samuel Leland Wheelock, born 26 Jan 1825, Tyringham, Berkshire Co, MA
  2. Sarah C. Wheelock, born 23 Apr 1826, Tyringham, Berkshire Co, MA
  3. Milly Ann Wheelock, born 19 Jan 1828, Tyringham, Berkshire Co, MA
  4. Josiah A. Wheelock, born 25 Jul 1829, Tyringham, Berkshire Co, MA
  5. William L. Wheelock, born 22 Mar 1832
  6. Louisa H. Wheelock, born 2 Apr 1835
  7. John E. Wheelock, born about 1837
  8. Harlow A. Wheelock, born 1842


Luther worked the homestead farm of his father, Samuel, in Berkshire County, MA, until 1865, when he sold the place and later removed to Blandford, Hampden County, MA, where he spent his last days. (Source: "The Biographical Record of Whiteside County, Illinois", published 1900 by the S. J. Clarke Publishing Company.)

The obituary of Luther's son, Samuel L. Wheelock, mentions three brothers and two sisters. They were Mrs. Hugins of Rock Falls, Mrs. Breckonridge of Tampico, J. E. Wheelock of Collinsville, CT, Harlow A. Wheelock of Canton, CT, and William L. Wheelock of Bridgemar, MI. J. E. Wheelock is assumed to be Josiah Wheelock, whose birth is recorded in Tyringham, MA. Sarah C. Wheelock, whose birth is also recorded in Tyringham, is not mentioned in the obituary.

The 1900 US Federal Census for Coloma Township, Rock Falls City, Ward 1, mentions Louisa Huggins, female, age 64, born in Massachusetts, presumed to be the "Mrs. Hugins" of Rock Falls mentioned in her brothers obituary. Milly A. Breckenridge, 1828 to 1903, is buried in Tampico Cemetery, and is presumed to be the Mrs. Breckonridge of Tampico, mentioned in Samuel L. Wheelock's obituary.


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Robert Burns Wheelock

Birth: 5 Nov 1885

Death: 12 Mar 1971

Father: David Prickett Wheelock
Mother: Eleanor Halley


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Thomas Wheelock

Birth: 7 Apr 1749, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Death: 15 Aug 1804, Milford, Worcester, MA

Father: Ebenezer Wheelock
Mother: Mary Sleeman

Spouse: Hannah Hayward
Marriage: 28 Dec 1769, Bellingham, MA

  1. Henry Wheelock, born 8 Aug 1771, Holliston, MA
  2. Levi Wheelock, born about 1772, MA
  3. Moses Wheelock, born 8 Mar 1776, Holliston, MA
  4. Simon Wheelock, born 13 Mar 1781, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA


Thomas fought in the Revolutionary War. He was a private in Captain Jacob Miller's Company, Colonel Ephraim Doolittle's Regiment; serving for the town of Holliston.

The Milford Vital Records make note that Thomas Wheelock died of cancer. The Milford VRs also note that a Church Record indicates a death date of 16 Aug 1804, age 54, in disagreement with the VR (which says 15 Aug).

The administration of Thomas' estate is on file at the Worcester County Probate Office, case number 63823.

Henry, Moses, and Simon are recorded in the Vital Records of Massachusetts. Levi does not appear in the Vital Records, but the oral tradition of some of his descendants shows him in this family also.