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Edward Miller Abbott

Father: George D. Abbott
Mother: Mary E. Carroll

Spouse: Myrtle Luella Wheelock
Marriage: 16 Nov 1910, Barnard, VT


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Horace Anderson

Spouse: Katherine Morey Wheelock
Marriage: 13 Oct 1880, Rock Island County, ILL


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Parker May Jones

Birth: 30 Jan 2013

Father: Aaron McKennon Jones
Mother: Ellen Wales


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Enock Moore

Birth: 12 Dec 1797

Death: 1883

Father: Jonas Moore
Mother: Alice Wheelock


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Emeline Wheelock

Birth: 23 Apr 1819, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA

Father: Jonathan Wheelock
Mother: Prudence Smith


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Fletcher Wheelock

Birth: 1830

Father: Abel Wheelock
Mother: Jane Foster

Spouse: Harriett Newell Hemming

  1. Arthur Judson Wheelock, born 6 Apr 1860
  2. Leander Wheelock


Fletcher Wheelock moved from Torbrook to Clarence, Nova Scotia. (Source: John Manning Wheelock, April 1999). Children Arthur and Leander taken from the records of Kimber Gadsby Wheelock, a descendant of Major C. Wheelock and Mary Lois North, Aug 2001.


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George Rogers Wheelock

Birth: 4 Mar 1850

Father: Peter Sleeman Wheelock
Mother: Frances Maria Hall

Spouse: Elizabeth Thompson
Marriage: 14 Jul 1887


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Jacob Sickles Wheelock

Birth: 17 Jun 1828, Pompey, Onondaga Co, NY

Death: 8 May 1830

Burial: Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NY

Father: Luther Wheelock
Mother: Nancy St. John


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Martha Wheelock

Birth: 13 Apr 1698, Marlborough, Middlesex Co, MA

Father: Samuel Wheelock
Mother: Lydia Rice

Spouse: Ephraim Pratt
Marriage: 9 Jul 1724, Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA


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Mary Wheelock

Birth: about 1871

Father: Walter Judson Wheelock
Mother: Silvia Ann Shattuck

Spouse: W. B. Vance
Marriage: 19 Dec 1907, Waterville, Lamoille Co, VT


The Vermont VRs indicate that Mary Wheelock's marriage to W. B. Vance is her first.


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Nellie May Wheelock

Birth: 9 Sep 1888, Calais, Washington, VT

Death: 21 Jul 1924

Burial: Worcester Cemetery, Worcester, VT

Father: Omar Wheelock
Mother: Hattie Collier

Spouse: George Hathaway
Marriage: 18 Jun 1907

  1. Madine Grace Hathaway, born 20 Oct 1915, Worcester, VT
  2. Albert George Hathaway, born 16 Nov 1917, Worcester, VT
  3. Elizabeth Ruth Hathaway, born 2 Sep 1919, Worcester, VT
  4. Mary Jane Hathaway, born 17 Apr 1921, Worcester, VT


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Silas Wheelock

Birth: 20 Apr 1781, Charlton, Worcester, MA

Death: 30 Oct 1851, Hamburg, Erie Co, NY

Burial: Prospect Lawn Cemetery, Hamburg, NY

Father: Edward Wheelock
Mother: Martha Daggett

Spouse: Rena Baldwin
Marriage: 1 Jan 1804

  1. Albert Henry Wheelock, born 3 Jan 1805, NY
  2. Olive Wheelock, born 9 Apr 1806
  3. Lewis Wheelock, born 5 Dec 1807, Batavia, Genesee Co, NY
  4. Scinda Wheelock, born 16 Sep 1809
  5. Silas B. Wheelock, born 6 Jun 1811
  6. John Homer Wheelock, born 26 May 1813, Hamburg, Erie Co, NY
  7. Harmon Wheelock, born 13 Mar 1815
  8. Nancy B. Wheelock, born 17 Sep 1817
  9. Joseph S. Wheelock, born 1 Nov 1819, Hamburg, N.Y.
  10. Zenas S. Wheelock, born 29 Aug 1821
  11. James Wheelock, born 4 Jul 1824
  12. Sophronia Wheelock, born 25 Oct 1826

Spouse: Sarah Hurlbut
Marriage: 19 Sep 1836, Hamburg, Erie, NY


Silas was born in Charlton, MA, but lived most of his life as a farmer in Hamburg, NY.

In the very early 1800's, a huge tract of land in western New York was acquired by the Holland Land Company and made available for settlement. The Holland Purchase encompassed many towns in Niagara and Erie counties, including Batavia, Hamburg, Holland, Concord, and others. Many from New England were drawn by this opportunity.

Among them were Silas, his brother, Reu, and perhaps the entire family of Edward Wheelock and Martha (Daggett) Wheelock.

Reu jointly purchased land in Batavia, Genesee Co, NY with Eli Wheelock (relation unknown, but possibly brother). Silas and his wife Rena appear to have been in Batavia in 1807, per the obituary of their son, Lewis Wheelock, who was born there on that date.

Silas then purchased land in present day East Hamburg 5 Apr 1810, township 9, range 7, lot 34. He must have been one of the earliest settlers of Hamburg, which was founded in 1812. He made further land purchases in the general vicinity in 1826, 1830, and 1833.

Silas fought in the War of 1812 ("Index of Awards on Claims of the Soldiers of the War of 1812", published in 1969 in Baltimore by the Genealogical Publishing Company). Records of service were not found at the National Archives.

In 1817, Silas and Rena became founding members of the First Presbyterian Church of Orchard Park. Silas was chosen as the first Deacon of the church.

Silas first appears in the New York Census in 1820, residing in Hamburg, with 6 male children, and 3 female children. In those days, the census did not list names of anyone except the head of household. But we can tell from the census that Silas lived with a woman age 26-45. This was probably his wife, Rena Baldwin.

In 1833, Silas purchased 100 acres of land (lot 38, township 7, range 6) in or near present day Concord, NY. He apparently gave this to his son, Lewis, who built a mill and set up farming operations.

Rena died in 1833 (according to her headstone), after which Silas married Sarah Hurlbut in Hamburg, N.Y.

Silas next appears in the New York Census in 1850. At this time he is living with his son Silas B., and his wife, Sarah. He died in 1851. His headstone (Prospect Lawn Cemetery, Hamburg, NY) reads as follows:

"Silas Wheelock, d. Oct 30, 1851, in the 71st year of his age. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God."

The administration of his estate (Erie County Surrogate Court File # 24251) refers to children Albert Whelock, Olive Lynds(?), Lewis Whelock, Silas B. Whelock, John H. Whelock, Harmon Whelock, Joseph Whelock, and Sophronia Schmitt. The document is signed by his wife, Sarah, and indicates "that he left no will, so far as your petitioner has heard or been able to discover".


A book entitled "Wheelock Genealogy", by Carlyle C. Wheelock of Woonsocket, RI, confirms the birth date of Silas (20 Apr 1781), and death date (31 Oct 1851), and suggests that Silas removed to NY from Charlton. This same book notes that Silas may have been the grandfather of "Zenas", presumably a personal aquaintance of the author. Since Silas did have a grandson named Zenas (son of John Homer Wheelock), this lends more weight to the supposition that the Silas of Hamburg, NY is the same Silas as that born in Charlton. The book is not published, but can be found in the New England Historic Genealogical Society, in Boston, Mass.

Information about membership in the First Presbyterian Church of Orchard Park was taken from "History of the City of Buffalo and Erie County, 1884", editted by H. Perry Smith, Syracuse, NY; D. Mason and Co., publishers, 1884.

On pg 533, vol 1, it reads:

"The First Presbyterian Church of Orchard Park was organized Jan. 16, 1817, by Rev. John Spencer and Rev. Miles Squier. The original members were Silas Wheelock, Joel Moffat, Harvey Allen, Mary Woodward, Rena Wheelock, Rachel Ferrington, Betsey Washburn, Valentine Bennett, Allen Brown, Seth Abbott, Harriet N. Russell, Maria Allen, Thankful St. John and Mr. Moffat; Seth Abbott, clerk. On the 24th of that month, seventeen members were added to the church; Seth Abbott, Richard Smith and William Bliss were chosen ruling elders, and Silas Wheelock was selected as Deacon."

Later, on the same page:

"In 1838 Richard Smith, David C. Hough and Homer Wheelock were elected elders, and Samuel Abbott was chosen deacon. The total membership to May 2, 1853, was two hundred and nine."

But earlier in the book, pg 522, it suggests that this same church was founded in the Congregational faith:

"The Congregational Church of Abbott's Corners was organized as early as 1817. Rev. John Spencer was the pioneer pastor of the little flock and did much to build up the church. A house of worship was not erected until 1825; it was used for religious purposes until the year 1850, when it was sold. About the same time the form of church government was changed to the Presbyterian."

Information about the purchase of lot 38 in Concord comes from a book entitled "History of the original Town of Concord, being the present towns of Concord, Collins, N. Collins, and Sardinia, Erie County, New York", by Erasmus Briggs. Index by June P. Zintz. Published by Picton Press, Camden, Maine, 1992; pg 162.

Other land records are found in "Western New York Land Transactions, 1804-1824, Extracted from the Archives of The Holland Land Company", Karen E. Livsey, Published 1991, Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc; and in "Western New York Land Transactions, 1825-1835", same author, publisher, and date of publication.

A separately compiled genealogy entitled "Hurlbut Genealogy", by Henry H. Hurlbut, Published by Joel Musell's Sons Publishers, Albany, N.Y. 1888, shows Silas Wheelock of Hamburg, N.Y. marrying Sarah Hurlbut in 1836.

The 1820 Census shows a Silas Wheelock in Hamburg, N.Y., age between 26-45. The 1850 N.Y. Census shows a Silas B. Wheelock, age 37, head of household, with Silas (age 69) and Sarah (age 59) as dependents.

Marcus Warren Waite, author of "The Wheelock Family of Calais, VT", reports in his "papers" that Reuben and Silas Wheelock had two brothers, Eli and Paul, who don't appear in the Vital Records of Charlton, MA, but whose existence is suggested in the 1790 Massachusetts Census, which shows 4 male children in the household of Edward Wheelock and his wife, Martha (Daggett) Wheelock. This Eli may be the one whose name appears on the Genesee County land purchases with Reu.