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Nelson Rollin Lyons

Spouse: Mary Alice Wheelock
Marriage: 4 May 1884, Ticonderoga, NY

  1. Ruth Agnes Lyons, born 16 Apr 1885, Moriah, NY
  2. Helen Alyda Lyons, born 9 Jun 1886
  3. Water Hiram Lyons, born 21 Jan 1888


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Catharine Moore

Birth: 15 Jul 1808

Death: 8 Dec 1876, Greenfield, Franklin Co, MA

Father: Jonas Moore
Mother: Alice Wheelock

Spouse: Archippus Wheelock
Marriage: 9 Jun 1835, Greenfield, Franklin Co, MA

  1. Edward Willard Wheelock, born 3 Oct 1836
  2. Julia Ann Wheelock, born 8 Sep 1841
  3. Mary Charlean Wheelock, born 12 Jun 1850


In the 1860 Census Catharine is enumerated in the household of her presumed son, Edwin(sic), in Greenfield, MA. Charline Wheelock is also in the household.

Catharine's Greenfield Mass death record (MA 283:306) identifies her as the daughter of Jonas Moore (of Sudbury), and Alice (of Lancaster). She was 68 when she died of pneumonia.


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Harriet Lois Poland

Birth: 10 Oct 1906, Beverly, Essex Co, MA

Death: 8 Feb 1985, Danvers, MA

Father: Charles Henry Poland
Mother: Lottie Esther Wheelock


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Samuel Reed

Birth: 25 Apr 1783, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA

Death: 3 Feb 1826, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA

Spouse: Melinda Wheelock
Marriage: 23 Feb 1818, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA

  1. John Reed, born 26 Feb 1820, Warwick, Franklin Co, MA
  2. Melinda Ann Reed, born 12 Oct 1824


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Geraldine Lynn Reid

Spouse: Truman Earnest Neill
Marriage: 4 Jul 1964


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Amelia Ames Wheelock

Birth: 29 Jul 1813, Cumberland, Providence Co, RI

Death: 1 Jun 1855, Providence, Providence Co, RI

Burial: Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, RI

Father: Joseph Wheelock
Mother: Amelia Ames

Spouse: Edward Walcott
Marriage: 28 May 1835, Providence, Providence Co, RI


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Joel Sylvanus Wheelock

Birth: 9 Mar 1848, Lockport, NY

Father: Joel Wheelock
Mother: Lois Chase


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Lewis Wheelock

Birth: 5 Dec 1807, Batavia, Genesee Co, NY

Death: 24 Dec 1881, Colden, Erie Co, NY

Father: Silas Wheelock
Mother: Rena Baldwin

Spouse: Eliza Palmer
Marriage: about 1833

  1. Clarinda Wheelock, born 13 Dec 1833, NY
  2. Orlando Wheelock, born 30 Jul 1834, NY
  3. Mary Ann Wheelock
  4. Albert Homer Wheelock, born 28 Jun 1839, Concord, NY
  5. Lewis M. Wheelock, born 3 May 1844, NY
  6. Irena Wheelock
  7. Cyrus J. Wheelock, born Apr 1850
  8. Phoebe Wheelock, born 15 Nov 1852, Glenwood, Erie Co, NY
  9. Almina Wheelock


Persis (Park) Ivett lists the following children for Lewis: Orlando, Mary Ann, Albert, Clarinda, Lewis, Rena, Nina, Cyrus, and Phoebe.

The administration of Lewis' estate (Erie County Surrogate Court file # 24272) lists the following children: Orlando, Albert, Lewis, Irena, Almina, Cyrus, and Phoebe. It lists the following grandchildren: Edward E. Hedges(??), Mary Hedges, both of Colden, NY, Lewis Hedges, Esther(??) Alger(??), of Boston, Elmer Chase and ??? Chase of Boston, Erie Co, NY.

On 8 Feb 1833, Silas Wheelock, Lewis' father, bought "lot 38, in township 7, range 6", 100 acres of land in what is now Concord, N.Y. (or thereabouts), for $465 [1]. Shortly thereafter, in the same year, 1833, Lewis moved onto this lot [2]. He built a mill (on Buffalo Creek, Waterville), and set up farming operations [3]. Twelve years later, in 1845, Lewis was still living on the farm [4].

The following is a testimonial by Calvin Killom, a neighbor of Lewis:

"We moved over to Waterville about 1822 and located on lot thirty-eight, township seven, range six, on what has since been known as the Whelock place. Our house was on a small flat on the north part of the farm. There were no settlers in the northeast part of town when we came; there was no road along the creek nor in any direction. Isaac Beaver came two years after and located on Ransford Foot's flats. Robert Flint came in 1826 and settled on the Treat Place. Homer Barnes and his father came about 1830 and built a sawmill. Abner Wilson came, and he and Barnes built a grist mill. Hezekiah Griffith came about 1832, John Griffith and Lewis Whelock about '33..." [5]

The 1860 Erie County Census shows Lewis living in Concord, NY, with 4 male children, and 4 female children. The Census taker had sloppy handwriting, but the following names can be clearly discerned:

Orlando (age 25), Albert (age 21), Clarinda (age 19), Lewis (age 16), and Phoebe (age 9).

The 1870 Census shows Lewis living in Concord, NY, with his wife, Eliza, age 57 yrs; Cyrus (?), age 21 years; and Phebe, age 18 years. All were born in NY, except Eliza, who birthplace is not discernable.

The 1880 Census shows Lewis, age 72, farmer, living in Colden, Erie County, NY, with his wife Eliza, age 66, born in PA, and his son, Cyrus, age 30, working in a sawmill. The Census indicates Lewis' father was born in MA, and his mother was born in CT.

Lewis' obituary appears in the Buffalo Daily Courier Newspaper, 1 Dec 1881, and reads as follows:

"The death of Lewis Wheelock, one of the oldest residents of Erie County, occurred at Concord on the 24th, The deceased was born in Batavia, Genesee County, Dec, 5, 1807 but shortly afterwards removed to Erie county, where he resided for 70 years, 48 of which had been passed on his farm in Concord, Mr. Wheelock leaves a family of 8 children, 2 of whom reside in this city."

The administration of his estate (Erie County Surrogate Court File # 24272) indicates "that he left no will, so far as your petitioner, after diligen enquiry, has heard, or been able to discover".

Records on file at the Erie County Probate Office report that Lewis was buried in Sardinia, NY.


[1] "History of the original Town of Concord, being the present towns of Concord, Collins, N. Collins, and Sardinia, Erie County, New York", by Erasmus Briggs. Index by June P. Zintz. Published by Picton Press, Camden, Maine, 1992; pg 162.

[2] "History of the original Town of Concord ...", pg. 395

[3] "History of the original Town of Concord ...", pg. 181

[4] "History of the original Town of Concord ...", pg. 200

[5] "History of the original Town of Concord ...", pg. 395. Calvin Killom, the man who made this testimony, is buried at the Morse Road Cemetery, in Concord, NY, along with many members of the Griffith family.

[6] Erie County Surrogate Court File #24272


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Margaret Wheelock

Birth: 29 Jan 1898, Chicago, Cook Co, IL

Death: 26 Nov 1992, Evanston, Cook Co, IL

Burial: Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Chicago, Cook Co, IL

Father: Everett Baxter Wheelock
Mother: Alice E. Leland


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Oliver Wheelock

Birth: 12 Nov 1837, East Montpelier, Washington, VT

Death: 17 Jan 1907, Montpelier, VT

Father: Abijah Wheelock
Mother: Sophronia Gove

Spouse: Olive Matilda Ainsworth
Marriage: 18 Nov 1869

  1. Clarence Dean Wheelock, born 30 Jul 1877, Montpelier, VT


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Willa Mae Wilson

Birth: 15 Aug 1930, Los Angeles, CA

Death: 23 Mar 1975, Pomona, CA

Spouse: Charles Eliot McKnight

  1. Susan Gail McKnight, born 28 Mar 1953, Fullerton, CA
  2. Sandra L. McKnight, born 1956