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Experience Dennison

Death: 21 Oct 1765, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA

Spouse: Ralph Wheelock
Marriage: 24 Jan 1750/51, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA

  1. Miriam Wheelock, born 21 Oct 1751, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  2. Dennison Wheelock, born 6 Mar 1753, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  3. Rebecah Wheelock, born 6 Jun 1756, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  4. Ralph Wheelock, born 6 Sep 1758, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  5. Experience Wheelock, born 21 Oct 1760, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  6. Priscilla Wheelock, born 4 Jun 1764, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA


Experience was the daughter of James Dennison. According to the Sturbridge VRs, she died in her 33rd year.

James Dennison and his wife are buried in the Town Hall Cemetery, Sturbridge, MA.


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Ruth Dornbros

Spouse: Leonard Charles Wheelock


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Mary Ann McCoy

Birth: 10 Feb 1835, Ashuelott, Cheshire Co, NH

Death: 25 Mar 1923

Spouse: Thomas D. Wheelock
Marriage: 25 May 1852, Haydenville, NH

  1. Herbert Harold Wheelock, born 21 Dec 1854, Keene, Cheshire Co, NH
  2. Frank Edward Wheelock, born 19 Feb 1858, Keene, Cheshire Co, NH
  3. Ida Ellen Wheelock, born 1860
  4. Arthur Pennington Wheelock, born 29 Apr 1863, Gilsum, Cheshire Co, NH

Spouse: David Thompson Sherman
Marriage: 25 Mar 1867


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Eliza Palmer

Birth: about 1814, PA

Death: May 1895

Burial: Glenwood Maltby Memorial Cemetery, Glenwood, Erie Co, NY

Spouse: Lewis Wheelock
Marriage: about 1833

  1. Clarinda Wheelock, born 13 Dec 1833, NY
  2. Orlando Wheelock, born 30 Jul 1834, NY
  3. Mary Ann Wheelock
  4. Albert Homer Wheelock, born 28 Jun 1839, Concord, NY
  5. Lewis M. Wheelock, born 3 May 1844, NY
  6. Irena Wheelock
  7. Cyrus J. Wheelock, born Apr 1850
  8. Phoebe Wheelock, born 15 Nov 1852, Glenwood, Erie Co, NY
  9. Almina Wheelock


The 1860 NY Census for Erie County shows Eliza, age 47. The 1880 Census shows her living with her husband and son Cyrus in Colden, Erie Co, NY; and indicates she was born in PA.

Her death notice is given in the "Erie County Independent", Hamburg, NY, 10 May 1905, page 4, col 3:


Mrs. Lewis Wheelock died suddenly with heart failure at the home of Mrs. Edwin Ellis in this village aged nearly 81.

Funeral was conducted Monday morning by the Rev. Dr. Sparrow at the house, interment in the family lot at Glenwood.

The surviving children are Orlando Wheelock of South Bend, Ind., Albert of Fredonia, Cyrus of Buffalo, and Lewis of Hamburg and Mrs. George Hedley of Buffalo.

Her maiden name was Eliza Palmer and she was born in Pennsylvania; her husband died at East Concord where the family had lived many years, about 15 years ago. She had been in her usual health and died without being sick.

The children desire to return thanks to all for sympathies and favors shown.


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Harriet Elise Veinot

Birth: 17 Apr 1851

Father: John Veinot
Mother: Mary Evaline Wheelock


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David Wheelock

Birth: about 1775

Death: 9 May 1822, Leominster, Worcester, MA

Burial: Evergreen Cemetery, Leominster, MA

Spouse: Naomi Fairbanks
Marriage: about 1800

  1. Zimri Wheelock, born 2 Jul 1800, Leominster, Worcester Co, MA
  2. Nancy Wheelock, born 24 Apr 1802, Leominster, Worcester, MA
  3. Mary Wheelock, born 15 Jan 1804, Leominster, Worcester, MA
  4. Eliza Wheelock, born 14 Jan 1806, Leominster, Worcester, MA
  5. Meriam Wheelock, born 21 Dec 1807, Leominster, Worcester, MA
  6. Sophia Wheelock, born 24 Dec 1809, Leominster, Worcester, MA
  7. Dorothy Wheelock, born 12 Oct 1812, Leominster, Worcester, MA
  8. Charles Wheelock, born 1 Nov 1813, Leominster, Worcester Co, MA
  9. Abigail R. Wheelock, born 18 Jun 1816, Leominster, Worcester, MA
  10. Orice Ann Wheelock, born 20 May 1818, Leominster, Worcester, MA
  11. George Fairbank Wheelock, born 16 Nov 1820, Leominster, Worcester, MA


David Wheelock's ancestry is not known. The death certificate of his daughter, Abigail (Wheelock) Taylor indicates that he was born in Leominster. Without indicating his reasons, Rev. Frederick Lewis Weis places him in the family of Abner Wheelock and Mary Brown in his book "Early Families of Lancaster, Massachusetts", 1941.

David and his wife Naomi are commemorated on a plaque on the central monument in the George H. Taylor lot (Section 7, Lot 80) in Evergreen Cemetery, Leominster. No separate gravestones have been found for either. (Src: Records of Peter French, June 2002).


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John Wheelock

Birth: 25 Apr 1793, Raby, NH

Baptism: 13 Oct 1793, Pepperell, MA

Father: Jonathan Wheelock
Mother: Eunice Blood


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Moses Wheelock

Birth: 4 Mar 1735/36, Medfield, Norfolk, MA

Death: 11 Jun 1737, Medfield, Norfolk, MA

Father: Ephraim Wheelock
Mother: Priscilla Plimpton


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Nancy Wheelock

Birth: 24 Apr 1802, Leominster, Worcester, MA

Father: David Wheelock
Mother: Naomi Fairbanks