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Adelbert Bradley

Spouse: Lucy Prentice Wheelock
Marriage: 6 Aug 1875, Decatur, MI


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Richard Hewitt

Father: Marvin Hewitt
Mother: Crystal Hahm Hewitt


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Socrates Hubbard

Birth: 18 Mar 1844, Athens, NY

Death: 12 Mar 1907, Englewood, NJ

Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Englewood, NJ

Spouse: Helen Greenwood Wheelock
Marriage: 17 May 1877, Montrose, NJ

  1. Laura Hubbard, born about 1877


Socrates Hubbard was the son of Dr. Paul Hubbard and Elizabeth Margaret Dominick. (Source: Craig Hubbard, Apr 2001)


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Amos Solon Wheelock

Birth: 7 Dec 1861, Bridgewater, MI

Death: 22 Jan 1940

Burial: Goodrich Cemetery, Goodrich, Genesee County, MI

Father: Emmons Howe Wheelock
Mother: Polly Wilson

Spouse: Etta F. Baker
Marriage: 1887

  1. Ruth Wheelock
  2. Ruby Wheelock
  3. Rhea Wheelock


Middle name of Solon is uncertain. The biography of Dr. Amos S. Wheelock, of Goodrich, MI is written in "History of Genesee County, Michigan, Her People, Industries and Institutions", by Edwin Wood and William Smith, published 1916 by Federal Publishing Company.


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Edward Everett Wheelock

Birth: 1861

Father: Daniel Wheelock
Mother: Martha Bontells

Spouse: Mabel Hervey
Marriage: 4 Jan 1888

  1. Ralph Hervey Wheelock, born 22 Aug 1891, Blackstone, Worcester, MA
  2. Doris Mabel Wheelock, born 21 Jan 1896, Blackstone, Worcester, MA


All info in this record was provided by a letter dated September 14, 1925, to Mr. Carlyle S. Wheelock, 632 South Main Street, Woonsocket, RI, from Ralph H. Wheelock, Sr. (copy in possession of Edwin K. Wheelock)


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Frank Bascom Wheelock

Birth: Union, WI

Father: Henry Howell Wheelock
Mother: Mary Bascom

Spouse: Jean Hanna

  1. Robert Wheelock
  2. Donald Wheelock


The World War I draft registration card for Frank Bascom Wheelock of Bay City, MI, gives a birth date of 6 July 1884.

Children of Frank Bascom Wheelock and Jean Hanna from "New England Ancestry of the Wheelock Family of Pompey, New York", compiled by Marcus Warren Waite, 1942, 20 pages, Onondaga Public Library.


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Lewis Jackson Wheelock

Birth: 30 Mar 1862, Stockton, JoDaviess, IL

Death: 14 Sep 1952, Cherokee, Cherokee, IA

Father: Oscar Uberto Wheelock
Mother: Adaline Caroline Croissant

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Westfall
Marriage: 1 Jun 1882, Gratiot, Lafayette, WI

  1. Louis Oscar Wheelock, born 6 Nov 1884, Wards Grove Township, Jo Daviess, IL
  2. George Alfred Wheelock, born 29 Aug 1888, IL
  3. Frank Jackson Wheelock, born 5 Oct 1890, NE
  4. Fred Wheelock, born 18 Jul 1895, Freeport, IL
  5. Leo D. Wheelock, born 25 Dec 1898, Willow Township, Cherokee, IA
  6. Leslie Cyril Wheelock, born 5 Oct 1903, Meridan, Iowa
  7. Bessie Beatrice Wheelock, born 5 Oct 1903, Meridan, Iowa


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Ralph Wheelock

Birth: 16 Jul 1726, Medfield, Norfolk, MA

Death: 28 Dec 1822, Southbridge, Worcester, MA

Burial: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Southbridge, MA

Father: Ephraim Wheelock
Mother: Miriam Bullen

Spouse: Experience Dennison
Marriage: 24 Jan 1750/51, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA

  1. Miriam Wheelock, born 21 Oct 1751, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  2. Dennison Wheelock, born 6 Mar 1753, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  3. Rebecah Wheelock, born 6 Jun 1756, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  4. Ralph Wheelock, born 6 Sep 1758, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  5. Experience Wheelock, born 21 Oct 1760, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  6. Priscilla Wheelock, born 4 Jun 1764, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA

Spouse: Experience Crary
Marriage: 12 Sep 1766, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA

  1. Eleazer Wheelock, born 7 Oct 1767, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  2. Ephraim Wheelock, born 19 Mar 1770, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  3. Ephraim Wheelock, born 1 May 1771, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  4. James Wheelock, born 9 Jan 1773, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  5. Priscilla Wheelock, born 9 Oct 1774, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  6. Moses Wheelock, born 9 May 1776, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  7. Calvin Wheelock, born 16 Jun 1778, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  8. Esther Wheelock, born 11 Mar 1780, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA
  9. Luther Wheelock, born 16 Sep 1782, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA


Henry J. Clarke, in "Captain Ralph Wheelock, His Ancestors and Some of His Descendants", 1903 writes:

"In 1718, the selectmen of Medfield petitioned the general court to grant them some county lands; this was the first movement on record toward the settlement of Sturbridge, or "New Medfield," as it was then called."

Mr. Clarke writes that Ralph Wheelock fought in the Revolutionary War. This may be true, as several of Ralph's brothers fought in the War; but the only record in "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War" is for Private Ralph Wheelock of Sturbridge. This was Ralph Wheelock's son, Ralph, Jr., of Pompey, NY, who later applied for and received a pension for having fought in "the Massachusetts line" (see "New York Pensioners", 1835). By the time the war started, Ralph, Sr. had already attained the rank of Captain, as indicated by the Sturbridge record of his marriage intention to Experience Crary; so it would not be likely that he would serve in the war with the rank of private.

Mr. Clarke writes further about Ralph:

"Captain Ralph Wheelock was treasurer of the town of Sturbridge for nearly twenty-five years from 1760, and was also selectman, assessor and constable; he was chosen a committee to purchase two and a half barrels of gun powder in 1774. He lived on the farm, formerly belonging to his father-in-law, James Dennison, and now owned by Willard Morse of Southbridge. In 1803 he sold 20 acres to his son Calvin, on the top of the hill; he sold 100 acres to his son James, which extended as far south as Abel Mason's land. In 1809, he conveyed a portion of his farm to his son Ephraim, now owned by George W. Wells, opposite the residence of Franklin Jacobs, in Southbridge. In 1804, he conveyed a portion of his farm to his son Moses, formerly owned by Vernon Chamberlain, in Southbridge; also, the same year, he conveyed a portion to his son Eleazer, formerly the James Morse farm. Dennison, had what is known as the Truman Chamberlain farm. Thus he gave his son shomes and saw them settled around him before he died."

"He [Capt. Ralph Wheelock] with fifty others, sold a tract of land to the Baptist church for 10 pounds. He and his sons were petitioners for setting off the town of Southbridge from Sturbridge, which latter town then contained 20,032 acres, and extended from Oxford to Brimfield, and from the state line to Brookfield. Captain Ralph, and his three sons, Ensign Dennison, Eleazer, and Ephraim, were among the proprieters of the Congregational Church in Sturbridge, whose church building was "raised" July 4th, 1797, and completed in 1800. In 1798, Capt. Ralph was the fifth largest real estate owner in Sturbridge, having 250 acres, valued at $3124.00; Dennison had 130 acres valued at $1565; Eleazer had 56 acres valued at $867.00; and Ephraim 3 acres valued at $49.00."

There is a painting on display in the National Art Gallery in Washington, DC, entitled "Ralph Wheelock's Farm", painted circa 1822 by Francis Alexander, who lived not far from Sturbridge, MA (in Connecticut). The painting was donated by Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch.

When the painting was aquired by Colonel Garbisch, it bore the title "Dennison Hall, Sturbridge, MA", and the author was unknown. Upon further research, it was discovered that there was no "Dennison Hall" in Sturbridge, but there was a Dennison Hill in Southbridge, which was once part of Sturbridge. When photographed in the mid 1900's, the topography of Dennison Hill proved nearly identical to that represented in the painting. The painting was then renamed "Dennison Hill, Southbridge". Further research indicated that the white house in the middle of the painting was built by Captain Ralph Wheelock in 1765. The painting was then renamed "Ralph Wheelock's Farm".

The Jacob Edwards Library in Southbridge displays a painting of Globe Village, not far from Ralph Wheelock's farm, which is known to have been painted by Alexander, circa 1822. This painting bears an unmistakable resemblence in style, treatment of figures, and application of paint to that of "Ralph Wheelock's Farm".

(Source: "American Native Painting", published by The National Gallery of Art, 1992; researched by Arthur Kingston Wheelock of Uxbridge, MA, June 2000)

An image of this painting is available online at (May 2000).


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William Homer Wheelock

Birth: 15 Oct 1886, Fredonia, Chautauqua, NY

Death: 19 Oct 1975, Dunkirk, Chautauqua, NY

Burial: 23 Oct 1975, Forest Hill Cemetery, Fredonia, NY

Father: Theodore Wheelock
Mother: Clarabelle Miller

Spouse: Florence Mable Cave
Marriage: 6 Jun 1908


Persis (Park) Ivett writes "He was assistant postmaster in Dunkirk, NY for many years, retiring in 1956. No children. He is recorded as a collector of many items as stamps, arrow heads, Indian artifacts; insulators, and other things which he gave away. He spent his summers in Fredonia with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cave and wintered in Riviera Beach, Fla.

The "Cave Family Genealogy" says:

William was formerly employed as assistant postmaster in Dunkirk and retired after 44 years of service in 1956. He traveled extensively throughout his life and was interested in natural history and archeology. He was a member of the Northern Chautauqua Conservation Club, the F.M. Houghton Archeological Society of Buffalo, Olympia Lodge 602, I.O.O.F., Akbar Sanctorum and the national Association of Retired Federal Employees. He lived the last seven years of his life at the Richard Cave residence on Berry Road. He died at Brooks Memorial Hospital, Dunkirk after a short illness. No children.

(Source: Cave Family Genealogy, 1 Sep 1998,