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Deborah Plimpton

Partner: John Richard Wheelock


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Jonas Sibley

Birth: 2 Feb 1793, Spencer, Worcester Co, MA

Death: 10 Nov 1878, Spencer, Worcester Co, MA

Burial: Old Spencer Cemetery, Spencer, MA

Father: Paul Sibley
Mother: Nancy Marsh

Spouse: Wainy Wheelock
Marriage: 16 Apr 1815, Spencer, Worcester Co, MA

  1. Louisa Sibley, born 4 Mar 1816, Spencer, Worcester Co, MA
  2. Lewis W. Sibley, born 29 Jan 1819, Spencer, Worcester Co, MA
  3. Nancy M. Sibley, born 1823
  4. George W. Sibley, born calculated 14 Sep 1826, Spencer, Worcester Co, MA

Spouse: Betsey Towne
Marriage: 20 Oct 1852, Charlton, Worcester Co, MA


He was the son of Paul and Nancy, per Spencer death record, parents both from Sutton.

Jonas' headstone states age at death as 85 yrs, 9 months, 8 days, and records his death date as 10 Nov 1878. Louisa and Nancy M., both children of Jonas and Wainey, died young, and are buried with Jonas.1

His will mentions his wife, Betsey, his sons Lewis W. Sibley of Worcester, and George W. Sibley of Spencer.2


  1. Headstone record, taken by Roderick B. Sullivan, Jr., Mar 1999
  2. Worcester probate case 53496.

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James Munroe Wheelock

Birth: 5 Apr 1818, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA

Father: Henry Ellis Wheelock
Mother: Amelia Nelson

Partner: Maria L. Fuller


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Mary Wheelock

Birth: 11 Jun 1674, Medfield, Norfolk, MA

Death: 25 Mar 1750, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA

Father: Benjamin Wheelock
Mother: Elizabeth Bullen

Spouse: Nathaniel Ware
Marriage: 12 Oct 1696, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA

  1. Nathaniel Ware, born 6 Aug 1697, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA
  2. Betty Ware, born 11 Feb 1699/0, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA
  3. Abigail Ware, born 1 Dec 1702, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA
  4. Beriah Ware, born 7 Nov 1704, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA
  5. Josiah Ware, born 21 Mar 1707/8, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA
  6. Keziah Ware, born 13 Mar 1710/11, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA
  7. Pelatiah Ware, born 20 Oct 1713, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA
  8. Samuel Ware, born 8 Feb 1716/17, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA

Spouse: Cornelius Fisher
Marriage: 13 Feb 1726/27, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA

Spouse: Thomas Bacon
Marriage: 16 Jul 1746, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA


The Medfield Vital Records record the name as "Marie Wheelocke".

Her marriage to Nathaniel Ware is clearly indicated in the Wrentham Vital Records, but the subsequent marriages to Cornelius Fisher and Thomas Bacon (shown in the LDS Ancestral File) require closer scrutiny to discern.

Nathaniel Ware, Sr. died in 1724. In 1726/27 "Mary Ware" married Cornelius Fisher, according to the Wrentham VRs. This marriage is also (presumably) documented in "The Fisher Genealogy: Record of the Descendants of Joshua, Anthony, and Cornelius Fisher, of Dedham, Mass., 1636-1640," by Philip A. Fisher. There are no children of Mary and Cornelius recorded at Wrentham.

Cornelius Fisher died in 1743 in his 84th year. In 1746, "Mary Fisher" married Thomas Bacon. There are no children of Mary and Thomas recorded at Wrentham. In 1750, Mary Bacon, w. Thomas, died in her 76th year.


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Prudence White

Birth: 21 Jan 1744, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA

Partner: James Albee


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Polly Wilson

Birth: 31 Dec 1826, Conneaut, Erie Co, PA

Death: 6 Dec 1904, Bridgewater, Washtenaw Co, MI

Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Saline, MI

Spouse: Emmons Howe Wheelock
Marriage: about 1847

  1. Mary Wheelock, born 19 Jan 1848, MI
  2. George Washington Wheelock, born 25 Dec 1849, Washtenaw Co, MI
  3. Warren Wheelock, born 16 Mar 1851, Bridgewater, Washtenaw Co, MI
  4. Marion M. Wheelock, born 12 Aug 1852, Bridgewater, Washtenaw Co, MI
  5. Eliza Ann Wheelock, born 26 Apr 1855, Bridgewater, Washtenaw Co, MI
  6. Martin L. Wheelock, born 18 Jul 1856, Bridgewater, Washtenaw Co, MI
  7. Arthur G. Wheelock, born 7 Mar 1858, Bridgewater, Washtenaw Co, MI
  8. Selden H. Wheelock, born 24 Dec 1859, Bridgewater, Washtenaw Co, MI
  9. Amos Solon Wheelock, born 7 Dec 1861, Bridgewater, Washtenaw Co, MI
  10. Olive Lydia Wheelock, born 23 Apr 1868, Bridgewater, Washtenaw Co, MI
  11. Ada E. Wheelock, born Oct 1869, Bridgewater, Washtenaw Co, MI


Polly lived with her husband in Bridgewater, Washtenaw County, Michigan. Her husband died in 1889. Per 1900 census she had moved in with her son, Martin Wheelock, in Bridgewater, and with her daughter, Olive L. Cook in Pittsfield.

Per death certificate, Polly Wheelock was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Alva Willson, born England, and Elizabeth Bump, born in Pennsylvania. The informant was M. M. Wheelock.1

Research Notes for Polly Wilson:

Per 1850 census, Polly Wheelock was 26, born New York, living in Bridgewater, Washtenaw County, Michigan.

Per 1860 census, she was 34, born Pennsylvania, again in Bridgewater.

Per 1870 census she was 44, born Pennsylvania, living in Bridgewater.

Per 1880 census she was 54, born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Vermont, living in Bridgewater.

In 1900 she was 73, born Dec 1826 in Pennsylvania, widowed, living with her son, Martin Wheelock and his family, in Bridgewater. She was also enumerated in the 1900 census in Pittsfield, living in the household of her daughter, Olive L. Cook.

Polly's parents may have been Joseph Alvey Wilson and Betsy Bump. Consider the following:

It is possible that the Wilson family came to Michigan before 1847, the approximate year that Polly and Emmons were married. This would have given Emmons and Polly a chance to meet, and to marry. Following this line of reasoning, a possible sibling (or close relative) of Polly's may have been Miles Wilson, born about 1824 in Pennsylvania, who was living in Bridgewater, Washtenaw County in 1850, the presumed son of Betsey Wilson, who was the head of household in the 1850 census. Betsey was 49, born in Vermont. Other presumed siblings of Miles included Joseph, 22, Eunice, 20, and Phebe 15, all born in New York. Betsey may have been Elizabeth Bump, who is listed as Polly's mother in her death certificate.

And online family tree at Ancestry shows a Miles Wilson, born 1824 in Pennsylvania, son of Joseph Alvey Wilson (perhaps the Alva Wilson in Polly's death certificate), and Betsey.2 A similar family tree can be found at FamilySearch.3


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  2. scarroll176, "Our Family Tree New," Family Group Sheet for Joseph Alvey Wilson, ( : accessed 4 Jan 2024).
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