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Thomas Crafts

Birth: about 1656, Roxbury, Suffolk, MA

Death: 27 Feb 1692

Father: John Crafts
Mother: Rebecca Wheelock


The birth of Thomas Crafts to John and Rebecca does not appear in the Roxbury Vital Records. However, James and William Craft in their "Crafts Family Genealogy" argue that Thomas Craft of Hadley, MA was the first child of John and Rebecca, born circa 1656.


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Sophia Frear

Birth: 19 Jun 1826

Death: Feb 1904, Lyons, MI

Father: William Frear
Mother: Hannah Wheelock


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Charles Mansel Greenlees

Birth: Ontario, Canada

Spouse: Pearl Jodway

  1. Luella Mae Greenlees


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Charles Marshall

Spouse: Mary Jane Wheelock


Charles was the son of Isaac Marshall.


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Alice Belle Schweitzer

Birth: 3 May 1866, Marlboro, Stark Co, OH

Death: 1936, Thompson, Geauga Co, OH

Spouse: Adelbert Wheelock
Marriage: 11 Apr 1918

  1. Charlie B. Wheelock, born 11 May 1890, Edinburgh, OH
  2. Franklin Tobias Wheelock, born 24 Feb 1894, Edinburgh, OH
  3. Edith Marie Wheelock, born 30 Apr 1899, Randolph, OH


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Sarah Thompson

Birth: 26 Feb 1772, Charlton, Worcester, MA

Father: Joseph Thompson
Mother: Sarah Wheelock


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Arnold Wheelock

Birth: 20 Nov 1775, Charlton, Worcester, MA

Death: 5 Oct 1778, Charlton, Worcester, MA

Father: Peter Wheelock
Mother: Olive Wheelock


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Benjamin Wheelock

Birth: 8 Jan 1639/40, Dedham, Suffolk, MA

Baptism: 12 Feb 1639/40, Dedham, Suffolk, MA

Death: about 1720, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Father: Ralph Wheelock
Mother: Rebecca Clarke

Spouse: Elizabeth Bullen
Marriage: 21 May 1668, Medfield, Norfolk, MA

  1. Elizabeth Wheelock, born 25 Jan 1671/72, Medfield, Norfolk, MA
  2. Mary Wheelock, born 11 Jun 1674, Medfield, Norfolk, MA
  3. Abiel Wheelock, born 30 Sep 1676, Medfield, Norfolk, MA
  4. Benjamin Wheelock, born 12 Dec 1678, Medfield, Norfolk, MA
  5. Obadiah Wheelock, born 21 Apr 1685, Medfield, Norfolk, MA

Spouse: Elizabeth French
Marriage: 1692, Mendon, Worcester, MA

  1. Ann Wheelock, born 18 Jul 1693, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  2. Ruth Wheelock, born 3 Nov 1695, Mendon, Worcester, MA


Benjamin Wheelock, b. 8 Jan 1639/40 in Dedham, Massachusetts, was probably the first Wheelock born in the American colonies. The Dedham Vital Records record the birth date of Benjamin as follows: "Benjamin born 8 of the 1[0] Month of 1639". His baptism date is given as follows: "ye 12 of ye 11th month 1639".

He lived for about ten years in Dedham, where his father, Rev. Ralph Wheelock, was an active leader in town affairs. He moved with his family to Medfield, MA in 1651, the year of its founding and first settlement. He married Elizabeth Bullen in 1668. The Medfield Town records indicates that he owned a house in that same year. [1]

In 1669 he received a small grant of land in Medfield "between his house and the brook, taking in some part of the brook". [2] In 1675 he is listed in the Medfield town records as a proprietor, along with his brother Gershom, and his father, Ralph. [3]

Sometime around 1688 he removed with his family to Mendon. [8] The first notice of him in the Mendon records is in 1688 when he aquired land from Mathias Puffer: "Mathias Puffers forty Acre Lott Now Benjemin whelocks with all the Rights and Priuelidges there unto belonging or any wayes Appertaining: As appears by A Deed of Sale baring Date Aprill 25: 1688". [4] A year later, he appears on a list of those paying taxes to "defray Mr. Rawson's Salary." Benjamin Wheelock's name appears as a proprietor on a historical plaque in the center of Mendon, amongst the third group of settlers. In 1693 Benjamin served the town as a "Tything Man", along with two others. According to the Annals of Mendon "tithing men were to present all the idle and disorderly persons, profane swearers or cursors, Sabbath-breakers and disorderly persons, that they may be duly punished and discouraged." In 1696 he served as a Constable, in 1700 as a selectman, and in 1701 on a special committee to "give the selectmen instructions".

In 1706, or thereabouts, Benjamin Wheelock acquired posession of the "ancient" Benjamin Alby corn mill, which he purchased from Mathias Puffer. In 1713 he deeded mill priveledges to his sons Obadiah and Benjamin, Jr. Later, in 1719, all three deeded the mill to Josiah Wood. [6] Benjamin is reported to have lived on the "Old Rehoboth Road, near where Andrus Wheelock lived and died". [6,7] According to the proprietors records, "The House Lott being forty Acres Laid out upon the East side of the Road Leading to Rehoboth Nere the Round Medow : and bounded as followeth Weasterly on the Aboue sd Road Northerly upon the Land of Samuel Thayer Easterly Partly upon the Mill Riuer : and Partly on Medow and southerly upon Comon Land -- Laid out by Joseph White --" [4]

There is some uncertainty about the second wife of Benjamin. The Mendon Vital Records indicate that his first wife, Elizebeth, died in 1689, yet show two additional children born to "Benjemen and Elizebeth" in 1693 and 1695. There is no marriage record for Benjamin indicating a second marriage. Walter T. Wheelock, in "The Wheelock Family in America, 1637-1969" asserts that Elizabeth French, widow of Jonathan Thayer, was "probably" his second wife, but cites no sources. Charles Pope, in his book "The Pioneers of Massachusetts" indicates that "John French [father of Elizabeth French] died 1692, age 80 years. Division of estate was made to Dependence, Thomas, Samuel, to Temperance, wife of John Bowditch, to Elizabeth Wheelock of Mendon, and the child of Mary Lamb, deceased." The Elizabeth referenced here was probably his daughter, Elizabeth French. By process of elimination, it seems likely that Elizabeth French must have married Benjamin Wheelock. Torrey agrees with this conclusion, and lists the marriage in "New England Marriages Prior to 1700".

No record of death is found for Benjamin, nor has any record been found for the settlement of his estate.

(Written by Roderick B. Sullivan, Northborough, MA, Nov 1998)

Notes and References

[1] "History of the Town of Medfield, Massachusetts, 1650-1886", William S. Tilden, 1887, Boston, George Ellis Publishers, pg 507.

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[7] A map of Mendon, dated 1890, shows that "A. Wheelock" lived on Providence Rd., easterly side, just south of the intersection with Quisset Rd. This map, found in an old Almanac of Worcester County, places "A. Wheelock" near Round Meadow Brook , not far from Mill River, fully consistent with the proprietors records of Benjamin's house lot.

[8] Eliazer Wheelock, Benjamin's brother, removed to Mendon at an earlier date. The town records take first notice of him in 1681. But he later moved back to Medfield, where he died and is buried.

[9] "The Pioneers of Massachusetts, A Descriptive List Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns, Churches, and other Contemporaneous Documents", Charles Pope, Boston, MA, 1900


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Bennett Wheelock

Birth: 30 Nov 1874, Freedom, OH

Death: Jul 1967, Lake Worth, Palm Beach, FL

Father: George D. Wheelock
Mother: Eliza P. Robinson

Spouse: Cornelia B. (--?--)
Marriage: about 1909

  1. Bennett Robinson Wheelock, born 13 Apr 1913, NY
  2. Martha Wheelock, born May 1916, NY


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Florence Wheelock

Birth: about 1856

Father: Stephen H. Wheelock
Mother: Lydia (--?--)


The first name, Florence, is difficult to read, and may be a variation.


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Ida Addie Zigler

Spouse: George A. Wheelock
Marriage: 1873

  1. Abbie B. Wheelock, born about 1874
  2. Walter Wheelock, born 15 Jan 1876, Providence, Providence Co, RI
  3. Daisy P Wheelock, born 25 Mar 1882, RI


Ida Zigler was from New York City.

Ada Wheelock is enumerated in the 1930 Census living in the household of her daughter, Daisy Archer, in Springfield, MA.