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Amos Anderson

Spouse: Clarissa D. Wheelock
Marriage: DATE UNKNOWN, Cambridge Springs, PA


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_____ Herod

Spouse: Frances Alberta Wheelock

  1. Cecil Herod


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Mary Holman

Birth: 17 Apr 1722, Stow, MA

Death: 25 Feb 1818, Heath, Franklin, MA

Spouse: John Wheelock
Marriage: about 1755

  1. John Wheelock, born 23 Dec 1756, Leominster, Worcester, MA


Mary Holman was the daughter of Jeremiah Holman and Anne ____. Mary's death is recorded in the Heath Vital Records (MA), as follows: Mary, w. John (father of John, h. Dorothy), Feb. 25, 1818.


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Jeff Reynolds

Father: Kenneth Warren Reynolds


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Adin Wheelock

Birth: 1797

Death: 2 Apr 1867

Burial: Old Brick Church Cemetery, Eaton Township, Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co, PA

Father: Esek Wheelock
Mother: Sophia Steere

Spouse: Eleanor Frear
Marriage: 12 May 1822, Eatonville, PA

  1. William Wheelock, born 15 May 1823, Easton Township, PA
  2. Esock Wheelock, born 19 Feb 1825
  3. Melissa Wheelock, born 19 Mar 1827
  4. Irvin Wheelock, born 3 Jan 1829
  5. Lydia Ann Wheelock, born 1831
  6. Gordon W. Wheelock, born 28 Jun 1883
  7. Charles Wheelock, born 17 Nov 1836
  8. Daniel Wheelock, born 14 Nov 1838


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Edward Wheelock

Birth: estimated 1754, Charlton, Worcester, MA

Father: Paul Wheelock
Mother: Abigail Chapin

Spouse: Martha Daggett
Marriage: 4 Jul 1776, Charlton, Worcester, MA

  1. Relief Wheelock, born 2 Sep 1777, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  2. Hannah Wheelock, born 11 Apr 1779, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  3. Silas Wheelock, born 20 Apr 1781, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  4. Cynda Wheelock, born 15 Apr 1783, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  5. Reu Wheelock, born 23 Jul 1785, Charlton, Worcester, MA


Like his siblings, no record of birth for Edward is to be found in the Vital Records of Massachusetts. Edward grew up on his fathers farm in Charlton. The house he lived in, and one barn, are still standing on present day Gould Road.

He married his neighbor [1], Martha Daggett, on Independence Day, 4 July 1776. A few months later, his father died, leaving the bulk of his estate (including farmhouse and lands) to his eldest sons, Seth, Edward, and Paul. The three were also charged with the care of their mother, Abigail (Chapin) Wheelock [10].

At the time, Edward was the only one of the three married, his wife pregnant. His older brother, Seth, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, having by this time already marched on the 1775 Lexington Alarm, and served in several campaigns in 1776.

Perhaps because of the obligations of war, Seth sold his portion of the inheritance to Edward and Paul for 140 pounds [2]. The two remaining heirs then divided the land and buildings [3], living together with their mother and the younger children.

A few months later (Sep 1777), Edward's wife gave birth to their first child, Relief, and brother Paul went off to fight in the war. Though most of his brothers fought, no record of Edward's enrollment has been found; it may be that he relinquished service to care for the family and farm.

Edward remained on the inherited estate for 17 years. Deeds indicate that his brother Paul also remained, sharing the house with Edward [4].

In 1781, Jacob Davis and 64 others purchased the township of Salem in Caledonia Co, VT, and were given a charter. Edward Wheelock was one of these; in 1798 his name appears on a list of proprietors for the town, delinquent in their payment of ta xes [7]. Other names on the list were Jacob Davis, Nehemiah Stone, Abijah Lamb, Paul Wheelock, and others from Charlton, MA. The boundaries of Salem were held in dispute for many years, delaying it's settlement [13]. It's unlikely that Edward Wh eelock ever established residence there.

In 1783, his brother in law, Robert Kelley, died. Edward was appointed guardian of three of the children: Abigail, Joel, and Chapin Kelley.

Edward appears in the 1790 Census, residing with 4 males under age 16, and 5 females. One of the females is his wife, Martha; one may be his mother, Abigail; the other three are probably daughters. Of the four males, two are accounted for in the Charlton Vital Records, Silas and Reu. Marcus Waite in his "papers" refers to additional male children Eli and Paul. Unfortunately, Edward is not found on any further census records.

In Dec 1793, Edward sold his portion of the estate to his brother, John Wheelock of Spencer [5]. On the same date, his mother released him from his obligation to care for her [6].

Edward and family removed to Augusta, Oneida Co, NY sometime before 1799. He appears on deeds there as early as 1797, at which time he purchased lot 28 in 'New Petersburgh', now part of Augusta [14]. His son in law, Jabez Howe, moved to Augusta in a similar time frame.

In 1801 he and his wife sold land to John Goodhue [15], and to Elias Hamilton [16]. In 1807 he (without his wife listed) sold the residue of his farm on lot 28 (the part not previously conveyed to Silas Wheelock, as stated in the deed) to Reu Wheelock [17].

Edward appears on tax assessment rolls in Augusta in 1799, 1801, 1802 and 1803 [18]. His whereabouts after 1807, when he sold land to his son Reu, is unknown.

Other children of Edward and Martha appear in Batavia, Genessee County, NY, (in the 1805-1810 time frame) [8, 9].

No death record or headstone for Edward or Martha has yet been found.

(Written by Roderick B. Sullivan, Jr., Aug 2000, updated Nov 2017)

Sources and References

[1] The marriage of Martha and Edward is listed in the Charlton Vital Records. The Worcester County Registry of Deeds has a deed showing that Captain Paul Wheelock's land abutted that of Deacon Nehemiah Stone, Martha's stepfather (Book 77, pg 322). Martha's brother, David, also married into the Wheelock family.

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[9] "Gazetteer and Biographical Record of Genesee County, NY, 1788-1890", Edited by F. W. Beers, Syracus, NY, J. W. Vose and Co, Publishers, June, 1890, pg. 289. Makes reference to Relief Wheelock, and her husband Jabez Howe. Relief is probably the daughter of Edward.

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[14] Oneida County Deeds, Bk 32, Pg 560. On 3 Oct 1797 Edward Wheelock purchased 205 acres in New Petersburgh, lot 28, now part of Augusta, for $699.97. A portion of this property was foreclosed on in 1821, but Edward does not sign or witness th e documents.

[15] Oneida County Deeds, Bk 12, Pg 123. On 18 Mar 1801 Edward and Patty Wheelock sold 52 acres to John Goodhue for $131, near the southeast corner of the original lot 28.

[16] Oneida County Deeds, Bk 22, Pg 24. On 6 May 1801, Edward and Patty Wheelock sold 50 acres to Elias Hamilton for $120. The land was near the southwest corner of the original lot 28.

[17] Oneida County Deeds, Bk 19, Pg 122. On 2 Dec 1807, Edward Wheelock (his wife Patty not listed) sold the residue of his farm on lot 28 (that portion not heretofore conveyed to Silas Wheelock), consisted of 52 acres, to Reu Wheelock, for $700 . Silas Wheelock was present at the signing.

[18] "New York, Tax Assessment Rolls of Real & Personal Estates, 1799-1804", online at, retrieved Nov 2017.


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Gertrude Wheelock

Birth: 23 MAY, New Mexico

Father: George Frederick Wheelock
Mother: Addie Maria ROBERTS


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Gladys Marie Wheelock

Birth: 17 Nov 1913, Long Lake, Grand Traverse Co., MI

Death: 11 Dec 1988, Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., MI

Father: John E. Wheelock
Mother: Ruth M. Scamehorn

Spouse: Donald E. Gray
Marriage: 28 Sep 1932, Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., MI


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Harold Alden Wheelock

Birth: 23 Feb 1853, Elmore, Lamoille Co, VT

Death: 11 Sep 1921

Father: Alden D. Wheelock
Mother: Elizabeth Perkins

Spouse: Katharina Cook
Marriage: 16 Oct 1885, Elmore, Lamoille Co, VT

  1. Elom Clyde Wheelock, born 4 Jan 1889, Elmore, Lamoille Co, VT
  2. Alma Elizabeth Wheelock, born 22 Sep 1891, Elmore, Lamoille Co, VT
  3. Amy Hazel Wheelock, born 27 Jul 1894, Elmore, Lamoille Co, VT
  4. Octavia Katie Wheelock, born 29 Aug 1896, Elmore, Lamoille Co, VT
  5. Charles Harold Wheelock, born 27 Aug 1897, Elmore, Lamoille Co, VT
  6. Carroll Ray Wheelock, born 19 Apr 1899, Elmore, Lamoille Co, VT
  7. Mamie Alice Wheelock, born 30 May 1900, Elmore, Lamoille Co, VT
  8. Claton Howard Wheelock, born 19 Jan 1902, Elmore, Lamoile Co, VT
  9. Phoebe Doris Wheelock, born 4 Oct 1904, Elmore, Lamoille Co, VT
  10. Quincy Kenneth Wheelock, born 6 Feb 1909
  11. Vera Eldora Wheelock, born 3 Apr 1914


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Tristrum Shandy Wheelock

Birth: 5 Feb 1800, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA

Death: 20 May 1881

Burial: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Southbridge, MA

Father: Ephraim Wheelock
Mother: Matilda Upham

Spouse: Mary Congdon
Marriage: 2 Sep 1828, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA

  1. Mary Wheelock, born 8 Feb 1832, Southbridge, Worcester, MA
  2. Francis Wheelock