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Birth: 5 Jan 1761, Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT

Death: 17 Aug 1845, Shipton, Richmond, Quebec, Canada

Burial: about 17 Aug 1845, Shipton, Richmond, Quebec, Canada

Spouse: Rispah TYLER
Marriage: 2 Oct 1783, Claremont, NH

  1. Rispah Almira ANDREWS, born 1797, Waterloo, NH


He was listed in a town meeting in Claremont, NH on 26 Mar 1787


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Electa Jones

Birth: Aug 1790, Hebron, CT

Death: 1879

Burial: Watervale Cemetery, Pompey, NY

Spouse: Gershom Blashfield Wheelock
Marriage: 9 Dec 1807

  1. Luther James Wheelock, born 17 Aug 1808, Pompey, NY
  2. Lydia J. Wheelock, born 12 Jun 1810, Pompey, NY
  3. Leonard Joseph Wheelock, born 24 Nov 1812, Pompey, NY
  4. Esther Wheelock, born 13 Sep 1813, Pompey, NY
  5. Louisa J. Wheelock, born 18 Sep 1815, Pompey, NY
  6. Thomas J. Wheelock, born 13 Feb 1822, Pompey, NY
  7. Lucinda M. Wheelock, born 20 Jan 1825, Pompey, NY
  8. Henry B. Wheelock, born 9 Sep 1827, Pompey, NY


Electa was the daughter of Samuel Jones, of Hebron, CT, and Tabatha Bishop of Bolton, CT. (Source: Connecticut Vital Reocrds, Barbour Collection)


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George Lewis

Birth: 1832

Death: 1912

Burial: Hamlet Cemetery, Chautauqua Co, NY

Spouse: Ellen Blydenburgh
Marriage: 27 Sep 1860, Villenova, Chautauqua Co, NY

  1. Persis Ellen Lewis, born 18 Dec 1861


Lewis is not George's surname. He took this name himself, on a visit to Hamlet, and it stuck. The story, as told by Theresa Anne Crowell Bickhart is this:

George came to Hamlet one day to conduct business, sometime before 1860. While there, he noticed Ellen Blydenburgh on the street, and was favorably impressed. After his business was done, George went to the local tavern where he drank a bit too much, and became a nuisance. A law officer packed him off to jail for the night. When he was released, he wanted to make the acquaintance of Ellen, but he didn't want her to know that he spent the night in jail, so he told her his last name was Lewis. Forever after he went by that name.

To this date (Mar 2000) George's real last name is not known for certain.

George painted houses for a living, and was very artistic. When he finished a job, he'd paint a scene on a hidden spot ... like the inside of a closet door. Persis Ivett lived in one of the houses that her great grandfather had painted, and had left a pastoral scene on a closet door (described and witnessed by Theresa Ann Crowell Bickhart).

Ellen and George Lewis lived on South Hill in Hamlet. They are both burried at the Hamlet Cemetery.


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Kenneth Warren Reynolds

Father: Warren H. Reynolds
Mother: Dorothy Marie Wheelock

  1. Jeff Reynolds
  2. Nicky Reynolds
  3. Crista Reynolds


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Harriet L. Wheelock

Birth: 6 Dec 1825, Grafton, Worcester, MA

Death: 25 Sep 1828

Burial: Old Indian Burial Ground, Grafton, MA

Father: Timothy Wheelock
Mother: Mary Marsh


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Prudence Wheelock

Birth: 8 Mar 1795, Winchester, Cheshire Co, NH

Death: 3 Oct 1798, Winchester, Cheshire Co, NH

Father: Thomas L. Wheelock
Mother: Mary Watts


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Rowena Wheelock

Birth: 28 Dec 1766, Uxbridge, Worcester, MA

Death: 1802

Burial: Adams Rural Cemetery, Adams, Jefferson Co, NY

Father: Paul Wheelock
Mother: Lydia Sayles

Spouse: Nicholas Salisbury
Marriage: 15 Mar 1787, Glocester, RI

  1. Lydia Salisbury, born 1788


The birth date on her headstone, 20 Dec 1760, disagrees with her birth date in the Uxbridge Vital Records, 28 Dec 1766.


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Samuel Wheelock

Birth: 6 Sep 1714, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Death: about Dec 1792, Tyringham, Berkshire Co, MA

Father: Obadiah Wheelock
Mother: Elisabeth Darling

Spouse: Hannah Amidown
Marriage: 16 Feb 1737/38, Mendon, Worcester, MA

  1. Mary Wheelock, born 31 Dec 1738, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  2. Samuel Wheelock, bapt. 11 Sep 1743, Milford, Worcester, MA
  3. Samuel Wheelock, bapt. 22 Sep 1745, Milford, Worcester, MA
  4. Hannah Wheelock, born 31 Aug 1748, Mendon, MA
  5. Elisabeth Wheelock, born 31 Aug 1748, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  6. Rachel Wheelock, born 11 Feb 1750/51, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  7. Ithamar Wheelock, bapt. 15 Apr 1753, Milford, Worcester, MA
  8. Levi Wheelock, bapt. 3 Aug 1755, Milford, Worcester, MA
  9. Esebel Wheelock, born 9 May 1757, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  10. Amariah Wheelock, born 15 Mar 1759, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  11. Obadiah Wheelock, born 20 Apr 1762, Mendon, Worcester, MA


The Mendon VRs record the following births to "Samuel and Mary": Esabel Wheelock, b. 9 May 1757; Amariah Wheelock, b. 15 Mar 1759; Obadiah Wheelock, b. 20 Apr 1762. The Milford VRs record the following baptisms to "Ensign Samuel and Hannah", church records: Isabel Wheelock, bapt. 22 May 1757; Amariah Wheelock, bapt. 6 May 1759.

Walter T. Wheelock in "The Wheelock Family in America, 1637-1969" incorrectly interpreted these records and reported that Samuel married (2) Mary ____, and had children Isabel, Amariah, and Obadiah by her. In reality, these are the same children, and either Hannah went by the name of Mary, or the Mendon records for these three children are in error. Samuel Wheelock's administration of estate, dated 1793, makes reference to Hannah Wheelock, widow of the deceased; and makes no reference to Mary.

Most genealogies (including the genealogy of Samuel Wheelock, by Adin Ballou in "The History of Milford") report Isabel, Amariah, and Obadiah to be children of Samuel and Hannah, not Samuel and Mary.

Samuel Wheelock served as an Ensign in the French and Indian Wars. He appears on the 1757 alarm list, and served for 14 days on the Ft. William Henry expedition. (Source: "Massachusetts Officers in the French and Indian Wars, 1748-1763", by Nancy S. Voye, 1975; researched by Dave Lawrence, Aug 2001.)

In 1776 in the town of Tyringham, Samuel Wheelock signed a document (with 37 others) declaring the War of Indpendence "on the Part of the Said Colonies, just and necessary." (Source: "Tyringham, A Hinterland Settlement", by Eloise Myers, published 1963 by the Tyringham Historical Commission. Researched by Dave Lawrence, July 2000.)

Samuel Wheelock left no will, but the records of his estate administration are on file at the Berkshire County Probate Office, case 1607. On 5 Mar 1793, Noah Allen, Adonijah Bidwell and Solomon Garfield, all of Tyringham, were appointed by the Judge of Probates to take inventory of and appraise the estate of Samuel Wheelock, "late of Tyringham".

In Apr 1793, the same three were appointed to take inventory of and appraise the real estate of Samuel Wheelock. They were further instructed to set off one third to Hannah Wheelock, widow of the deceased; and the remainder to distribute to and amongst the children.

An inventory of his estate was recorded in Apr 1793, amounting to 90 pounds, 8 shillings, 9 pence for personal goods, 205 pounds, 10 shillings for Real Estate, and 80 pounds, 17 shillings, 8 pence for debts owed to the estate. The document was signed by the three appointees, and Samuel Wheelock (his son).

A document, itemizing the debts of Samuel Wheelock, was signed by Samuel Wheelock (his son), and presented to the court Apr 1794. The debts amounted to 34 pounds, 5 shillings, 3 pence.

The final distribution of estate was approved by the court Apr 1794, and left 1/3 of the estate to Hannah Whelock, widow of the deceased, with the remaining money and land divided amongst his children: Samuel Whelock, Ithamar Whelock, Levi Whelock, Amariah Whelock, Obadiah Whelock, Mary Cheney, Hannah Jackson, deceased, Rachel Whelock, Isabell Carpenter, and Elizabeth Whelock. Besides the committee of three named above, the document was signed by Levi Wheelock, Amariah Wheelock, Caleb Cheney, Mary Cheney, Ebenezer Carpenter, Issabel Carpenter, Eben. Jackson, Elizabeth Whelock, and Rachel Whelock. (Note the different spellings of the surname.)

His death notice in the 15 Dec 1792 Boston Columbian Centinel refers to him as Captain.