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Emma Mildred Baker

Birth: 10 May 1848, Springfield, VT

Spouse: George Devlan Wheelock
Marriage: 27 Dec 1871, Gilsum, NH

  1. William Justus Wheelock, born 8 Feb 1873
  2. Jessie Mildred Wheelock, born 12 Mar 1875
  3. George Baker Wheelock, born 22 Apr 1878
  4. Marry Ella Wheelock, born 14 Mar 1890


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Charles Prentice Dewing

Birth: 2 Sep 1835, Medfield, Norfolk Co, MA

Father: Joel Dewing
Mother: Mary Wheelock


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Gary Thomas Reynolds

Father: Warren H. Reynolds
Mother: Dorothy Marie Wheelock

Spouse: Valeria Dorothy Olson
Marriage: 19 JUN

  1. Crista Marie Reynolds, born 8 Jan 1974


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George Smith

Spouse: Sophronia Wheelock
Marriage: 25 Apr 1849


Some documents refer to his name as George Schmitt.


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Rispah TYLER

Birth: 1766, Farmington, Hartford Co., CT

Death: 31 Mar 1842, Shipton, Richmond, Quebec, Canada

Burial: 31 Mar 1842, Shipton, Richmond, Quebec, Canada

Spouse: Elisha A. ANDREWS
Marriage: 2 Oct 1783, Claremont, NH

  1. Rispah Almira ANDREWS, born 1797, Waterloo, NH


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Gershom Blashfield Wheelock

Birth: 22 Sep 1786, Sturbridge, Worcester, MA

Death: 26 Sep 1871, Pompey, NY

Burial: Watervale Cemetery, Pompey, NY

Father: Ralph Wheelock
Mother: Abigail Blashfield

Spouse: Electa Jones
Marriage: 9 Dec 1807

  1. Luther James Wheelock, born 17 Aug 1808, Pompey, NY
  2. Lydia J. Wheelock, born 12 Jun 1810, Pompey, NY
  3. Leonard Joseph Wheelock, born 24 Nov 1812, Pompey, NY
  4. Esther Wheelock, born 13 Sep 1813, Pompey, NY
  5. Louisa J. Wheelock, born 18 Sep 1815, Pompey, NY
  6. Thomas J. Wheelock, born 13 Feb 1822, Pompey, NY
  7. Lucinda M. Wheelock, born 20 Jan 1825, Pompey, NY
  8. Henry B. Wheelock, born 9 Sep 1827, Pompey, NY


The Sturbridge Vital Records refer to him as "Gershom Wheelock", omitting the middle name "Blashfield". The same VRs make note that Gershom and Chester were born too close together. One or both of their birth records must be in error. Carlyle Capron Wheelock obtained some of the information about this family from Avery G. Wheelock, 10 Sep 1912.


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Obadiah Wheelock

Birth: 21 Sep 1712, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Death: about 1761, Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA

Father: Obadiah Wheelock
Mother: Elisabeth Darling

Spouse: Martha Sumner
Marriage: 26 Oct 1733, Mendon, Worcester, MA

  1. Zipporah Wheelock, born 12 May 1734, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  2. Martha Wheelock, born 17 Mar 1736, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  3. Obadiah Wheelock, born 7 Jul 1738, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  4. Joseph Wheelock, born 17 Jul 1740, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  5. Elias Wheelock, born 17 Apr 1743, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  6. Abigail Wheelock, born 24 Apr 1746, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  7. Jesse Wheelock, born 2 Oct 1748, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  8. Ammariah Wheelock, born 18 Sep 1752, Mendon, Worcester, MA


Obadiah Wheelock and family moved from Mendon to Shrewsbury probably before 1757 when Zipporah was married there, and possibly before 1752, when his son Ammariah was baptised in neighboring Grafton.

Obadiah Wheelock died in 1761 in Shrewsbury. In his will, Worcester County Probate case 63774, filed 27 Apr 1761, he mentions his wife Martha, eldest son Obadiah, second son Joseph, both of age; third son Elias, fourth son Jesse, and fifth son Ammariah, none of whom are yet of age. He then mentions his eldest daughter Zipporah Wood, wife of Josiah Wood, second daughter Martha Wheelock, and third daughter Abigail who is not yet of age.

At the close of the French and Indian war, the British government embarked on a program to replace the French speaking, Roman Catholic influence in Nova Scotia (and the other Canadian territories) with Protestant and English speaking influence. To encourage this, the British governors of Nova Scotia offered grants of free land to settlers. In the 1760's, a wave of New Englanders (called "Planters") migrated to Nova Scotia.

Among these were three members of this family, Obadiah Jr., Joseph, and Elias. Two of these (Obadiah and Elias) married into the Rice family of Marlborough, Massachusetts, many of whom also removed to Nova Scotia. (Source: George King, Rice Family Genealogist).


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Phyletus Wheelock

Birth: 14 Jun 1769, Uxbridge, Worcester, MA

Death: 26 Feb 1841, Burrillville, RI

Father: Paul Wheelock
Mother: Lydia Sayles

Spouse: Avis Handy
Marriage: about 1790

  1. Daniel Wheelock, born 1 Jul 1793
  2. Jeminia Wheelock, born 1798
  3. Paul Wheelock, born about 1803
  4. Godfrey Wheelock, born 31 Oct 1804, Coventry, RI
  5. Lucy Wheelock, born 3 May 1805
  6. Lydia Sayles Wheelock, born 31 Mar 1812


There is record of death of a "Philetus Wheelock, in Burrillville, 26 Feb 1841". This record appears in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register", April, 1984, in an article entitled "Deaths in Rhode Island and Massachusetts", by Robert F. Kirkpatrick, from records originally transcribed by Francis Henry Inman. This is probably the same Phyletus.

The children Jeminia, Lydia Sayles, and Paul are taken from "The Wheelock Family in America, 1637-1969", by Walter T. Wheelock, 1969.

Daniel is listed in the Rhode Island Vital records as a "relative" of Phyletus and Avis, though the exact relation is not stated. In the Rhode Island Death Records we find "Daniel Wheelock, died 8 Sep 1872, 79 years old; relation 1: Philetus Wheelock; relation 2: Avis Wheelock". (Rhode Island Death Records, electronic search, Ancestry.Com, June 2000).

Daniel is buried in the same cemetery as his daughter, Avis Handy Wheelock, his wife, Phebe, and some of his children. (Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project,