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Joseph Burroughs

Spouse: Betsey Wheelock


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Henry Garnsey

Birth: 1679

Death: 3 Jul 1759, Medway, MA

Burial: Old Burying Ground, Medway, MA

Spouse: Sarah Wheelock
Marriage: 7 Nov 1700, Dedham, Suffolk, MA

  1. Sarah Garnsey, born 1701, Medway, MA
  2. Samuel Garnsey, born 1703
  3. Bette Garnsey, born 1705
  4. Mary Garnsey, born 1707
  5. Mehetible Garnsey, born 1709
  6. John Garnsey, born 1709
  7. Thankful Garnsey, born 1712
  8. Experience Garnsey, born 1715
  9. Patience Garnsey, born 1716


In 1649 and 1650, grants of land were made to Dedham, MA settlers wishing to establish a new settlement in the Boggestowe area at East Holliston, MA. Medfield, MA, was incorpoted in 1650 on these lands. In 1659 another grant of land, called the "New Grant" was made to Medfield settlers, in an area now largely occupied by Medway, MA.

Henry Garnsey, of Roxbury, was the first settler in the New Grant. In 1700, the same year that he married Sarah Wheelock, he owned Lot No. 8, which laid on both sides of Chicken Brook, with its east bound at the present Cottage Street. His dwelling stood near the original junction of Village and Cottage Streets. The site of his house is marked by a partial foundation and celler hole, just south of the former railroad grade, preserved by the Medway Historical Commission.

In 1717 he was a Selectman of Medway.

Guernsey Street, unfortunately misnamed, commemorates Henry Garnsey.

Henry's wife Sarah died in 1716, and Hannah, Henry's second wife died in 1721.

His tombstone, in the Old Burying Ground, West Medway, reads as follows: "Here lies ye Body of Henry Gurnsey Deceased, July ye 3rd 1759 Aged 80 years."

(Source: "Early Medway Settlers & Land Records", Francis D. Donovan, 1996, Medway Public Library website,


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Molly Sanborn

Birth: 26 Apr 1768, Sanbornton, Belknap Co, NH

Death: 29 Aug 1838, Newport, Orleans Co, VT

Burial: Coventry Village Cemetery, Coventry, VT

Spouse: Archippus Wheelock
Marriage: 1 Apr 1787

  1. Amasa Wheelock, born 29 Aug 1788, Sanbornton, Belknap Co, NH
  2. Peter Sanborn Wheelock, born 5 Aug 1789, Sanbornton, Belknap Co, NH
  3. Aaron Sanborn Wheelock, born 8 Jul 1791, Sanbornton, Belknap Co, NH
  4. Betty Wheelock, born 6 Sep 1793, Sanbornton, Belknap Co, NH
  5. Alice Wheelock, born 15 Feb 1796, Sanbornton, Belknap Co, NH
  6. Hannah Wheelock, born 6 Oct 1798, Sanbornton, Belknap Co, NH
  7. Catharine B. Wheelock, born 22 Oct 1800, Sanbornton, Belknap Co, NH
  8. Patty Wheelock, born 12 Feb 1803, Sanbornton, Belknap Co, NH
  9. Abel Wheelock, born 28 Aug 1805, Sanbornton, Belknap Co, NH
  10. Asa Courier Wheelock, born 12 Apr 1810, Sanbornton, Belknap Co, NH


Molly (or Mary) was the daughter of Captain Aaron Sanborn.


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Anna Niccolin Sherman

Birth: 21 May 1923

Father: George Hazzard Wattles Sherman
Mother: Anna Mildren Wheelock


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Edwin Morton Wheelock

Birth: 2 Dec 1839, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Death: 1926

Burial: Pine Grove Cemetery, Milford, MA

Father: Francis Eaton Wheelock
Mother: Sarah Howe

Spouse: Madora A. Wales


Edwin's headstone is inscribed with "Company B, 26th Mass Volunteers, Infantry".


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Ira Wheelock

Birth: about 1830

Father: Peter Sanborn Wheelock
Mother: Dorothy Fuller


Ira, age 20, is enumerated in the 1850 Census, in Newport, Orleans Co, Vt, in the household of Peter Wheelock, age 60, with Archippus Wheelock, age 37, Catharine Wheelock, age 42, and Willard Wheelock, age 13. Ira is presumed to be the son of Peter, rather than Archippus and his wife Catherine, because (1) he was born befor e Archippus and Catherine were married, and (2) he is still living with Peter in 1860, after Archippus, Catherine, and their son Willard had moved out.


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Parmelia Wheelock

Birth: 22 Feb 1843, LeClaire, IA

Death: 8 Aug 1935, Milan, Rock Island Co, IL

Burial: Chippiannock Cemetery, Rock Island, IL

Father: Jonathan Wheelock
Mother: Sophia Ann Hastings

Spouse: Mirvin Wetherell
Marriage: 15 Oct 1865, Scott, IA


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Paul Wheelock

Birth: about 1803

Death: 3 Sep 1858

Burial: Glenwood Cemetery, East Greenwich, Kent Co, RI

Father: Phyletus Wheelock
Mother: Avis Handy

Spouse: Susan T. Allen
Marriage: 12 Nov 1826, Centreville, RI

  1. DeWitt Clinton Wheelock, born 3 May 1828
  2. William Green Wheelock, born 17 Oct 1836, Centerville, Warwick, RI


Paul, age 47, and his wife Susan, age 47, are enumerated in th 1850 Census living in Scituate, Providence, RI, with Dewitt C. Wheelock, age 22, and William Wheelock, age 14.


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Samuel Wheelock

Birth: 6 May 1755, Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA

Death: 13 Jan 1827, Onondaga Co., NY

Burial: Pompey Hill Cemetery, Pompey, NY

Father: Paul Wheelock
Mother: Thankful Rand

Spouse: Susannah Hoppins
Marriage: 1 Apr 1787, Westborough, Worcester Co., MA

  1. Luther Wheelock, born 31 Jul 1789, Brookfield, Worcester, MA
  2. Bradshaw Wheelock, born 31 Jul 1789
  3. Susannah Wheelock, born about 1791
  4. Samuel Wheelock, born about 1798, Litchfield, Herkimer Co., NY
  5. Sally Wheelock, born 31 Dec 1799


Samuel and his brother Alvan appear to have lived in Brookfield, MA for a time. Alvan's marriage in 1786 is on record there, and both Samuel and Alvan are enumerated there in the 1790 census. Both Carlyle Capron Wheelock and Marcus Warren Waite indicate that Samuel's twin sons Luther and Bradshaw were born in Brookfield.

Residence in Brookfield would explain why Samuel's Revolutionary War service record shows that he enlisted from Charlton, MA, which is adjacent to Brookfield. There were no Samuels amongst the Charlton Wheelocks to otherwise account for the record. He fought as a private, engaged for the town of Charlton. He enlisted in 1779, serving in Col. Nathan Tyler's regiment, and again in 1780, serving in Colonel Davis's regiment.

Samuel Wheelock and family moved to Herkimer Co., NY, before 1800. His brother, Alvan, is on record as having moved to New York in 1791. Samuel later moved to Onondaga Co., where he spent his last days.

(Sources: [1] "Wheelock Genealogy", Carlyle Capron Wheelock and Winifred Gonseth, unpublished, 1955; [2] "New England Ancestry of the Wheelock Family of Pompey, NY", Compiled by Marcus Warren Waite, unpublished 1942; [3] Mary Landkamer, descendent of Samuel Wheelock, Oct 1998, [4] "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War", published 1907)

Five children are listed living with Samuel and Susannah in the 1800 and 1810 census.

(Source: Jack Landkamer, May 2000)