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Bert Budde

Birth: 16 Mar 1895

Death: 23 Apr 1978

Spouse: Luella Ann Wheelock


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Sally Burleigh

Death: 21 Apr 1872

Burial: Coventry Village Cemetery, Coventry, VT

Spouse: Amasa Wheelock
Marriage: 13 May 1808

  1. Josiah Burley Wheelock, born 27 Oct 1809, Sanbornton, NH
  2. Amasa Wheelock, born 1 Jan 1811, Littleton, NH
  3. Joseph Wheelock, born 15 Feb 1813, Littleton, NH
  4. Mary Wheelock, born 19 Feb 1815, Littleton, NH
  5. Sarah Wheelock, born 30 Oct 1818, Littleton, NH
  6. John Wheelock, born 3 Jul 1822, Littleton, NH


Sally Burleigh was the daughter of Josiah Burleigh. Her headstone gives a death date of 24 Apr 1872, age 82 years.


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Ella Perley Burlingame

Death: 2 May 1947

Father: Samuel Taft Burlingame
Mother: Jane Elizabeth Mason

Spouse: Carlyle Capron Wheelock

  1. Perley Cook Wheelock, born 22 Mar 1892, Woonsocket, RI
  2. Charlotte Carpenter Wheelock, born 28 Jul 1893, Woonsocket, RI
  3. Mary Gould Wheelock, born 23 Dec 1895, Woonsocket, RI
  4. Anson Allen Wheelock, born 16 Jan 1897, Woonsocket, RI
  5. Samuel Burlingame Wheelock, born 29 Sep 1900, Woonsocket, RI
  6. William Blakslee Wheelock, born 19 Dec 1902, Woonsocket, RI


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Laura Anna Lancaster

Spouse: Charles V. Wheelock
Marriage: Nov 1882

  1. Loula Wheelock, born about 1885
  2. Aubrey Vane Wheelock, born 14 May 1886, Munro Township, Cheboygan County, MI
  3. Lloyd Clayton Wheelock, born 24 Sep 1888
  4. Claude P. Wheelock, born 29 Jun 1891
  5. Lottie K. Wheelock, born about Sep 1896
  6. Ernest Fred Wheelock, born 30 Oct 1898
  7. Keith D. Wheelock, born 12 Jul 1903
  8. Dale E. Wheelock, born 29 Sep 1905


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Herbert Charles Warren

Birth: 28 Feb 1842

Father: John Parker Warren
Mother: Lucy Maynard Wheelock


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Arad Wheelock

Birth: 3 Feb 1760, Mendon, MA

Death: 24 Sep 1761, Mendon, MA


Letter of J.G. Wheelock; a copy in the possession of Edwin K. Wheelock


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Samuel Wheelock

Birth: about 1798, Litchfield, Herkimer Co., NY

Father: Samuel Wheelock
Mother: Susannah Hoppins


This may be the Samuel Wheelock enumerated in the 1850 Census, age 52, born NY, living in Fulton Township, Fulton Co, OH, with Luna Wheelock, age 51, born CT.

In 1860, he is living in Fulton Township, Fulton Co, OH, age 62, living in the household of Elmer Lacy, age 30, and Clarissa Lacy, age 27.

He died in Fulton, 6 Nov 1876. (Src: "Ohio, County Death Records, 1840-2001", online at, retrieved Aug 2018.)


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Seth Wheelock

Death: 15 Feb 1841, Burrillville, RI

Father: Daniel Wheelock
Mother: Keziah Hunt

Spouse: Levina Hunt
Marriage: 17 Feb 1796, Uxbridge, Worcester, MA

  1. Hannah Wheelock
  2. Lucinda Wheelock, born 19 May 1799
  3. Julia Wheelock, born calculated 28 Mar 1802
  4. Daniel Wheelock, born 1805, RI
  5. Dana Wheelock, born 14 Aug 1806, Burrillville, RI
  6. Pardon D. Wheelock, born about 1808
  7. Lavinia Wheelock, born 1811
  8. Jeremiah Wheelock, born about 1815
  9. Seth Wheelock, born about 12 Aug 1818, Burrillville, RI

Spouse: Lydia (--?--)

  1. Calvin Wheelock, born 28 Sep 1822, Burrillville, RI
  2. Jeremiah Wheelock, born calculated 1824, Burrillville, Providence Co, RI


The death date is not proven, but is presumed to be the same Seth. It's consistent with the Sep 1841 inventory of his estate in the Rhode Island probate records. "Wheelock Genealogy" by Carlyle Wheelock and Winifred Gonseth, reports the death date "about 1840".

Seth inherited land from his father in Franconia, NH.

The children of Seth and Levina are taken from "Wheelock Genealogy" by Carlyle Capron Wheelock and Winifred (Thomson) Gonseth, 1955 manuscript. The source of this information may be recorded in the manuscript, but is not noted here. Some in this family are buried in the "Wheelock Grave Yard, Esten Neighborhood, Burrillville, RI", (e.g. Burrillville Historic Cemetery #106) according to Carlyle C. Wheelock.

CCW notes the following records, which may be from the cemetery referenced above:

Lavinia Wheelock, dau. of Seth Wheelock, ESQ. 2-20-1824 Louisa Wheelock, Feb. 5, 1821, 12th year Jeremiah Wheelock, son Seth, d. Jan 31, 1824, 9th year Pardon D. Wheelock, Jan 8, 1824, 16th year Mrs. Levina Wheelock, d. 3-2-1821, 44th year.

On 30 Dec 1819, Seth Wheelock presented the inventory of the estate of Smith Brown to the probate court, approved 1 Jan 1820 (pg 262 RI Probate Records).

Seth Wheelock is enumerated in the 1830 census, living in Burrillville, RI, age between 50 - 59, with another male, age between 20 - 29.

His will was written 30 Oct 1837, and refers to himself as from Burrillville, RI. He leaves 200 dollars to his son Calvin Wheelock, one dollar each to his "three daughters Hannah, Lucinda, and Julia", leaves two thirds of his estate to his son Seth, and the residue to his sons Daniel and Dana. Daniel Smith is appointed executor. The inventory of his estate was submitted in Sep 1841. (Src: "Rhode Island, Wills and Probate Records, 1582-1932", online at, retrieved July 2018.)

Notes Regarding Lydia, Calvin, and Jeremiah

At least two children were born to Seth Wheelock in Burrillville, RI by Lydia (maiden name unknown), after Lavina Hunt died in 1821 - namely Calvin (b. 1822), and Jeremiah (b. 1824). Since no other Seth Wheelock was known to be living in Burrillville at the time, it's presumed (but not proven) that they are the children of this Seth, by another partner Lydia (--?--).

There are a few problems with this theory.

First, no marriage record for Seth and Lydia has been found. This may not be surprising, since Seth didn't seem to record any of the vital events for his family while living in Burrillville.

Second, Seth mentions Calvin in his 1837 will, but he does not mention Lydia or Jeremiah.

Finally, Seth Wheelock is not living with children young enough to be Calvin and Jeremiah in the 1830 census.

But there are facts that recommend the theory.

The names Calvin and Jeremiah run in the family. The records of both clearly state that they are sons of Seth and Lydia, and that both were born in Burrillville, RI. There is only one Seth Wheelock old enough to father children in Burrillville at the time.

Lydia could be a variation of Levina (perhaps a misspelling or mistake), but Levina has passed away several years before Calvin and Jeremiah are born. On the other hand, it's possible that the 1821 death date for Levina is incorrect, since it wasn't recorded in the vital records. The date comes from her headstone, which at present time is difficult (if not impossible) to read. However, it has been read in the past consistently as 1821. In fact, Carlyle Capron Wheelock (author of the Wheelock Genealogy manuscript) read the full date as 2 Mar 1821, age 44 years. He read this in the late 1800s, early 1900s when it was probably more legible.

While imperfect, the facts are taken as sufficient evidence to provisionally place Calvin and Jeremiah in this family. They evidence would be bolstered if some record of 'Lydia' could be found.


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Woodward Wheelock

Birth: 19 Apr 1799, Windsor Township, Windsor Co, VT

Death: 14 Apr 1879, Windsor Township, Windsor Co, VT

Father: Joseph Wheelock
Mother: Rainey (--?--)


A Woodward Wheelock, age probably 40-50, is enumerated in the 1840 Census living in Berlin, Washington Co, VT. He appears to be married, with 2 young males (under 15) in the household, and three females under 10, one 15-20, and one (presumably h is wife) age 40-50.

Woodward Wheelock, age 60, is enumerated in the 1860 census living in the household of Nathan Wheeler in Moretown, Washington Co, VT.

There is another Woodward Wheelock who died 16 July 1896, and is buried in the Old South Church Cemetery, Windsor, Windsor Co, VT, perhaps a son. (Src: Find A Grave, database and images ( : accessed 07 February 2018), memorial page for Woodward Wheelock (unknown–16 Jul 1896), Find A Grave Memorial no. 118884750, citing Old South Church Cemetery, Wi ndsor, Windsor County, Vermont, USA ; Maintained by Daystcat (contributor 47457318)).


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Willis Wilder

Spouse: Relief Wheelock
Marriage: 20 Dec 1778, Lancaster, Worcester, MA


Willis Wilder was from Lancaster at the time of his marriage to Relief Wheelock (Lancaster VRs).