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Samuel Taft Burlingame

Spouse: Jane Elizabeth Mason

  1. Ella Perley Burlingame


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James Kelley

Spouse: Susannah Wheelock
Marriage: about 1811


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Reynold Peck

Birth: 1790

Death: 1849

Spouse: Nancy Wheelock
Marriage: 1815


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John W. Spurr

Birth: 11 Sep 1811, Charlton, Worcester, MA

Father: John Spurr
Mother: Sally Wheelock


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Calvin Wheelock

Birth: about 1777

Death: 8 Apr 1851

Burial: Ufford Corners Cemetery, Pitcher, Chenango Co, NY

Father: Daniel Wheelock
Mother: Keziah Hunt

Spouse: Edith (--?--)

  1. Keziah Wheelock, born 28 Oct 1800
  2. Seth Wheelock, born about 1805
  3. Amos S. Wheelock, born about 1806
  4. Calvin Wheelock, born about 1816

Spouse: Nancy (--?--)

  1. Melancton Wheelock, born 6 Jun 1819, NY
  2. Daniel Wheelock, born about 1820
  3. Lyman Wheelock, born about 1826

Spouse: Phebe (--?--)

  1. Jerusha Wheelock, born about 1830, NY
  2. Clarissa E. Wheelock, born calculated 28 Sep 1831


Calvin inherited land from his father in Franconia, NH, per his father's will.

Calvin Wheelock is listed as an early settler (before 1800) of Wyoming County, PA. In 1798 he sold land to Thaddeus Prentice. (Src: "History of Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Wyoming counties, Pa.; with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Their Prominent Men and Pioneers", published by W. W. Munsell & Co., 1880)

Calvin Wheelock is enumerated in the 1800 Census living Brantrim, Luzerne Co, PA. He is between age 26 and 44, with a female (his wife no doubt) between the age of 16 and 25, and a younger female (daughter) under 10.

The following notice is published in the 18 Aug 1809 edition of the Luzerne County Federalist: "Caution - All persons are hereby forewarned not to receive certain Notes, dated May 1805, which I gave to Calvin WHEELOCK, for a lot of land lying i n Braintrim Twp., as he has not fulfilled his contract and I am determined not to pay them, unless compelled by law. John B. GRIST, Delaware Co., Ohio."

Calvin is enumerated in the 1820 Census, living in Cincinnatus, Cortland Co, NY (not far from Pitcher, NY), age over 44. Also in the household are two males under 10, two males betwen 10 and 15, 2 females between 16 and 25, and one female between 26 and 44.

He is enumerated in the 1830 Census living in Pitcher, Chenango Co, NY, age 50 to 59, with a female age 30 to 39. In the same household are 4 males under 15, and 2 females under 10.

He is enumerated in the 1840 Census, again in Pitcher, age 50 to 59, with a female, age 30 to 39. In the same household is a male between 10 and 14, and 5 females under 15.

He is enumerated in the 1850 Census again living in Pitcher, Chenango, New York, born about 1775 in Rhode Island. In the same household is Phoebe Wheelock, born about 1792 in Connecticut, and Jerusha, born about 1830 in New York.

Keziah Wheelock, daughter of Calvin and Edith Wheelock, of Chenango Co, NY, b 28 Oct 1800, married Joseph Benedict 2 Feb 1833. (Src: "The Genealogy of the Benedicts in America", by Henry Marvin Benedict, Elwyn Ellsworth Benedict, published by Joel Munsell, Albany, 1870; Pg 181; online at, June 2013.)

Calvin is buried in Ufford Corners Cemetery, Pitcher, NY with his wife Phebe, and Clarissa E. Wheelock, probably his daughter.

The fact that Calvin was born in Rhode Island, had a daughter named Keziah, and was of the right age is taken as sufficient evidence to place him in the family of Daniel Wheelock and Keziah Hunt. The timeline placing him in Luzerne Co, PA at about the time that his brother Esek went there from Rhode Island also fits the narrative.

There is a headstone for Edeth Whealock (sic) in the Cincinnatus Cemetery, Cincinnatus, Cortland Co, NY. The instriptions reads: "Here lies Edeth wife of Calvin Whealock, ded Sep 20th, 1816 AE 33y". (Src: Headstone record, Cincinnatus Cemetery, Cincinnatus, Cortland County, New York, USA; documented at , memorial number 31008379, created 30 Oct 2008 by Nareen, et al.)

In the same cemetery is a headstone for Nancy Whealock (sic). The headstone reads as follows: "In Memory of Nancy, wife of Calvin Whealock who died March 4, 1827 in the 33rd year of her age. (Src: Headstone record, Cincinnatus Cemetery, Cincinnatus, Cortland County, New York, USA; documented at, memorial number 31008547, created 30 Oct 2008 b y Nareen, et al.)

There is more about this family in "Missing Links, Issues 42-65", page 1130, published by Chedwato Service, 1966. This publication lists Calvin's three wives (without maiden names), and the following children: (1) Keziah, born 28 Oct 1800, (2) D aniel B. 1817, d. 22 Feb 1851, (3) Nancy Edith b. 1827, d. 13 Jan 1849, m. Burdick, (4) Lyman b. 1825, d. Mar 1849, (5) Clarissa b. 1830, d. 26 May 1849, (6) Amos d. 22 July 1849.


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Chandler Benson Wheelock

Birth: 6 Mar 1816

Death: 23 Apr 1891, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Father: Amariah Wheelock
Mother: Elizabeth Olds

Spouse: Lydia Lawrence
Marriage: about 1836

  1. _____ Wheelock, born 23 May 1838, Meadville, PA
  2. _____ Wheelock, born 22 Dec 1839, Meadville, PA
  3. Oren Newell Wheelock, born 9 Sep 1841, Meadville, PA
  4. Amariah Buell Wheelock, born 9 Sep 1843, Meadville, PA
  5. Eugene Alden Wheelock, born 16 Mar 1845, Meadville, PA
  6. Lafayette Lyman Wheelock, born 1 Oct 1847, Meadville, PA
  7. Frank Lawrence Wheelock, born 21 Oct 1850, Meadville, PA
  8. Elton DeRanza Wheelock, born 4 Mar 1854, Meadville, PA


"Wheelock Genealogy" by Carlyle Capron Wheelock and Winifred (Thomson) Gonseth gives the death date as 23 Apr 1892.

There is a biographical sketch of Chandler Benson Wheelock in "Portrait and Biographical Album of Green Lake, Marquette and Waushara Counties, Wisconsin", Published by Acme Publishing Co., 1890. Online at, Mar 2009.


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Joseph Wheelock

Spouse: Rainey (--?--)

  1. Eleazar Wheelock, born 12 Jun 1797, Windsor Township, Windsor Co, VT
  2. Woodward Wheelock, born 19 Apr 1799, Windsor Township, Windsor Co, VT


This is most likely the Joseph Wheelock that was born 1 May 1763, Charlton, Worcester Co, MA, son of Eleazar Wheelock and Betty Woodward.

The circumstantial evidence is as follows:

(1) He is the right age.

(2) The name of his son, Woodward, matches his mother's maiden name.

(3) The name of his son, Eleazar, matches his father's name.

(4) Joseph has not been found anywhere else in the records, rendering this a plausible match.


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Josiah Burley Wheelock

Birth: 27 Oct 1809, Sanbornton, NH

Death: 14 Dec 1880

Burial: Coventry Village Cemetery, Coventry, VT

Father: Amasa Wheelock
Mother: Sally Burleigh

Spouse: Martha Lee
Marriage: 5 Feb 1839, Moultonborough, NH

  1. Martha Elizabeth Wheelock, born 28 Apr 1840


In 1876, Josiah lived in Coventry, VT. (Source: History of Sanbornton, NH, 1881) A marriage notice for Josiah and Martha is found in the 2 Mar 1839 edition of the Boston Columbian Centinel. It refers to Josiah as "formerly of Boston", and indicates they were married in Moultonborough, NH. (Src : "Index of Marriages in Massachusetts Centinel and Columbian Centinel, 1784 to 1840", Vol 4, compiled by the American Antiquarian Society, G. K. Hall Co, 1961.)


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Lloyd Clayton Wheelock

Birth: 24 Sep 1888

Death: 11 Nov 1960

Father: Charles V. Wheelock
Mother: Laura Anna Lancaster

Spouse: Adaline Anna Brandau
Marriage: 19 Feb 1908, Cheboygan Co, MI

  1. Elzie Wheelock, born Dec 1911
  2. Kenneth John Wheelock, born Dec 1911
  3. John Sterling Wheelock, born Aug 1914
  4. Robert Leigh Wheelock, born Nov 1918
  5. Luella Joyce Wheelock, born Jun 1920
  6. Claude Percy Wheelock, born Oct 1921
  7. Marian Adeline Wheelock, born Oct 1923
  8. Daniel Wheelock, born Mar 1925
  9. Allan E. Wheelock, born Jul 1926
  10. Loren August Wheelock, born Aug 1931
  11. Laura Wheelock, born Aug 1931
  12. Sabra Wheelock, born Dec 1933


Most of the information about this family came from the private records of Jan Wheelock, October 1998.