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Daniel Day

Death: 23 Oct 1848

Burial: Proxpect Hill Cemetery, Uxbridge, MA

Spouse: Sylvia Wheelock
Marriage: 30 Nov 1787, Mendon, Worcester, MA

  1. Sukey Day


In 1810, Daniel Day & Company built the first woolen mill in the vicinity of Uxbridge, MA. Jerry Wheelock, his son in law, was a member of the firm.

Daniel's headstone states that he died in his "82nd year".


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Susan Lumas

Birth: 1831

Death: 1911

Burial: Pierrepont Hill Cemetery, Pierrepont, St. Lawrence Co, NY

Spouse: Otis Wheelock

  1. Lorinda Wheelock, born about 1852
  2. George Wheelock, born about 1856
  3. Mary Jane Wheelock, born about 1858
  4. Cyrus Wheelock, born about 1861
  5. Amanda Wheelock, born about 1863


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Mary W. Mellen

Birth: 5 Nov 1813, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA

Father: James Mellen
Mother: Submit Wheelock


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Austin D. Wheelock

Birth: 29 Jul 1999

Father: Arthur D. Wheelock
Mother: Anita Clark


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Earl Richard Wheelock

Birth: 1901

Death: 1972

Father: Byron Granville Wheelock
Mother: Dorothy Christensen


This is probably E. Wheelock in the SSDI, born 19 Feb 1901, died Apr 1972, last residence Spanish Fork, Utah.


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Ezra Wheelock

Birth: 1828

Death: Mar 1848

Father: Abel Wheelock
Mother: Jane Foster


Died of smallpox.


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Olive Vivian Wheelock

Birth: Jul 1883

Father: Henry M. Wheelock
Mother: Eliza A. Dodwell

Spouse: Clarence Eglinton

  1. Olive E. Eglinton, born 1906, Fitchburg, MA
  2. Robert James Eglinton, born 2 Jun 1908, Bellows Falls, VT
  3. Donald Burton Eglinton, born 7 Mar 1910, Bellows Falls, VT
  4. Hazel Irene Eglinton, born 9 Feb 1912, Bellows Falls, VT


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Paul Wheelock

Birth: 13 Jan 1715/16, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Death: about 1776, Charlton, Worcester, MA

Father: Benjamin Wheelock
Mother: Huldah Thayer

Spouse: Abigail Chapin
Marriage: say 1739

  1. Ruth Wheelock, born say 1740, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  2. Sarah Wheelock, born estimated 1744, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  3. Mary Wheelock, born say 1746, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  4. Abigail Wheelock, born say 1747, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  5. Seth Wheelock, born about 1752, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  6. Edward Wheelock, born estimated 1754, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  7. Paul Wheelock, born about 1755
  8. Silas Wheelock, born after 1756, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  9. John Wheelock, born about 1761, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  10. Adams Wheelock, born about 1763


Paul Wheelock, farmer, businessman, and one of the principle early settlers of Charlton, Massachusetts, was born in Mendon, Massachusetts, 13 Jan 1715/16 to Benjamin Wheelock and Huldah Thayer.

When Paul and his brothers Jonathan and David came of age, between the years 1735 and 1740, their father deeded to them individual tracts of land near Oxford, Mass. in what was then known as the County Gore. Paul received his share of this lan d in a deed dated 5 Mar 1739/40, at which time he was living in Mendon [3]. Sometime thereafter he removed to the County Gore.

At about this time, Paul married Abigail Chapin. The record of this marriage does not survive in the Vital Records, but it may have occurred shortly after Paul settled the land he aquired from his father. Abigail was half cousin to President Joh n Adams, the second president of the United States. Their child, Adams, was no doubt named for this side of the family. Paul remained married to Abigail for the rest of his life, fathering at least 10 children. He built a house in Charlton circa 1742 on Gould Rd., opposite Whee Laddie Pond, not far from where his brother Jonathan lived. As of 2003 his house was still standing. Though several additions have been made to the structure, the original frami ng remains intact [4].

On 12 June 1750, his brothers Jonathan, David, and others signed a petition to separate from Oxford and become part of Charlton. The results of this petition were realized in 1757, when the County Gore became part of the Charlton Northside. Paul Wheelock served on the Board of Selectment in the years 1760, 1766, and 1772 [1]; and was a Captain in the local Militia [2]. He is listed as an officer in the French and Indian War, serving as a Captain in 1763 in Col. John Chandler's regimen t [7]. By one account, he was one of the wealthiest men in Charlton [6].

On 17 May 1776, being "sick and weak of body", Paul recorded his last will and testament. The exact date and cause of death is not known, but the will was probated on 4 Mar 1777. The bulk of his estate was left to his three eldest sons, Edward , Seth, and Paul [5]. His wife, Abigail, and ten children were accounted for in the will (Ruth, Silas, Sarah, Mary, Abigail, Seth, Edward, Paul, John, and Adams).

Abigail, outlived him by 23 or 24 years. She died in 1800. Both are probably buried in the Northside Cemetery in Charlton, where many of their children lay, but headstones have not been found.

(Written by Roderick B. Sullivan, Northborough, MA, Apr 1998, updated 2004)

Sources And References

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