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Laban Bates

Birth: 30 Oct 1749

Death: 7 Apr 1832

Burial: South Bellingham Cem., Bellingham, MA

Spouse: Olive Wheelock
Marriage: 28 Dec 1768, Mendon, Worcester, MA

  1. Eli Bates, born 19 Sep 1769, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  2. Peter Bates, born 23 Jun 1771, Bellingham, Norfolk, MA
  3. Nahum Bates, born 8 Apr 1773, Bellingham, Norfolk, MA
  4. Liberty Bates, born 16 Jul 1775, Bellingham, Norfolk, MA
  5. Sarah Bates, born 1 May 1777, Bellingham, Norfolk, MA
  6. Olive Bates, born 23 Jun 1779, Bellingham, Norfolk, MA
  7. Peter Bates, born 29 Mar 1782, Bellingham, Norfolk, MA
  8. Laban Bates, born 5 Nov 1784, Bellingham, Norfolk, MA
  9. Smith Bates, born 28 Nov 1786, Bellingham, Norfolk, MA
  10. Abigail Bates, born 26 May 1789, Bellingham, Norfolk, MA
  11. Polly Bates, born 8 Nov 1791, Bellingham, Norfolk, MA
  12. Smith Bates, born 25 Oct 1794, Bellingham, Norfolk, MA


Laban was the son of Isaac and Mary Bates (Bellingham VRs).


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Anita Clark

Spouse: Arthur D. Wheelock
Marriage: 22 Mar 1998

  1. Samantha N. Wheelock, born 2 Nov 1995
  2. Austin D. Wheelock, born 29 Jul 1999


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Eliza A. Dodwell

Birth: Sep 1860

Spouse: Henry M. Wheelock

  1. Olive Vivian Wheelock, born Jul 1883


The 1900 Massachusetts Census shows Eliza Wheelock, living in Gardner with her brother, James Dodwell, head of household, with Olive Wheelock, "in school".


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Leonard Mellen

Birth: 10 Apr 1806, Mendon, Worcester Co, MA

Father: James Mellen
Mother: Submit Wheelock


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David Wheelock

Birth: 18 Jan 1720/21, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Death: 8 Jan 1789, Charlton, Worcester, MA

Father: Benjamin Wheelock
Mother: Huldah Thayer

Spouse: Lydia White

  1. Betty Wheelock, born 17 Jul 1743, Mendon, Worcester, MA
  2. Benjamin Wheelock, born 11 Apr 1745, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  3. Abner Wheelock, born 19 Jun 1747, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  4. Olive Wheelock, born 18 Dec 1749, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  5. Jemima Wheelock, born 23 Jul 1752, Charlton, MA
  6. Hendrick Wheelock, born 28 Oct 1755, Charlton, MA
  7. Aaron Wheelock, born 26 Aug 1758, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  8. Moses Wheelock, born 26 Aug 1758, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  9. _____ Wheelock, born 16 Jul 1759, Charlton, Worcester, MA

Spouse: Rachel Chapin
Marriage: 5 Nov 1760, Mendon, Worcester, MA

  1. David Wheelock, born 8 May 1762, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  2. Abijah Wheelock, born 7 Jun 1764, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  3. Aaron Wheelock, born 7 Apr 1766, Charlton, Massachusetts
  4. Lidea Wheelock, born 24 Jan 1769, Charlton, Worcester, MA
  5. Gideon Wheelock, born 5 Jul 1771, Charlton, Worcester, MA


David Wheelock, born in Mendon, removed to what is now modern day Charlton when a young man. On 15 Aug 1740, his father gave him "in consideration ... of parental love and affection" 150 acres in the County Gore, a tract of 10,000 acres adjoining Oxford (Worcester Deeds, book 26, page 17). He must have moved there after 15 Aug 1740, because the deed refers to him as David Wheelock "of Mendon". His brothers Jonathan and Paul also lived in the Gore, and were close neighbors. Unsatisfied with their representation in Oxford town affairs, residents of the County Gore signed a petition to become part of Charlton. David and his brother Jonathan both signed this petition on 12 June 1750. Finally, in 1757 the Gore was annexed to Charlton; becoming the northern section of the town.

David was active in the affairs of Charlton, holding office as a selectman in the years 1761, 1771, 1775, and 1777. (The first Board of Selectmen was formed in 1755.)

In 1779, a committee consisting of David Wheelock, Isaiah Blood, and Stephen Fay was chosen to provide for the families of Revolutionary War Soldiers of Charlton. In September of that year, the town voted to raise 900 pounds for this purpose.

In 1781 Jacob Davis, an active participant in Charlton town affairs, and a Colonel in the Revolutionary War, organized several residents of Charlton to purchase a tract of land in Vermont, later to become the town of Calais. David was one of the 60 original proprieters of Calais, as were his nephews Peter and Eli Wheelock.

David passed his interest in Calais to his son, Abijah, who became the first permanent settler of Calais in 1789. Abijah purchased lot 51 of the first division from Col. Davis for 20 pounds lawful English money.

David's first wife, Lydia White, died in the "great sickess" of 1759. His children Jemima and Hendrick also died in 1759, at an early age, probably suffering the same fate.

He married 2nd Rachel Chapin, half sister to Abigail Chapin, his brother's wife.

David Wheelock left no will, but the settlement of his estate is found in the Worcester County Probate Office, file 63644.

(Written by Roderick B. Sullivan, Jr., July 1999)


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o Worcester County Deeds, Benjamin Wheelock to David Wheelock, 15 Aug 1740, recorded 1748, Book 26, Page 17.


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Miriam Wheelock

Birth: 1826

Father: Abel Wheelock
Mother: Jane Foster

Spouse: Simpson Woodbury