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Eleanor Bellows

Birth: 29 Jan 1805, Walpole, NH

Death: 12 May 1859, Cambridge, MA

Father: Josiah Bellows
Mother: Mary Sparhawk

Spouse: Gill Wheelock
Marriage: 4 Nov 1828, Walpole, NH

  1. Mary Ellen Wheelock, born 10 Oct 1829, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA
  2. Henry Gassett Wheelock, born 22 Jun 1835, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA
  3. George Gill Wheelock, born 24 Nov 1838, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA


Carlyle Capron Wheelock writes the following about Eleanor Bellows, citing "History of Watertown", and "Bellows Centenial, 1898" as sources:

"Eleanor Bellows was christened after her aunt, Mrs. Eleanor Bellows, wife of Hon. Thomas Bellows, although her name was often written Ellen; she was a universal favorite on account of her amicable disposition and obliging and pleasing manner; she had a cultivated mind and was unusually agreeable in conversation; she also had a great taste for music, an inheritance from the Sparhawks, and before her marriage played the organ in the Unitarian Church, a task which was taken up successively by her sisters, Julia and Ann; during the greater part of her married life, she lived on Avon Place, Boston, but resided several years before her death in Cambridge, Mass.; her first husband, Mr. Gill Wheelock, was a successful Boston merchant; his mother Mary Gassett was the daughter of Henry and Parsis (Howe) Gassett, of Marlboro; Eleanor Bellows 2d husband, Jonathan Howe, was engaged in business in Boston for many years; he was a polished gentleman and had a cultivated mind; they had no children."


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Cordelia E. Thatcher

Birth: about 1829

Death: 15 Sep 1885

Spouse: Humphrey Wheelock
Marriage: 2 Apr 1853, Barnard, VT

  1. Josephene D. Wheelock, born about 1860, Barnard, VT
  2. Stella M. Wheelock, born about 1868, Barnard, VT


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Hollis Timpson

Spouse: Syliva M. Wheelock
Marriage: 31 Jan 1848, Westfield, Chautauqua Co, NY


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Edward C. Wheelock

Birth: 4 Mar 1840, Calhoun Co, MI

Death: 10 Nov 1876, Allegan, Allegan Co, MI

Father: Jonathan Wheelock
Mother: Sally Hall

Spouse: Emily Ellen Dickinson
Marriage: 24 Dec 1865, Allegan, Allegan Co, MI

  1. Dwight E. Wheelock, born 30 Dec 1866
  2. Hugh N. Wheelock, born 29 May 1869, Allegan, MI


Edward Wheelock, age 10, is enumerated in the 1850 Census living in the household of George White in Eckford, Calhoun, MI. The identity of his parents is not known.

Living nearby in Albion is the family of Frederick Wheelock (1804 - 1887), son of Asa Wheelock and Abigail Reed of Wardsboro, VT. Also living nearby in Battle Creek is the family of Jonathan Wheelock and Sally Hall, of Charlemont, MA. The Street Genealogy identifies his parents as Jonathan and Sally Hall. (Src: "The Street Genealogy", By Mary Evarts Anderson, Henry Augustus Street, Published by Printed by J. Templeton, 1895, Original from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Digitized Jan 17, 2008, Google Books)

He enlisted 4 June 1861 in the 3rd Michigan Regiment, discharged 5 June 1865.


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Keyton Joy Wheelock

Birth: 12 Apr 1987

Father: Addison Arthur Wheelock
Mother: Jamie Verna Pelon


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Nathan Edward Wheelock

Birth: 5 Jan 1819, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Death: 3 Oct 1826, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Father: Nathan Wheelock
Mother: Abigail Ellis Rawson


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Samuel Wheelock

Birth: 21 Jan 1664/65, Medfield, Norfolk, MA

Death: 8 Apr 1756, Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA

Father: Gershom Wheelock
Mother: Hannah Stodder

Spouse: Lydia Rice
Marriage: about 1692

  1. Gershom Wheelock, born 1693/94, Marlborough, MA
  2. Lydia Wheelock
  3. Samuel Wheelock, born 14 May 1696, Marlborough, Middlesex Co, MA
  4. Martha Wheelock, born 13 Apr 1698, Marlborough, Middlesex Co, MA
  5. Elizabeth Wheelock, born 10 Apr 1700, Marlborough, Middlesex Co, MA
  6. Hannah Wheelock, born 23 Jan 1701, Marlborough, Middlesex Co, MA
  7. Tamar Wheelock, born 2 Mar 1703/4, Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA
  8. Mary Wheelock, born 5 Jun 1705, Marlborough, Middlesex Co, MA
  9. Daniel Wheelock, born 10 Aug 1708, Marlborough, Middlesex Co, MA
  10. Lois Wheelock, born 25 Dec 1710, Marlborough, Middlesex Co, MA
  11. Rachel Wheelock, born 26 Nov 1714, Marlborough, Middlesex Co, MA


Samuel Wheelock moved from Medfield to Marlborough, MA, probably around 1688, when he is listed in the Marlborough Tax Invoice. He and his brother Joseph were heirs to their father's estate in Medfield, which they sold in 1690 to Joseph Plimpton. (Src: "History of Medfield", Tilden; Suffolk Deeds, 17-63). Due to frequent Indian attacks, residents of Marlborough and other colonial towns were assigned to garrison houses for protection. In 1711, Samuel Wheelock was assigned to the garrison house of John Howe, along with Zachariah Eager, Abraham Eager, Daniel Johnson, Obadiah Ward, and Thomas Axtell. (Src: "Early Reminiscence of Marlborough", by Ella Bigelow, 1910, from "History of Marlborough" website,, by John Buczek, Mar 2002)

In 1717 he signed one of the original deeds for the town of Shrewsbury. He was a founder and one of the first Deacons of the church there. He built the first mill in Shrewsbury on Old Mill Pond in 1721. In 1727 he served on the first board of selectmen in Shrewsbury, and again in the years 1730, and 1732. In 1729, he was living on house lot No. 26. (Source: "History of the Town of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, From Its Settlement in 1717 to 1829, With Other Matter Relating Thereto Not Before Published, Including An Extensive Family Register", by Andrew H. Ward, Published by Samuel G. Drake, 1847.)

On a deed dated 10 Dec 1740 Samuel and Lydia Wheelock signed over their estate to Daniel Wheelock of Shrewsbury out of "parental love and affection, and in consideration of obligation to maintain myself and wife." Recorded in Worcester County Probates, Case 63804, Deed Book 19, pg. 222.

There is no proof that Lydia is the daughter of Samuel Wheelock and Lydia Rice, but the circumstantial evidence seems compelling. For a more detailed discussion, see the notes for Lydia Wheelock.


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Sophia P. Wheelock

Birth: 27 Mar 1821, Orange, Franklin Co, MA

Death: 27 Sep 1843, Barre, Worcester Co, MA

Burial: Perry Cemetery, North Orange, MA

Father: Alexander Wheelock
Mother: Lois Cheney


Sophia's headstone, next to that of her parents, reads as follows: "Sophia P. daughter of Alexander and Lois Wheelock, died Sep 29, 18?3, aged 22 years." Her death record indicates that she was born in Orange, MA, was a school teacher in Barre, and died of typhus fever.


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Sophronia Wheelock

Father: Joseph Drury Wheelock
Mother: Abigail Barrett

Spouse: Orin Sawyer
Marriage: 7 Mar 1850


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Winifred C. Wheelock

Birth: 28 Feb 1884

Death: 3 Sep 1961

Burial: Oakland Cemetery, Warren, Warren Co, PA

Father: De Forest A. Wheelock
Mother: Sarah Le Ell Smith

Spouse: Kern W. McCray
Marriage: 16 Feb 1907