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Everett Roger Allen

Spouse: Roxie Marie Neill
Marriage: 18 Jun 1958, Jerico, VT


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Hattie Collier

Birth: 8 Jan 1854

Death: 19 Jun 1935, Calais, VT

Burial: Robinson Cemetery, Calais, VT

Spouse: Omar Wheelock
Marriage: 4 Oct 1874, Hardwick, VT

  1. Flora Mabel Wheelock, born 22 Aug 1875, Calais, Washington, VT
  2. Gertrude Louise Wheelock, born 2 May 1877, Calais, Washinton, VT
  3. Ida Glee Wheelock, born 9 Feb 1878, Calais, VT
  4. Blanche Lavinia Wheelock, born 20 Aug 1880, Calais, Washington, VT
  5. Robert Elroy Wheelock, born 12 May 1882
  6. Herbert Van Wheelock, born 3 Apr 1884
  7. Hattie Estella Wheelock, born 19 Apr 1886, Calais, Washington, VT
  8. Nellie May Wheelock, born 9 Sep 1888, Calais, Washington, VT
  9. Omar Wheelock, born 12 Apr 1890, Calais, Washington, VT
  10. Ina Clarabel Wheelock, born 25 Mar 1893, Calais, Washington, VT
  11. Coralinn Wheelock, born 16 Oct 1895, Calais, Washington, VT
  12. Catherine Wheelock, born 16 Oct 1895, Calais, Washington, VT
  13. Mary Esther Wheelock, born 14 Mar 1897, Calais, Washington, VT
  14. Nora E. Wheelock, born 15 Aug 1898, Calais, Washington, VT
  15. Albert Ralph Wheelock, born 17 May 1900, Calais, Washington, VT

Spouse: George G. Brown
Marriage: 6 Feb 1919


Hattie Collier (Coller) was the daughter of Calvin Coller and Laura (Flint) Coller. She died of a cerbral hemorrhage in Calais, VT.

(Source: Records of Arlene (Jeronime) Fitzgerald and Raymond Hugh Wheelock, grandchildren of Hattie Collier and Omar Wheelock; by way of Arlene Fitzgerald, Mar 2000)


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Remember Elizabeth Smith

Birth: 17 Jan 1862, Hull, IL

Death: 23 May 1931, Kinderhook Twp, Pike Co, IL

Burial: Woodland Cemetery, Quincy, Adams Co, IL

Spouse: John Henry Wheelock
Marriage: 10 Mar 1889, Pike Co, IL


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Arthur Wheelock

Birth: about 1845

Father: Rufus Wheelock
Mother: Hannah Robinson


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Elizabeth Jeanne Wheelock

Birth: 28 Sep 1929, St. Johnsbury, VT

Father: Almon Milo Wheelock
Mother: Philomene Bourgeois

Spouse: Lawrence William Davis
Marriage: 2 Jul 1949, St. Johnsbury, VT

  1. Lawrence William Davis, born 21 May 1952, St. Johnsbury, VT
  2. Lucinda Jeanne Davis, born 29 May 1954, Rochester, NY
  3. Brian Wheelock Davis, born 29 Jan 1956, Rochester, NY
  4. Michael Richard Davis, born 30 Jan 1958, Rochester, NY
  5. Jeffrey Eldon Davis, born 20 Nov 1959, Whittier, CA
  6. Wendy Jeanne Davis, born 30 Mar 1968, Rochester, NY


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Frank Wheelock

Father: Joseph Wheelock
Mother: Amelia Ames


Mackenzie, George Norbury, LL.B., Colonial Families of the United States of America, vol. 2, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1966, p. 572


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Jay Jasper Wheelock

Birth: 20 Oct 1825

Death: 1907

Burial: Sherburne Quarter Cemetery, Sherburne, Chenango Co, NY

Father: Otis Wheelock
Mother: Hannah (--?--)

Spouse: Caroline (--?--)

  1. Miles J. Wheelock, born about 1851
  2. Francis R. Wheelock, born about 1853
  3. George Wheelock, born about 1856
  4. Florence Wheelock, born about 1864
  5. Earnest Wheelock, born about 1866
  6. Jay Otis Wheelock, born 6 Apr 1868


Jay and his wife Caroline are enumerated in the 1860 Census, living in Vienna, Oneida Co, NY, with three children: Miles J, age 9, Francis R., age 7, and George, age 4.

He is enumerated in the 1880 Federal Census, living in Vienna, Oneida, NY, widower. Three children are listed with him: Florence, age 16, Earnest, age 14, and Otis J., age 12, all born in California.

Jay registered to vote in San Franciso, California in June 1866, and appears on various California voter registers between 1866 and 1873. Also in San Francisco at the same time are his cousins, John Dexter Wheelock, and Samuel Wheelock. (Src: California, Voter Registers, 1866-1898; online at, June 2013.)

This is presumed to be the son of Otis and Hannah, because pictures of the children, and other artifacts bearing their names were found with the family records of his parents, Otis and Hannah Wheelock.


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Lucy J. Wheelock

Birth: 23 May 1808, Eden, Lamoille Co, VT

Death: Mar 1877

Father: Walter Wheelock
Mother: Betsey Johnson

Spouse: Daniel Pierce
Marriage: 19 Nov 1829, Eden, Lamoille Co, VT

  1. Laura Pierce, born Oct 1831


The birth of Lucy Wheelock is given as 23 May 1809 in the "Pierce Genealogy", in disagreement with the 23 May 1808 date given in the Vermont VRs. The evidence linking Lucy (Wheelock) Pierce with the daughter of Walter and Betsey (Johnson) Wheelock is as follows: (1) the 23 May 1808 and 23 May 1809 birth dates are sufficiently similar to suspect a typographic or transcription error, (2) Lucy's father, Walter Wheelock, engaged in land transactions with Daniel Pierce, and (3) Lucy's sister, Lucretia (Wheelock) Stone, name a child Lucy Pierce Stone.


[1] "Pierce Genealogy, Record of Posterity of Thomas Pierce, An Early Inhabitant of Charlestown", by Frederic Beech Pierce, Press of Chas. Hamilton, Worcester, 1882.

[2] Eden, VT Deeds 1802-1908, FHL Film 28166; Walter and Martin Wheelock to Daniel Pierce, Book 3, Pg 99.

[3] Vermont Vital Record to 1870.


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Mabel Edith Wheelock

Birth: 5 Sep 1886

Father: Charles Stowell Wheelock
Mother: Lydia Louise McDonough


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Margaret J. Wheelock

Birth: 17 May 1853, Nova Scotia

Death: 12 May 1877, Lawrence, Essex Co, MA

Father: Walter Wheelock
Mother: Jane Gates

Spouse: Oliver Warren
Marriage: 16 Mar 1871, Boston, Suffolk Co, MA


She was 23 years, 11 months, and 26 days old at death, per death record.


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Martha Ann J. Wheelock

Birth: about 1851

Death: 8 Mar 1852, Dudley, Worcester Co, MA

Father: Charles Wheelock
Mother: Emily Knapp


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Martha Elizabeth Wheelock

Birth: 3 Sep 1860

Death: 11 Feb 1935

Father: Henry Francis Wheelock
Mother: Louisa Abigail Rice

Spouse: Charles H. Moston

  1. Charles Ernest Moston, born 6 Jun 1881
  2. George Wheelock Moston, born 27 Sep 1884
  3. Grace Maude Taylor Moston, born about 1891