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Thomas Joseph Edwards

Spouse: Jessie Edna Wheelock
Marriage: 23 Nov 1929, Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA


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Betsy Wheelock

Birth: 12 Mar 1789, Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA

Father: Silas Wheelock
Mother: Anna Whitney

Spouse: Elijah Harrington
Marriage: 17 Jan 1810, Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA


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Elbridge Gerry Wheelock

Death: 24 Apr 1852

Burial: Pine Grove Cemetery, Grafton, MA

Father: Paul Wheelock
Mother: Martha Sibley

Spouse: Dolly B. Atwood
Marriage: 13 Nov 1832, Grafton, Worcester Co, MA


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George Harold Wheelock

Birth: 28 Oct 1860, Rock Island Co, IL

Death: 14 Feb 1954, Moline, Rock Island Co, IL

Burial: Erie Cemetery, Whiteside Co, IL

Father: Andrew Jackson Wheelock
Mother: Bridget Mary Evans

Spouse: Elizabeth Sherwood
Marriage: 8 Jan 1898, Sterling, Whiteside Co, IL

  1. George Harold Wheelock, born 20 Jul 1899
  2. Howard Andrew Wheelock, born 21 Feb 1905
  3. Robert Evans Wheelock, born 18 Sep 1908, Erie Township, Whiteside Co, IL


The biography of George H. Wheelock can be found in "The History of Whiteside County, Illinois", by William W. Davis, Pioneer Publishing Company, Chicago, 1908, pg. 1234.

He spent the days of his youth in his parents home, attending the public schools. To supplement his education, he attended Fulton College, and graduated in 1883. He taught for six years, then, after a two year interval as a travelling salesman, he opened a business "dealing in monuments", which he operated for eight years. Shortly after this he settled on the old homestead farm, cultivating and improving it. He specialized in raising and feeding Durham cattle and Jersey Red hogs. In addition he owned six residences in the village of Erie, from which he derived rental income.

George H. Wheelock was director of the Wheelock School in Erie, IL, for many years, most of which time he was president of the board. The school, which he attended as a lad, was built on land donated by his father. (Src: "Presents History of Wheelock School at Community Meeting", article published in the Sterling Daily Gazette, 15 Sep 1941, Sterling, IL.)

His obituary mentions children Harold, Howard, and Robert, and grandchildren George and Warren Wheelock, of Erie. (Src: Sterling Daily Gazette, 15 Feb 1954.)


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Gertrude Louise Wheelock

Birth: 2 May 1877, Calais, Washinton, VT

Death: 24 Dec 1971

Burial: Green Mount Cemetery, Montpelier, VT

Father: Omar Wheelock
Mother: Hattie Collier

Spouse: Clarence Dean Wheelock
Marriage: 20 Feb 1921, Barre, VT


Gertrude and Clarence had no children.

(Source: Arlene (Jeronime) Fitzgerald, granddaughter of Omar Wheelock and Hattie Collier, Mar 2000)


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Moses Bond Wheelock

Birth: 27 Jan 1768, Westborough, Worcester, MA

Death: 26 Jul 1848, Barre, MA

Father: Moses Wheelock
Mother: Lydia Bond

Spouse: Catherine Gleason
Marriage: 19 Dec 1793, Westborough, Worcester, MA

  1. Lambert Wheelock, born 30 Jun 1794, Barre, MA
  2. Phineas Wheelock, born 30 Oct 1796, Barre, MA
  3. Moses Wheelock, born 15 Jan 1799, Barre, MA
  4. Harriet Wheelock, born 24 Aug 1801, Barre, MA
  5. John Wheelock, born 1 Nov 1807, Barre, MA
  6. Horatio Wheelock, born 31 Jan 1812, Barre, Worcester Co, MA

Spouse: Eunice Fisk
Marriage: about 1848


Moses Bond Wheelock (1768-1848) was a schoolteacher in Templeton, Mass. He was born in Westborough, the son of Colonel Moses Wheelock (1736-1801), a minuteman and prominent citizen of Westborough, and his second wife, Lydia Bond of Mendon. He married Catherine Gleason (1774-1847) in 1793 in Southborough. They had five sons and one daughter, all of whom were born in Barre. He died in Barre in 1848.

Moses Bond Wheelock kept a diary during the years 1788 and 1789. This diary, help by the American Antiquarian Society, in Worcester, MA, contains very general references to his being a teacher, to his mundane daily life, and a few general items on the treatment of those who were ill. It does contain detailed references to the daily weather. There are also many references to Eli Whitney (1765-1825), his friend in Westborough and the inventor of the cotton gin. There is also one reference to the purchase of books at the bookstore of Isaiah Thomas (1749-1831) in Worcester, Mass.

(Source: Catalog of the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA.)

According to the Barre VRs, Moses died of dropsy.


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Ronald Clarence Wheelock

Birth: 11 Nov 1916

Death: 29 Sep 1987, Los Angeles, CA

Father: Howard C. Wheelock
Mother: Gertrude Ethel Lunn

Spouse: Margaret Yates
Marriage: 26 Feb 1936

  1. Ronald Wheelock, born 13 May 1941
  2. Karen Wheelock, born 22 Nov 1946


The California Vital Records record Ronald's birth date as 11 Nov 1915.