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John Arthur O'Connell

Birth: 23 Jun 1902, Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA

Death: 9 Mar 1976, Central Hospital, Sommerville, MA

Burial: Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, MA

Spouse: Margaret E. Wheelock
Marriage: 8 Jul 1923, Wellesley, MA


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Andrew Jackson Wheelock

Birth: 1 Jun 1822, Genesee County, NY

Death: 30 May 1915, Erie, Whiteside Co, IL

Burial: Erie Cemetery, Erie, Whiteside Co, IL

Father: Reu Wheelock
Mother: Rosanna Smiley

Spouse: Mary Ann Gregory
Marriage: Canton Township, Wayne Co, MI

  1. Leah Josephine Wheelock, born 14 Dec 1849, Canton, Wayne Co, MI

Spouse: Bridget Evans
Marriage: 14 Aug 1855, Sterling, Whiteside Co, Ill.

  1. William A. Wheelock, born 31 Jul 1856, IL
  2. Mary Elizabeth Wheelock, born 21 Nov 1858, Erie, Whiteside Co, IL
  3. George Harold Wheelock, born 28 Oct 1860, Rock Island Co, IL
  4. Rosanna Wheelock, born 23 Dec 1862, IL
  5. Charles J. Wheelock, born 1864


Andrew left home at the age of 12, moved to Yipsilanti, Michigan, and worked in a livery.1

Family history has it that he abandoned his first wife and child and went to Whiteside County, Illinois, where he maried Briget Evans.2 This is consistent with the census records, which show A. J. Wheelock and his first wife, Mary Ann (Gregory) Wheelock living separated in the 1850 census, presumably after A. J. left his wife and child. In his will, A. J. Wheelock leaves a token bequest to his daughter by Mary, who at the time was named Josephine Kinghorn.

In 1850 A. J. Wheelock was living in a hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

By 1860 he had married his wife, Bridget, and was a teamster living in Cordova, Rock Island, Illinois, with his wife and children: William A., 4, and Mary E., 1.

In 1880 Andrew Wheelock was living with his wife, Bridget, 50, and his children Mary, 21, and George, 19. Also in the household was George Shaw, 12, birthplace unknown. William A. was not in the household.

In 1900 he was living in Erie with his wife Bridget, and Charles Simpkins, employee.

In 1910 he was 83, living in Erie in the household of his son, George, and George's wife, Elizabeth, with their children Harold, Howard, and Robert.

Andrew J. Wheelock wrote his will on 12 May 1913 at the age of 87. In it, he left $1 "and no more" to Josephine Kinghorn; and the remainder of his estate to his son George H. Wheelock and daughter, Mary E. Chamberlain, "the truth being that when I married the mother, now dead, of my two said children, ..., I was worth no property whatever and by the great labor, care and saving of their said mother, who was my late wife, and by money which came to her from her people, suplemented by my labor, what property I now have has been accumulated." He appointed his friends Robert C. Burchell of Erie, Illinois, and Edwin L. Harison of Hillsdale, Illinois, executors.3

Andrew Wheelock donated land for creation of the "Wheelock School" in Erie, IL. The first schoolhouse on this land was built circa 1840.4 The school had closed by April 1955 when the land and buildings were sold to Martin Franks.5

Research Notes for Andrew J. Wheelock:

The records are conflicted regarding his birth date. The 1850 census implies about 1822. Portrait and biographical album of Whiteside County, Illinois says 1 June 1827, Genesee County, New York;6 as does the History of Whiteside County, Illinois.1 His obituaries in the Sterling newspapers give the same date.7 His obit in the Moline newspaper is more circumspect, saying he was about 90 years old, implying an 1825 or 1826 birth date.8 The 1900 census gives his birth date as June 1825. His gravestone in the Erie Cemetery says 1826. He gives his age as 87 in his will, written 12 May 1913, which implies a birth date between 13 May 1825 and 12 May 1826. Marian Chamberlain, spouse of a descendant of A. J. Wheelock, says 1 June 1822, which is consistent only with the 1850 census - no other known records are consistent with this date. Per Marian, this date came from "Family Data Collection - Births" at, for which information about the original source is no longer available from Ancestry.

Placing the greatest weight on his will, which he wrote and signed himself, and assuming he was born on June 1st, leads to the conclusion that he was born 1 June 1825, which happens to match the 1900 census.

Unfortunately, this date conflicts with the birth of his brother, James Loring Wheelock. The 1822 date fits better into the birth sequence for his mother, consistent with the 2-3 year interval between births for Rosanna (Smiley) Wheelock.


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Elizabeth Wheelock

Birth: 22 Jan 1918

Father: Howard C. Wheelock
Mother: Gertrude Ethel Lunn


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Josiah Wheelock

Birth: 21 Jan 1796, Orange, Franklin Co, MA

Death: 9 Jun 1835, Orange, Franklin Co, MA

Burial: Perry Cemetery, North Orange, MA

Father: Alexander Wheelock
Mother: Sophia Penniman

Spouse: Nancy Perry
Marriage: estimated 1825

  1. Adeline R. Wheelock, born 4 Dec 1826, Orange, Franklin Co, MA
  2. Charles Wheelock, born 11 Apr 1829, Orange, Franklin Co, MA
  3. Caroline Maria Wheelock, born 12 Oct 1831, Orange, Franklin Co, MA
  4. Laura Ann Wheelock, born 10 Nov 1833, Orange, Franklin Co, MA


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Jubal Wheelock

Birth: Apr 1790, Millbury, Worcester Co, MA

Death: 5 May 1861, Worcester, Worcester Co, MA

Burial: Worcester Rural Cemetery, Worcester, Worcester Co, MA

Father: Paul Wheelock
Mother: Martha Sibley

Spouse: Lucy Cheney
Marriage: about 27 Dec 1823, Worcester, Worcester, MA

  1. Mary Lois Wheelock, born 22 Feb 1824, Worcester, Worcester, MA
  2. Sarah Sophia Wheelock, born 15 Jul 1825, Worcester, Worcester, MA
  3. Dolly Green Wheelock, born 11 Jul 1827, Worcester, Worcester, MA
  4. Paul Nathaniel Wheelock, born 11 May 1829, Worcester, Worcester, MA
  5. Lydia Ann Myrick Wheelock, born 19 Aug 1831, Worcester, Worcester, MA
  6. Margaret Lucretia Wheelock, born 12 Oct 1834, Worcester, Worcester, MA
  7. Daniel Waldo Wheelock, born 17 Nov 1837, Worcester, Worcester, MA


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Moses Wheelock

Birth: 11 Jan 1737/38, Medfield, MA

Death: 15 Apr 1801, Westborough, Worcester, MA

Burial: Memorial Cemetery, Westborough, MA

Father: Ephraim Wheelock
Mother: Priscilla Plimpton

Spouse: Abiel Haws
Marriage: 13 Jan 1763, Wrentham, Norfolk, MA

  1. Ephraim Wheelock, born 25 Mar 1764, Westborough, Worcester, MA
  2. Abigail Wheelock, born 10 Aug 1765, Westborough, Worcester, MA

Spouse: Lydia Bond
Marriage: 24 Jul 1766, Westborough, Worcester, MA

  1. Moses Bond Wheelock, born 27 Jan 1768, Westborough, Worcester, MA
  2. John Wheelock, born 1 May 1769, Westborough, Worcester Co, MA
  3. Lydia Wheelock, born 16 Aug 1771, Westborough, Worcester, MA
  4. Polly Wheelock, born 25 Jan 1774, Westborough, Worcester, MA
  5. Silas Wheelock, born 23 Sep 1776, Westborough, Worcester, MA
  6. Sally Wheelock, born 21 Feb 1779, Westborough, Worcester, MA
  7. Abial Wheelock, born calculated Aug 1781
  8. Polley Wheelock, born 5 Sep 1783, Westborough, Worcester, MA
  9. Elijah Wheelock, born 14 Apr 1785, Westborough, Worcester, MA
  10. Joseph Wheelock, born 25 Jun 1788, Westborough, Worcester, MA


Moses Wheelock turned out at the Lexington Alarm, and was commissioned Captian in 1775. He was a major under Colonel Jonathan Smith in 1776. On 16 June 1777 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the Worcester County Regiment that reinforced Gen. Gates.

He was active in the affairs of his hometown, Westborough, serving as a selectmen in 1771, and as town clerk in 1771, 1772, 1778-1782, and 1786-1795.


  1. DAR files, and "History of Westborough", by H. DeForest, 1891

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William Irvin Wheelock

Birth: 26 Feb 1903

Death: 8 May 1969

Burial: Lubbock Cemetery, Lubbock, TX

Father: Frank Emerson Wheelock
Mother: Sylvia Belle Hunt


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