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Sara Emily Dionne

Birth: 24 Feb 2002, Troy, MI

Father: Richard Dionne
Mother: Wendy Kim Kitzmiller


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Harriet Ruth Reavilly

Spouse: Arnold Morgan Wheelock
Marriage: about 1940

  1. Arnold Morgan Wheelock, born 19 Nov 1947
  2. Geoffrey Dale Wheelock, born 14 Mar 1952


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Charles C. Wheelock

Birth: Feb 1859

Death: 22 Oct 1883

Father: Seth Wheelock
Mother: Susan M. Arnold


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David Wheelock

Birth: 16 Apr 1782, MA

Death: 18 Dec 1862

Burial: Kent's Hill Cemetery, Readfield, ME

Father: Benjamin Wheelock
Mother: Elizabeth Thompson

Spouse: Susan Packard
Marriage: 2 Jan 1813, Readfield, Kennebec, ME

  1. Albert Thompson Wheelock, born 10 Dec 1813, Readfield, Kennebec Co, ME
  2. Mary Vose Wheelock, born 7 Mar 1816, Readfield, Kennebec Co, ME
  3. Nancy Francis Wheelock, born 29 Dec 1817, Readfield, Kennebec Co, ME
  4. Elizabeth Wheelock, born 7 Jun 1820, Readfield, Kennebec Co, ME
  5. Horace Wheelock, born 17 Apr 1823, Readfield, Kennebec Co, ME
  6. Evelyn Wheelock, born 10 Nov 1825, Readfield, Kennebec Co, ME
  7. Frederick Benjamin Wheelock, born 9 Mar 1830, Readfield, Kennebec Co, ME


David Wheelock, age 68, born in MA, is enumerated in the 1850 Census living in Readfield, Kennebec Co, ME. He is living with Susan R., age 67, Nancy Wheelock, age 32, Horris (sic) Wheelock, age 27, Eveline Wheelock, age 23, and Frederick B. Wheelock, age 20, all born in Maine.

David Wheelock's headstone in Kent's Hill Cemetery, Readfield, ME, reads as follows: "David Wheelock d. Dec.18,1862 Aet. 80y. 8m."

While David's birth is not recorded in the Charlton VRs, he is known to be the son of Benjamin Wheelock and Elizabeth Thompson of Charlton based on the following evidence:

(1) The death records of two of his chidlren, Evelyn Wheelock, and Mary V. (Wheelock) Sturveyant both identify his birth place as Charlton, MA.

(2) There is an 8 July 1849 letter from David to widow Polly Converse Wheelock (his sister in law) that identifies many of the relationships in this family.

(3) Benjamin's probate records show that he had a son named David.

(4) The names used in the two families are similar; David's son, Albert Thompson Wheelock, shares the same name as his nephew.

(5) David's birth date fits.


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Erminia May Wheelock

Birth: 1 Mar 1867, Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah

Father: Cyrus Hubbard Wheelock
Mother: Marion Dallin


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Henry Wheelock

Birth: 5 May 1895, Cuylerville, NY

Death: 20 Dec 1950, Washington, D. C.

Father: Fayette Conrad Wheelock
Mother: Lillian Belle Seville


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Martha Louise Gage Wheelock

Birth: 19 Aug 1849, St. John, Aroostook Co, ME

Death: 19 Sep 1872

Burial: Christ Church Cemetery, Ft. Kent, ME

Father: Jesse Wheelock
Mother: Sophronia Baker


Martha Louise Gage Wheelock probably married James Bolton, sometime before 19 Sep 1872, when their daughter, Martha (Mattie) Gage Bolton was born. Martha L. G. Wheelock apparently died during or shortly after childbirth, as her death date coincides with the birth of her daughter. She is buried in Fort Kent, ME; her headstone reads:

Martha L. G. - wife of James Bolton - Aug 19, 1849 - Sep 19, 1872

The supporting evidence is as follows:

1) The death certificate for Martha (Mattie) Gage Bolton, found in Auburn, ME, where she died in 1956, gives her mother's maiden name as Martha Wheeler (sic), her father as James Bolton, and identifies a birth date of 19 Sep 1872. She is probably the daughter of the Martha L. G. buried in Ft. Kent.

2) The 1850 Census shows Martha Wheelock living in the household of Jesse and Sophronia Wheelock, in Aroostook Co, ME, age 1. This implies that she was born in 1849. The LDS Ancestral File gives a birth date of 19 Aug 1849; and her full name as Martha Louise Gage Wheelock; both consistent with the 1850 census. Though the LDS information is unconfirmed; if true it creates a strong link between the Martha L. G. buried in Ft. Kent, born 19 Aug 1849, and Martha L. G. Wheelock, daughter of Jesse Wheelock and Sophronia Baker.

(Source: Researched by Roger Lincoln, of Houlton, ME, May 2003)


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Silas Wheelock

Birth: 23 Sep 1776, Westborough, Worcester, MA

Father: Moses Wheelock
Mother: Lydia Bond


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Warner W Wheelock

Birth: 9 Sep 1816

Death: 8 Mar 1893

Burial: Litchfield Cemetery, Litchfield, Herkimer Co, NY.

Father: Alvan Wheelock
Mother: Olive Warren

Spouse: Eliza Copsey

  1. Frankline W. Wheelock, born 1854
  2. Fred Wheelock, born 11 Nov 1858
  3. Addie J. Wheelock, born 20 Feb 1868


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_____ Wheelock

Father: Salem Drury Wheelock
Mother: Mary McKee


Mormon Archives, submitted by George Gardner and Dora D. Sanderson: Waite, Wheelock Family of Calais, Vermont, pp. 23, 27, 28


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Frank Augustus Wilgus

Birth: 22 Oct 1837, Buffalo, Erie Co, NY

Death: 22 Aug 1909

Father: Alfred Waldo Wilgus
Mother: Lavina Wheelock