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Mary E. Counts

Birth: 3 Jan 1843

Death: 17 Nov 1874

Burial: Shady Grove Cemetery, Clarendon, Monroe Co, AR

Spouse: Jay McKendrie Wheelock
Marriage: 22 Jan 1865, Monroe Co, AR


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Henry Glen Fitzgerald

Birth: 9 Dec 1942, Granville, NY

Father: Glen Goodspeed Fitzgerald
Mother: Arlene May Jeronime

Spouse: Dorothy Calhoun

Spouse: Rosalie Joan Simon Critelli
Marriage: 24 Dec 1966, Greenwich, NY


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Louise Miller Gregory

Death: 26 Dec 1969, Los Angeles, CA

Spouse: William W. Wheelock
Marriage: 2 Jun 1921


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Ira Edson Wheelock

Birth: 1 Sep 1824, Calais, Vermont

Death: 9 Feb 1861

Father: Perez Wheelock
Mother: Eliza Cole

Spouse: Roxey Pierce
Marriage: 5 Dec 1851


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Joel Wheelock

Birth: Mar 1784

Death: 26 Sep 1871, Sweden, Monroe Co, NY

Burial: Beach Ridge Cemetery, Sweden, Monroe Co, NY

Father: Joel Wheelock
Mother: Elizabeth _____

Spouse: Chloe Eddy
Marriage: 1806

  1. Veriah Wheelock, born 1811, NY
  2. Chloe Wheelock, born about 1814
  3. Betsey Wheelock, born about 1815, NY
  4. Sophronia Wheelock, born about 1816
  5. Charity Wheelock, born 1817
  6. Joel Wheelock, born calculated 28 Jun 1821
  7. Lewis Wheelock, born about 1824, NY
  8. Mary Wheelock, born 11 Oct 1826
  9. Almira Wheelock, born Sep 1829


Though no proof has been found, the names, dates, and places suggest that Joel Wheelock is the son of Joel Wheelock of Shrewsbury, MA, and New Ipswich, NH. The evidence is detailed in the research notes at the bottom.

This may be the J. Welock, Jr. enumerated in the 1810 Census in Smithfield, Madison Co, NY, not far from his presumed father, J. Wheelock.

Joel Wheelock, Jr. is listed as a private in Metcalf's Detached Artillery, New York Militia during the war of 1812. The "Jr." suffix renders it highly likely that he is the son of Joel of Ipswich. (Src:"United States War of 1812 Index to Servic e Records, 1812-1815," database with images, online at, retrieved June 2018.)

In 1820, he's enumerated in Sweden, Genesee (now Monroe) Co, NY, as Joel Whilock, born after 1876 (age 26-44), with five females under 10, one female age 10-15, and one female (presumably his wife) age 26-44. Living in the next dwelling is Eno s Eddy, possibly the father of Joel's wife, Chloe Eddy.

In 1830 he's again in Sweden, with two males between 5-9, two females under 5, three between 10-14, and one (presumably his wife), between 30-39.

In 1840 he's in Hartland, Niagara Co, NY, living with two males 15-19, one female 5-9, 2 females 10-14, and 1 female 40-49, presumably his wife.

Joel Wheelock, age 65, born about 1785 in New Hampshire, is enumerated in the 1850 Census, living again in Hartland, Niagara Co, New York, with wife Chloe Wheelock, age 57, Joel Wheelock, age 14 (sic), Chloe Wheelock, age 15 (sic), and Almira Wh eelock, age 21. In the adjacent dwelling is Lois Wheelock (presumably the widow of Joel Wheelock), age 26, with her children. Also living in the same dwelling with Lois is Hazin Chase, age 25, and Able Chase, age 26.

In 1860 he's in Lockport, Niagara Co, NY, age 75, with Rachel Wheelock, age 67. In the adjacent dwelling is Lewis Wheelock, boatman, age 35, with his wife and children. It's unclear who Rachel Wheelock is, possibly a census error. His wife Chlo e was still alive in 1860; it's unlikely he married again.

Joel Wheelock, age 80, born in New Hampshire, is enumerated in the 1870 Census living in Sweden, Monroe Co, NY, in the household of James Beedle, age 57, and Sophronia Beedle (his daughter), age 54.

Research Notes

The following points of circumstantial evidence render it highly likely that this Joel was the son of Joel Wheelock of Ipswich, NH.

1) The census records support the idea that Joel Wheelock, Sr. (b. 1758) and Joel Wheelock, Jr. (b. 1784) had both moved to New York by 1820, when Joel Sr (born before 1775) was living in Smithfield, Madison, Co, NY; and Joel, Jr. (born after 17 75) was living in Sweden, Genesee (now Monroe) Co, NY. Joel, Sr. remained in Madison County through 1830, after which he no longer appears in the census records. Joel, Jr. remained in Sweden through 1830, then in Niagara County until 1870, whe n he is back in Sweden, NY, living with his daughter.

2) In fact, both Joels may have moved to NY before 1810. The 1810 census shows a J. Wheelock in Smithfield, Madison Co, NY. Nearby is a J. Welock, Jr.

3) Additional records indicate that other family members of Joel Wheelock, Sr. (b. 1758) moved to NY - specifically his presumed daughter, Betsey (Wheelock) Harris who lived for a time in Smithfield, Madison County, NY (see notes for Betsey Whee lock b. 8 Apr 1783); and his brother, Lewis Wheelock, whose Dec 1830 Kirkland, Oneida Co, NY will calls Joel Wheelock his brother, and Betsey (Wheelock) Harris, wife of Oliver Harris, his neice. (Src: "New York, Probate Records, 1629-1971, Oneid a Co Wills, 1829-1839", v. 4-6, Dec 1830 will of Lewis Wheelock, Book 4, Pg 56, online at, Jun 2018.)

4) The census records (1850, 1860, 1870) indicate that Joel, Jr. (b. 1784) was born in New Hampshire, consistent with the supposition that he is the son of Joel, Sr. (b. 1758)

5) There is an 1812 NY service record for Joel Wheelock, explicitly referring to him as Joel Wheelock Jr., adding further support to the idea that Joel, Jr. was the son of Joel Wheelock of New Ipswich, NH. If not, then there must be another Joel , Sr./Joel, Jr. otherwise unaccounted for.

6) The names Joel, Elizabeth/Betsey, and Lewis run in the family of both Joel, Jr. (b. 1784) and Joel, Sr. (b. 1758).

7) The birth dates for Joel, Jr. and Betsey fit; as do the ages of both Joels in the census records.


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Stanley M. Wheelock

Birth: Aug 1894

Father: Oscar Wheelock
Mother: Loula E. (--?--)


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Tammy Wheelock

Father: Richard Walter Wheelock
Mother: Lorraine West