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Thomas Clarke

Birth: about 1567, Banham, Norfolk, England

Baptism: 7 Mar 1567/68, Banham, Norfolk, England

Death: May 1638, Banham, Norfolk, England

Burial: 10 May 1638, Banham, Norfolk, England

Spouse: Mary Canne
Marriage: 17 Oct 1602, Banham, Norfolk, England

  1. Thomas Clarke, born about 1604
  2. Rebecca Clarke, born about 1610
  3. Joseph Clarke, born about 1613
  4. Priscilla Clarke
  5. Elizabeth Clarke, born about 1620
  6. Rowland Clarke, born about 1606/7
  7. Mary Clarke, born about 1614/15


The will for Thomas Clarke is published in "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register", Vol 152, January 1998, pg. 15, in an article by Christopher Gleason Clark, entitled "The English Ancestry of Joseph Clark (1613-1683) of Dedham and Medfield, Massachusetts". The will cites his granddaughter Marye Wheelock. This, along with other evidence presented in the article, strongly suggests the relationships among the Clarks, Wheelocks, and Barbers presented in this genealogy.


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David Vanrensselaer Crandall

Birth: 14 Apr 1838, Villenova, Chautauqua Co, NY

Father: Daniel Stanton Crandall
Mother: Polly Webb


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Elizabeth Heath

Birth: about 1804, Calais, Washington, VT

Death: 10 Nov 1887, Calais, Washington, VT

Spouse: Titus Wheelock

  1. Americus Vespucius Wheelock, born 12 Oct 1829, Calais, Washington, VT
  2. William N. Wheelock, born about 1832, Calais, Washington, VT
  3. Julius S. Wheelock, born 29 Jan 1834, Calais, Washington, VT
  4. Maria A. Wheelock, born 3 Jul 1837, Calais, Washington, VT
  5. Cyrena Wheelock, born 1840, Calais, Washington, VT


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Sheila Mae Kiser

Birth: 21 Sep 1938, Barre, VT

Father: Bernard Earl Kiser
Mother: Grace Mabel Boule

Spouse: Wendell Orrin Davis
Marriage: 25 Aug 1956, Plainfield, VT


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Martin Luther Newton

Birth: 2 Mar 1850

Death: Aug 1855

Father: Luther Davis Newton
Mother: Roena Wheelock


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Hannah Brown Penniman

Birth: about 1800

Death: 9 Jul 1829

Burial: Perry Cemetery, North Orange, MA

Spouse: Clark Wheelock

  1. Alexander C. Wheelock, born about 1828


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Mary Elizabeth Searles

Birth: 24 Mar 1841

Spouse: Hiram Davis Wheelock
Marriage: 26 Mar 1861

  1. Allennie Ethel Wheelock, born 1 Apr 1862
  2. Stella Kate Wheelock, born 3 May 1863
  3. Agnes Elvira Wheelock, born 12 Jul 1864
  4. Mary Alice Wheelock, born 12 Jul 1864
  5. Bertha E. Wheelock, born 4 Dec 1865


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Grant Sykes

Spouse: Barbara Wheelock
Marriage: 20 Apr 1957, Dexter, NY


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Ellis Harold Wheelock

Birth: 29 Apr 1891

Death: 14 Feb 1963

Burial: Pinegrove Cemetery, Russell, PA

Father: Millard Fillmore Wheelock
Mother: Persis Ellen Lewis

Spouse: Josephine Else
Marriage: 9 Mar 1911, Chautauqua, NY

  1. William Wheelock, born 11 Mar 1913
  2. Robert Edmond Wheelock, born 3 Apr 1915
  3. Harry Maurice Wheelock Crowell, born 20 Jan 1918, Allenwood, PA

Spouse: Marion Fawcett
Marriage: 17 Jun 1922, Chautauqua, NY

  1. Walter Ellis Wheelock, born 9 Sep 1925, Saratoga Springs, NY
  2. Betty Jean Wheelock, born 1 Mar 1929, Warren, Warren Co, PA


After Ellis was born, his mother developed a cough, which worsened over time. Seven or eight months after the birth of her last child, Doris, Ellis's mother died.

Ellis came to know Josephine Else, a nurse at Mount Jewett Hospital in central Pa. Josephine's family lived in Allenwood, Pa. After Ellis and Josephine were married, they moved to Allenwood, where they had two children, William and Robert.

As it turned out, Josephine had tuberculosis and her health deteriorated after the birth of her second child. Finally, after the birth of her third child, Harry, Josephine died.

Unable to adequately care for the children, Ellis gave up Harry for adoption to his sister, Dime, and her husband. He passed William and Robert into the care of relatives.

In time, Ellis met Marion Fawcett, a student nurse at Warren State Hospital (where Ellis was employed). They got along well and were married. When circumstances permitted, William and Robert rejoined their father and new stepmother.

After Walter was born, Ellis, Marion, and their three children moved in with Ellis's father (Millard Fillmore Wheelock) to help care for him, and to run his farm. This living arrangement didn't work well and they soon moved out. Ellis took several different jobs, trying to find something that suited him. Sometime after Betty was born, Ellis bought a small farm which he was able to develop into a sustaining business. He, Marion and the four children settled on the farm and raised chickens.

In 1963, long after all the children had left home, Ellis died of coronary insufficiency. He was buried in Pinegrove Cemetery, Russell, Pa.

Ellis seemed to spell his name Elice at times, so there is some confusion as to the correct spelling. The Social Security Death Index spells his name Ellis, but he was given the name Elice.

(Source of this biography distilled from a written record of the family of Millard Fillmore Wheelock by Persis (Park) Ivett.)


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Franklin Wheelock

Birth: 23 May 1791

Father: Eliab Wheelock
Mother: Mary Gassett


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George E. Wheelock

Birth: 1864, Barnard, VT

Father: Lorenzo Wheelock
Mother: Elvira D. Adams

Spouse: Jessie B. Putnam
Marriage: 16 Sep 1882, Bethel, VT

  1. Leroy G. Wheelock, born 1885, Barnard, VT
  2. Myrtle Luella Wheelock, born 25 Jan 1888, Barnard, VT


George Wheelock was living in Barnard in 1927.


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James Luke Wheelock

Birth: 30 Jul 1851, Bridgeport, IL

Father: Benajah Drury Wheelock
Mother: Matilda Watkins

Spouse: Nell Berry


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Lucius Page Wheelock

Birth: 10 Jun 1844, Holland, Erie Co, NY

Death: 1913, Moline, Rock Island Co, IL

Father: William Wheelock
Mother: Catherine Cordelia Morey


Lucius P. Wheelock was educated in the district schools and had one term in the Aurora Academy. He then taught three terms in his home district and two terms farther away, devoting his time in the intervals to work on the home farm, and remained at Holland until the death of his father in 1869. He was appointed administrator of the estate and after settling all claims sold the farm, and accompanied his mother and sister to Moline, Ill. After a month or two he started for Madison, Wisconsin to visit his uncle, Daniel Larkin, and in February, 1870, with his brother, Jerome B., went on ot Springfield, Mo. There they rented a farm of 400 acres and conducted it for two years. In the meanwhile his mother had settled on her farm in Wisconsin and he returned there for a visit and then went back to Holland, NY. After clerking in a store there for one year he worked as a hand in a blacksmith shop, in which he later became a partner; but after two years gave up his prospects there and returned to Wisconsin and while managing his mother's farm devoted his spare moments to study and in December, 1876, was graduated from the Northwester Business COllege. On 1 May 1877, he came to Moline and entered the employ of the Victor Scale Company as traveling builder and also worked occasionally in the shops, and in July, 1881 he became superintendent of the shops of this company and continued for four years. In 1885 he entered the shops of the Moline Plow Company as superintendent of one of their specialy departments, the Flying Dutchman Sulkey Plow, where he remained until he resigned the office, 3 June 1893. Mr. Wheelock spent five years in Wisconsin and three years in California. For the past three years he has made his home with his sister, Mrs. Anderson, never having married. (Source: "The Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, and History of Rock Island County", Volume I, editted by Newton Bateman, LLD, and Paul Selby, AM, published by Munsell Publishing Company, Chicago, ILL, 1914.)