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Delos Perkins Crumb

Birth: 11 Jun 1826, Plainfield Center, Otsego Co, NY

Death: 5 Mar 1900, Cherry Creek, Chautauqua Co, NY

Burial: Cherry Creek Central Cemetery, Cherry Creek, Chautauqua Co, NY

Spouse: Jane Northrup

  1. Nettie Marilla Crumb, born 3 Aug 1855


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Vanessa Stillwell

Father: Charles Stillwell
Mother: Laura May Wheelock


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Ellen Gertrude Wheelock

Birth: 14 Dec 1848

Death: 5 Sep 1849

Burial: Old Huntertown Cemetery, Allen Co, IN

Father: Elbridge Gerry Wheelock
Mother: Esther Hatch


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Israel Wheelock

Birth: 3 Feb 1760, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Death: 24 Sep 1761, Mendon, Worcester, MA

Father: Benjamin Wheelock
Mother: Hannah Chapin


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Lorenzo Don Wheelock

Birth: about 1820

Death: 24 Nov 1879, Inverness Twp, Cheboygan Co., MI

Father: Artemas Wheelock
Mother: Rachel Renolds

  1. George Clark Wheelock, born 1843/45
  2. Charles D. Wheelock, born 1847/1848, NY
  3. Sarah L. Wheelock, born about 1849, NY
  4. Susan M. Wheelock, born about 1851
  5. Margaret Wheelock
  6. William H. Wheelock, born Dec 1858
  7. John R. Wheelock, born Mar 1860
  8. Rachel Wheelock, born about 1863
  9. Daniel A. Wheelock, born 26 Jan 1865


Lorenzo died of stomach cancer (according to the death record).

This and other information about this family came from Jan Wheelock, of the Daniel S. Wheelock line, Oct 1998. She obtained her information from the following sources:

Inverness Twp Census 1860, 1870, and 1880

Marriage records of Cheboygan Co (for George, Susan, and John)

Death records of Cheboygan Co (for Lorenzo)


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Luther Wheelock

Birth: 16 Jan 1802, Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA

Death: 22 Apr 1820, Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA

Burial: Mountain View Cemetery, Shrewsbury, MA

Father: Silas Wheelock
Mother: Hannah Harrington


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Mary Jane Wheelock

Birth: 22 Jan 1820, Rutland, VT

Death: 2 Jul 1891, Chicago, Il

Burial: Dean Family Plot, Milan, OH

Father: James Wheelock
Mother: Lucy Barker

Spouse: William Franklin Dean
Marriage: 16 Oct 1843, Prob. Ogdensburg, NY

  1. Casper William Dean, born 14 Aug 1844, Milan, OH
  2. Francis Adeline Dean, born 14 Apr 1847, Milan, OH
  3. Alice L. Dean, born 15 Oct 1849, Milan, OH
  4. Mary Adelia Dean
  5. Lucy Wheelock Dean, born 21 Jun 1855, Milan, OH
  6. Jeanie Dean, born 31 Jan 1857, Milan, OH
  7. James Franklin Dean, born 22 Apr 1861, Milan, OH


The following obituary kindly supplied by Roger F. Kelley, Dean Family Historian, Mar 2000.


Mary J. Wheelock was born in Rutland, Vermont, January 22, 1820. On October 16th 1843, she was married to Dr. Wm Franklin Dean and moved at once to the then far west. They stopped for a time at Milan, Ohio, then went to Michigan, but returned within a year and settled permanently in Milan. Here were born to them two sons and five daughters. Here, in the sad days of the civil war, were brought the remains of the beloved husband who had given his life for his country. Here, two daughters, Frances and Jeanie, found a resting place beside their father, and here, now, has been brought by the devoted children all that is mortal of their sainted mother.

During the last eighteen years of her life Mrs. Dean had been a great sufferer from rheumatism. Last October she went to Chicago to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Brown, for a change of climate and scene. She grew better for a time but afterwards her disease reached the vital organs and the family were summoned to say the sad farewell. At 11 o'clock on the evening of July 2d, 1891, here weary years of patient suffering at last were ended. It was a source of comfort that all her sons and daughters were around her bedside during the last hours.

The funeral party from Chicago arrived here Sunday, and the burial services were held at the home on the afternoon of Monday, July 6th, the Rev. C.S. Aves, of Norwalk, officiating and the sons acting as kpall-bearers.

There was a large gathering of sympathising friends, for the patient sufferer had endeared herself to the whole community. Those present from abroad were: Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Dean, of New York; Mrs. M.M. Moralee, of Hancock, Michigan; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Wickes and son, and Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Brown and two children, of Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. J. Franklin Dean, of New York; Mr. Zenas King and Mrs. Dr. Osborn, of Cleveland; Mr. Ralph P. Smith, of Houston, Texas.


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Peter Wheelock

Birth: 19 May 1766, Lancaster, Worcester, MA

Baptism: 17 Nov 1771, Lancaster, Worcester, MA

Death: 29 Sep 1851, Newbury, Orange, VT

Father: Jonathan Wheelock
Mother: Thankful Haskell

Spouse: Sarah Graves
Marriage: 1 Jun 1786

  1. Haskell Wheelock, born 5 Apr 1787, Swanzey, Cheshire, NH
  2. Jonathan Wheelock, born 11 Jul 1790, Barnard, VT
  3. David Wheelock, born 3 Oct 1791, Barnard, VT
  4. Ira Wheelock, born 18 Nov 1794, Barnard, VT
  5. Sukey Wheelock, born 3 Feb 1796, Royalton, VT
  6. David Wheelock, born 3 Jul 1801, Royalton, VT
  7. Peter Wheelock, born about 8 Oct 1802, Royalton, VT


The "History of Royalton, VT", 1911, has this to say about Peter Wheelock:

"Peter settled first in Barnard, and rem. from there to Royalton, 1793-94. His first farm was made up of portions of 24, 25, and 29 L.A. He sold most of this and bought W. 20 L.A. He contracted with his son David for support in 1824, but released him in 1836, and seems to have left town about that time."

Evelyn M. Wood Lovejoy, author of "History of Royalton, VT", reports that much of the information about the Wheelock family of Royalton comes from "C. C. Wheelock, Historian" - no doubt Carlyle Capron Wheelock, author of "Wheelock Genealogy".


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Sarah Tatem Wheelock

Birth: 6 Sep 1847, Brookfield, MA

Death: 22 May 1893

Father: Mary King Tatem
Mother: Lorenzo Wheelock

Spouse: Francis Bartlett
Marriage: 2 Oct 1878, Worcester, Worcester Co, MA