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What's New in 2024

Apr 27th

Added updates to Paul Wheelock (b. 8 Mar 1785, Charlton, Worcester County, Massachusetts). Probate record reveal that he was the same person as the Paul Wheelock, Jr. of Boston who married Pamelia W. Davenport 1810 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and who died 27 Feb 1833 in Charlestown. See notes for Paul.

Apr 16th

Updated and improved the source citations for the descendants of Reu Wheelock (1785-1833)t, and Eli Wheelock (about 1788-1829)t. Corrected a few errors and filled in family members, mostly spouses and their parents.

Modified the marriage date of Abigail Barrett and Joseph Drury Wheelockt, which has widely been given as 28 March 1791. But no original record has been found for that date; and it is contradicted by a marriage intention found in the Ashby, Middlesex County, Massachusetts town records. For more detailed discussion see the research notes for Abigail Barrett at Wikitree.

Jan 16th

Updated and improved the source citations for descendants of Silas B. Wheelock (1811-1897), John Homer Wheelock (1813-1887), and Joseph Wheelock (1819-1902). Family members were filled in (mostly parents of spouses), and a few mistakes were corrected. The parents of Sarah Houghton (1813-1890) were identified, based on a Houghton family bible, and other family records (see Houghton Surname Project). No direct original sources have been found to confirm her parentage, but the conclusion is consistent with census records and dates.

Spent some time trying to trace Eliza Ann Wheelock (1812-?) of Batavia, Genesee County, New York, daughter of Reu and Rosanna (Smiley) Wheelock. She most likely married Jesse W. Taylor on 24 Dec 1826 in Batavia, based on a newspaper article in the Batavia Republican Advocate at FultonHistory.org, hilited toward the bottom right of the page here. She would have been a bit young at the time - 14 - but she is the only person with that name known to be in Batavia at the time. Unfortunately, after considerable effort, no record of her was found after her marriage. The trail of dead ends is documented in the notes for Eliza.

Corrected a few other errors, including the spouse of Nancy Ingraham Wheelock (1819-1857) who was incorrectly identified as Elias Alexander, when it should have been Sabin Davis.

Updated the the Descendants of Rev. Ralph Wheelock and The Wheelock Family of Charlton, Massachusetts PDFs, which can be downloaded in the side bar to the right.

What's New in 2023

Sep 27th

Updated the genealogy of Lewis Wheelock (1807 - 1881) of Concord, New York, his wife, Eliza Palmer (about 1814 - 1895), and their descendants. In this process, it was noticed that the death date for Lewis Wheelock given in his probate records cannot be correct. His probate records said he died "on or about 24th December 1881." Yet his obit appeared in the 1 December 1881 edition of the Buffalo Daily Courier, more than three weeks earlier. The death date given in his obit is more likely the correct date - 24 Nov 1881.

Also, found proof that the parents of his wife, Eliza Palmer, were Samuel Palmer and his wife Mary, of Boston and Concord, Erie County, New York. See notes for Eliza Palmer.

June 25th

Sorted out the maiden name of William Henry Wheelock's second wife, Lida Beetch. It was previously thought to be Coen, but the 1930 and 1950 census records identify Beetch as the surname of her single (and never married) sister, Mary. In 1880, Mary was living with her mother, Catherine Beetch. Catherine died in 1900. A probate notice in the 10 May 1901 edition of The Saline Semi-Weekly Journal identified Mrs. Lida A. Wheelock as an heir of Catherine Beetch. Mr. W. H. Wheelock was granted letters of administration for her estate. For details and source citations, see the notes for Lida Beetch.

Also, did some research into the possible parentage of Rena Baldwin (prob. 1777 to 1833). No conclusions were drawn, but some possibilities were eliminated.

Apr 17th

Did an in-depth study of the family of Relief Wheelock (1777 - ???) and Jabez Howe (1771 - 1851) of Batavia, New York. There are a few contradictions and mysteries with this family. Howe Genealogies: The Genealogy of John Howe of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts, by Daniel Waite Howe and Gilman Bigelow Howe, identifies the children of Jabez and Relief here (vol. 1, pg. 97). While most of the children in this list are consistent with census, land, and probate records, a few of them are not, and there are probably a few missing.

For example, their first born, Fanny Howe, has a number of inconsistencies, which are discussed in her notes. Also their fourth child, Sally Howe, born 10 June 1799, is often identified as the wife of Salmon B. Lusk; but her birth date is not consistent with that assertion. The Sally Howe that married Salmon B. Lusk was born 7 June 1819 in Batavia, Genesee County, New York, to "Mr. and Mrs. Jabez Howe [presumably Jabez and Relief]." Read more about that in the notes for Sally (b. 1799) here, and in the notes for the second Sally (b. 1819) here.

A John Wheelock, born circa 1792 in Massachusetts, lived in Batavia in the early 1800s, and lived with Sally and Salmon Lusk in 1850 and 1860. The identity of John is unknown, but possibly a close relative of Relief (Wheelock) Howe.

The death date for Relief (Wheelock) Howe has not yet been discovered, but she died before 17 June 1846, when her husband, Jabez, and his wife Martha sold property in Batavia to John Kilborn for $1. Martha's maiden name is not known, but her surname when she married Jabez was almost certainly Kilborn, and likely John Kilborn was her son.

Feb 20th

Updated the Descendants of Rev. Ralph Wheelock of Medfield, Massachusetts and The Wheelock Family of Charlton, Massachusetts which can be downloaded from the downloads menu to the right.

Added more details for Nancy Perry, the wife of Josiah Wheelock and Clark Wheelock, of Orange, Massachusetts. Her daughter, Mary Ann "May" Wheelock was an artist in Brooklyn, New York. May exhibited twice at the National Academy of Design in New York Citty, in 1877 and 1878. Her painting On Esopus Creek can be seen at the Hawthorne Fine Art gallery here. It was not fully understood that May Wheelock, the artist who displayed at the National Academy of Design, was the daughter of Clark and Nancy (Perry) Wheelock until the chair of the Curatorial Department of the Hudson River Museum suggested it might be the same May based on census and probate records. May's great-grandson, who had May's diary, was able to confirm it by finding a diary entry that made note of the fact.

Did a deep dive on the family of Richard Parks (1667 - 1725) of Concord, Massachusetts, whose daughter, Hannah, was the mother of Elizabeth (Thayer) Wheelock, first wife of Seth Wheelock of Charlton, Massachusetts.

Updated the website to show sources as superscripted citations, rather than as sources embedded in the text. Hopefully, this will make the 'Notes' for each individual easier to read.

What's New in 2022

Dec 18th

Added the family of David Thayer (1700/1 - 1750) and Hannah Parks (1704 - abit 1755) of Mendon, and the family of Daniel Weld and Joanna Haven of the County Gore, now the northern part of Charlton, Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Filled in more information and rewrote the notes for Seth Wheelock (1752 - 1806) and family.

Reworked numerous source citations, and fixed a few errors.

Nov 8th

Updates to the family of Mary Wheelock (circa 1746 - 1808), and Daniel Converse (1754 - 1814).

Minor corrections and updates to source citations.

Oct 9th

Updates to the descendants of Abner Wheelock (1796 - 1886) and Lydia Tillotson (1801 - 1871), including sorting out the wives of George G. Wheelock (1823 - 1894), and the husbands of Dorothy Mildren Morton (1902 - 1978), daughter of Gertrude May Wheelock.

Several other updates from contributing readers, and some minor corrections.

Aug 31st

More updates on the family of Abijah Lamb (1739 - 1824) and his wife, Betty Wheelock (1743 - ???) of Charlton, Worcester County, Massachusetts, including the identification of subsequent wives of Abijah, after Betty died.

Updates to other families, mostly involving source improvements and corrections, identification of spouses, and parents of spouses. Some of these families include the descendants of: Amanda Wheelock (1809 - 1877), David Wheelock (1782 - 1862), and Tammy Wheelock (1785 - 1873).

July 24th

Fixed a long standing WheelockGenealogy.com error about the parents of Lucy Lamb, the wife of Adams Wheelock (1763-1846) of Charlton. Lucy Lamb (1765-1799) was thought (incorrectly) to be the daughter of Abijah Lamb and Betty Wheelock, but the will of Abijah Lamb proves that (1) his daughter Lucy was alive in 1821 when he wrote his will, and (2) her surname was Wells, not Wheelock (Worc County probate 35976).

Furthermore, there is a Worcester County, Massachusetts deed, dated 15 Oct 1804, in which children of Abijah and Betty (Wheelock) Lamb convey a parcel of land that they had inherited from their mother, Betty, who in turn had inherited it from her father, David Wheelock. In this deed, Lucy is referred to as Lucy Wells, husband of Abel Wells (Worc County deeds 160:453).

Clearly Lucy (Lamb) Wheelock was not the daughter of Abijah and Betty (Wheelock) Lamb. As it turns out, there was another Lucy Lamb born in Leicester (next to Charlton) on 5 Aug 1758. And, as luck would have it, there is another deed that makes clear that she is the wife of Adams Wheelock, and the daughter of Jonathan Lamb, who married Elizabeth Richardson in Leicester. In this deed, children of Jonathan Lamb sold a parcel of land that they inherited from their father to their brother, David Lamb. In this deed, the grantors are Jonathan Lamb, Nathan Lamb, Adams Wheelock, and Lucy Wheelock his wife (Worc County deeds 103:34). Jonathan, Nathan, and Lucy were all born in Leicester, children of Jonathan and Elizabeth.

This also fixes a problem with the age of Lucy (Lamb) Wheelock on her headstone. She died 27 Jan 1799, aged 41 years. This more closely matches the 5 Aug 1758 birth date, for Lucy, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Richardson) Lamb, than it does the 3 July 1765 birth date for Lucy, daughter of Abijah and Betty (Wheelock) Lamb. You can see a photo of her gravestone here.

For links to all these records, see Lucy (Lamb) Wheelock at Wikitree here, and Lucy (Lamb) Wells at Wikitree here.

July 19th

Improved sources and made corrections for Peter Wheelock (1749/50 - 1820), of Charlton, Massachusetts, and Calais, Vermont, and his descendants.

Significant updates to the family and descendants of Eli Wheelock and Hepsibah Osgood of Vermont and Massachusetts, as well as Hiram Wheelock and Fanny Corey (and their descendants) of Massachusetts.

Various other updates, mostly improving sources and supplying the parents of non-Wheelocks spouses.

June 9th

Refreshed the family of Leonard Wheelock (about 1778 - ???) and Lorinda Janes. They no doubt had multiple children but only one is known as of this writing.

Refreshed the family of Asa Wheelock (about 1783 - 24 Feb 1858) and his two wives, Lucy Hubbard and Weltha Adaline Horr. Many genealogies on the internet state that Lucy Hubbard was the daughter of Jonas Hubbard and Mille Childs of Holden, Massachusetts, but vital and burial records show that this cannot be the case. For details, see the notes for Lucy Hubbard.

Leonard and Asa were brothers, and both settled in Jefferson County, New York.

Apr 18th

Conducted an in depth study of the family of Salem Wheelock (ca. 1775 - 1853) and Abigail McKnight(ca. 1778 - after 1860) who went from Worcester County, Massachusetts, to Calais, Washington County, Vermont, then to Auburn and Sennett in Cayuga County, New York. Documented the reasons for believing that Abigail McKnight was the daughter of Thomas McKnight and Abigail Gould of Oxford and Douglas, both in Worcester County, Massachusetts (see "About the Children of Thomas and Abigail" in notes for Thomas, then "Parentage" in the notes for Abigail McKnight).

Determined the spouse, children, and death date for Elvira Wheelock, daughter of Salem and Abigail. The other known children of Salem and Abigail have been well documented in various genealogies, but Elvira has been a mystery. The clues came from a court cases involving a land dispute in Sennett, where her parents lived. In 1831, Elvira and her mother Abigail purchased property in Sennett from Eleazer Hunter and his wife Mary. This was an unusual land purchase - because Salem, Abigail's husband, was not on the deed. Yet, according to law, Salem would have owned the property, since property rights in those days flowed to the husband. It is unclear to me what rights Elvira, as the daughter of Salem and Abigail, would have had to the property, even though she was a grantee on the deed.

In 1955, more than one hundred years later, this same property was subject to a land dispute, whose proceedings are on file at the Cayuga County clerk's office in Auburn. The legal case was called "Edwin L. Hutson and Helen P. Hutson, plaintiffs, vs. Abigail Wheelock and Elvira Wheelock and John Roe and June Roe," the latter two being fictitious names used as placeholders for the heirs of Abigail and Elvira. A legal notice for this court case was published in the Cayuga Chief (Weedsport, NY), 6 Oct 1955, which can be seen here in the 4th column, toward the middle of the page. To resolve the court case, heirs of Abigail and Elvira had to be found. One heir came forward, Mary Winifred Sant, gg-granddaughter of Abigail and Salem, but she could not identify any other descendants or living heirs of Abigail and Elvira. Consequently, a genealogical search was done involving census records, Cayuga County vital records, land records, etc. The results of the search identified a Charles H. Ashley, who, along with his wife Elizabeth, quitclaimed the property in question to Judson E. Wheelock (grandson of Salem and Abigail) on 24 September 1894 (Cayuga County deeds, 178:478). The court records go on to call Charles H. Ashley "upon information and belief, the sole heir-at-law of said Elvira Wheelock." A quick census search shows Elvira Ashley and John Ashely residing in Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York in 1850, with a single six year old child - Charles H. Ashley. The census records for Elvira match the known facts about her, with the provision that her age always seemed to be about eight years younger in the census records than the age implied by her birth record. However, in 1880, two years before she died, her age was only two years younger than her 1807 birth record in Calais, Washington County, Vermont, would imply. Further proof of Elvira Ashely's parentage might be found in her death record, presumably located at the clerks office in the town where she died, Seneca Falls, New York.

Feb 12th

Updated the family of Phineas Wheelock (1781 - 1848). Added dates, and corrected various errors, including a mistaken husband for his daughter, Catharine Wheelock. Catharine married Amos P. Delong, but is often mistaken for the woman who married Washington Delong. Washington, his wife Mary, and Phineas Wheelock are all buried in the Huntertown Old Cemetery. Catharine is presumably buried there too, but there is no FindAGrave memorial for her. For details, see the Research Notes for Catharine.

Added Sarah P. Wheelock (1817 - 1902) as a daughter of Phineas Wheelock and his second wife, Elizabeth Hennesey. Her Michigan death record identifies different parents - John Wheelock and Sarah Perdy. But no trace of John and Sarah have been found, and at least one local history book, Memorial Record of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan, p. 296-7 at Archive.org (written while Sarah was still alive) identifies her son (Dr. Augustus E. Bacon) as a cousin of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane Wheelock of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The genealogy of the Wheelock family at the Huntertown Historical Society also identifies Sarah as the daughter of Phineas and Elizabeth. The informant on Sarah's death certificate was her son in law. It is possible that he was mistaken about Sarah's parents. For more details, see the Research Notes for Sarah P. Wheelock.

Jan 21st

Added the family of Charles Gleason Wheelock, son of Moses Wheelock and Mary Foster of Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Filled in the family of George Baker Wheelock, son of George Delivan Wheelock and Emma Baker of Cheshire County, New Hampshire.

Updated the "Descendants of Ralph Wheelock" PDF file.

Fixed some errors, and improved source citations.

Jan 7th

Updated information about the family of Martin Wheelock (1792 - 1840) and Rachel Ordway (about 1794 - 1840) of Eden, Lamoille County, Vermont. Removed redundant births of their children Martin and Winslow. The Vermont state level vital records contain multiple birth records for Martin and Winslow that must be in error. See notes for both.

Traced back the ancestry of Charles Carroll Wheelock (1874 - 1948), actor of the silent film era. His ancestry is complicated, given the number of Charles C. Wheelocks and Charles Carroll Wheelocks in the Wheelock family tree, most of whom are not closely related. There is more information about Charles Wheelock here at imdb.com.

Documented the provenance (here) of a bible belonging to Thaddeus Wheelock (1829 - 1909), son of Otis Wheelock and Hannah Eddy of Vienna, Oneida County, New York. Pictures of this bible can be found at the Marcellus family tree at Ancestry.com. Frances Herder, second wife of Thaddeus, had possession of the bible when she died at the home of her niece (on the Herder side), whose granddaughter then found it amongst a large cache of old papers, letters, and other artifacts dating back more than a century.

The bible has what appears to be a more accurate date for the birth of Hannah Eddy, 11 March 1796 - a date in agreement with the age on her headstone and in census records, but in disagreement with the family register authored by Hannah Eddy herself, which subtracts a year from her age, 11 March 1797.

Other incidental corrections, and source citation improvements.

What's New in 2021

Dec 1st

Refreshed the information about some of the Wheelocks in Lancaster, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Improved some of the source citations, fixed some errors in the notes of

Reviewed all the Revolutionary War service records, and Worcester and Middlesex County deeds for the John Wheelocks and Joseph Wheelocks of Leominster and Lancaster, Massachusetts. Wrote a sketch for the John Wheelock (1733 - 1792) who married Mary Holman. Updated the "Massachusetts Revolutionary War Soldiers (Wheelock Surname)" page with better information about the identity of the John and Joseph Wheelocks from Lancaster who fought in the war. Updated the death dates for the various Joseph Wheelocks of Lancaster. For discussion, read the "Death Date" notes for Joseph Wheelock (ca 1707 - possibly 30 Apr 1774).

Updated the tree to reflect the likelihood that Relief Wheelock was the daughter of John Wheelock and Mary Holman. For arguments, see the "Parents" section of the notes.

Updated information about the family of Elizabeth Wheelock (1907 - 1976) and Donald Steinmetz (d. 1972), from information supplied by their daughter, Bonnie (Steinmetz) Kerr.

A few other source citation updates.

Oct 15th

Filled in the genealogy of Zedekiah Drury (1741/2 - 1776), first spouse of Mary Wheelock (about 1746 - 1808) of Charlton, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Genealogies on the iternet are confused about his parents, which likely stems from the fact that published Drury genealogies and various town histories have mistakes about the facts of his father's life. For a discussion read the blog article here.

Finished updating the spouses of John Wheelock and Dorothy Wilder's children. Specifically, filled in the details of Luther Grandey, husband of Mary Wheelock; added spouses and children of Eli Douglas, husband of Betsey Wheelock; added spouses and children of Samuel Rich, husband of Sarah Wheelock; and added the spouses and children of Truman Field, husband of Philena Wheelock.

A few other corrections and source citation improvements.

June 19th

Completed an in depth study of the family of John Wheelock and Dorothy Wilder of Heath, Massachusetts. This is a fascinating family with seventeen children, sixteen of whom survivied into adulthood. Spouses of the daughters have been difficult to untangle because many were married in New York where vital records were scarce. Some were married in Vermont, but there was little evidence to connect them to the family in Heath. A newspaper probate notice helped crack the case. One of the daughters, Mary "Polly" (Wheelock) Grandey, died in 1839 without children. She appointed her brother Alonzo Wheelock executor of her estate. In 1839 Alonzo published a probate notice that identified Mary's living heirs and next of kin, including the married names and residences of seven of John and Dorothy's nine daughters. Emily and Sarah, both of whom were deceased by 1839, were not named - but their children were.

Albany Argus (Albany, NY), 1 Nov 1839, p. 4, col. 4
Albany Argus (Albany, NY), 1 Nov 1839, p. 4, col. 4

The births of all the children of John and Dorothy are recorded in Heath. But the family moved to Williamstown, Berkshire Co, MA by 1800, where they are enumerated in the U.S. census, listed only as "Wheelock." Many of their children were likely born in Williamstown. By 1810 the family was living in nearby Hancock, Berkshire Co, MA, which borders Stephentown, Rensselaer Co, NY. The border beween Hancock and Stephentown changed during the late 1700s, such that families once living in Hancock found themselves in Stephentown after the border moved. John Wheelock called himself "of Stephentown" on 4 July 1820, when he submitted an affidavit for his Revolutionary War pension application. He probably died in Stephentown. One of his neighbors, George Holcomb, kept a diary that is currently held by the New York State Library. George was a neighbor of John Wheelock's daughter, Betsey, and her husband, Eli Douglas, who both lived in Stephentown. On 30 Nov 1822 George Holcomb wrote in his diary: "Funeral for Old Mr. Wheelock, father-in-law of Elijah [Eli] Douglas." The diary has been partially transcribed here. This sets an upper bound on the death date for John Wheelock, in close agreement with his record of semi-annual pension payments, the last of which occurred two months before he died.

The Wheelock family had an interesting connection with the Ross brothers (William, Clarendon, Leonard, and Henry J., John, and Jeremiah), who are credited with founding Atlas, Pike Co, Illinois circa 1820 (see "The Coming of the Rosses" in The History of Pike County). Though the history books say they lived in Pittsfield, most of them were actually living in Hancock (adjacent to Pittsfield) in 1820 - at least according to the census. Leonard Ross served as agent for John Wheelock's Revolutionary War pension application. His brother, John, married Dorothy Wheelock circa 1810. Their first child was born in Hancock, their second in Stephentown. John and Dorothy Ross went to Atlas circa 1821, and are buried there. Dorothy's brother, Dexter, also went to Atlas, probably about the same time that John and Dorothy (Wheelock) Ross went.

April 25th

Updates to the family of Charles V. Wheelock, supplied by his great-grandson, Michael Smith-Wheelock.

Added notes about the possible parentage of Mary Holman, wife of John Wheelock (1733 - 1792) of Lancaster and Heath, Massachusetts.

Added notes about the possible parentage of Relief Wheelock, who married Willis Wilder 20 Dec 1778 in Lancaster.

Multiple other updates - mostly fixing errors and improving source citations.

March 28th

Did an in depth study of Hiram Cutting (1798 - 1854), whose second wife was Christiana Wheelock (1804 - 1838) of Calais, Washington County, Vermont. No original birth record has been found for Hiram Cutting. The Harmon Genealogy and The Wheelock Family of Calais both report a birth date of 8 Jan 1798, but don't identify his parents, or a place of birth. A DAR record, by his granddaughter, incorrectly identifies his parents as Jonas Cutting and Lydia. Most of the family trees on Ancestry.com don't identify his parents, but of those that do, about half claim Jonas Cutting and Sarah Baker as his parents, the other half claim Benjamin Cutting and Annah Bemis. The evidence seems to overwhelmingly favor the latter. For a summary of the pertinent records, and the arguments, see the Research Notes and Parentage text for Hiram Cutting.

Updated the family of Henry Wheelock (1810 - 1881), and Cordelia McCoach (1830 - 1880), with help from a descendant, Cordelia Anderson.

Many other updates - mostly improving source citations, fixing errors, and updating information about families.

February 3rd

Studied the family of Thompson Baxter Wheelock, a career military man who graduated from West Point, fought in the Florida Seminole Wars, and was president of Woodward College in Ohio. More documentary sources were found for his military career; more information was uncovered about his wife and her second marriage; and his two children were identified.

Updated the information on Joseph J. Wheelock, who lived for a time at How's Tavern (now the historic Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts).

Filled in the family of Dexter Wheelock and his wife, Josephine Newman, with help from their grand-daughter, Anne Cheney.

Uploaded the annual updates to the Descendants of Rev. Ralph Wheelock, and The Wheelock Family of Charlton, Massachusetts PDF documents, which can also be downloaded under 'featured downloads" on the right.

Numerous other updates, mostly improving source citations, and fixing dates and typos.

What's New 2020

December 1st

Did a deep dive on the family of Russel Town Wheelock (1795 - 1862) of Charlton and Amherst, Massachusetts. Also, numerous minor updates, corrections, and source citation improvements.

October 22nd

Further research on Reuben Westcott of Wales, Erie Co, NY, reveals that his wife's name was Betsey (Erie County deeds, vol 60, pg 440), strengthening the case the he was the same man that married Betsey Wheelock in Windsor, MA. (Thanks to Marina Cole for pointing this out.) Based on this evidence, the children of Reuben and Betsey were added, as given in Reuben's 1866 Erie County probate records, which contain the names of his living children.

Reuben's parentage is not documented in any of the online Westcott genealogies at Ancestry.com or FamilySearch.org, nor is it found in the History and genealogy of the ancestors and some descendants of Stukely Westcott, which is the most thorough published Westcott genealogy that I could find online. But a case can be made that he is the son of Rufus Westcott and Mary Blanchard of Windsor, MA. The case is based primarily on a cluster of their children that lived near Reuben in Erie County, New York, at the same time Reuben lived there. Some of these children later went to Will and DuPage County, Illinois. For discussion, see the notes for Reuben Westcott.

A few other updates, including a correction to the birth place of Leonard Wakefield, husband of Rachel Wheelock (1806 - 1848) of Calais, and Colchester, Chittenden Co, VT. The Wheelock Family of Calais and all online genealogies at Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org identify Leonard's birth place as Hardwick, Caledonia Co, VT, but the documentary evidence points directly to Lyman, Grafton Co, NH. For discussion, see the notes for Leonard Wakefield.

September 2nd

Added research notes to Betsey Wheelock, born 12 Feb 1794 in Charlton, MA. She married Reuben Westcott 26 Nov 1812 in Windsor, Berkshire Co, MA. Their whereabouts after that date are not known, but research indicates they were probably living in Wales, Erie Co, NY. See research notes for Betsey.

Updated the family of Alfred Wheelock and Matilda Randolph, adding citations to original sources, and expanding on the ancestry and marriages of Matilda.

Corrections to dates for Julia Margaret (Wheelock) Ames, and her mother, Ann Elizabeth Franklin, provided by Julia's daughter, Grace Nofsinger.

Numerous other small updates, corrections, and source citation improvements.

July 25th

Added information about the descendants of William J. Wheelock (1876 - 1955) of Livingston County, New York, with help from Jill (Alofs) Trompier, great-granddaughter of William J. Wheelock, and his wife, Emma Kiehl.

Filled out the children and grandchildren of David Wheelock (1782 - 1862) and his wife, Sukey Packard (1789 - 1876), of Readfield, Kennebec Co, Maine. The death records of David Wheelock's last two children identify the mother as Susan Russell, rather than Susan Packard. This suggests that David may have had two wives - but no other evidence to confirm that was found. For discussion, see the Sukey Packard wikitree.com article here.

June 28th

Filed in the family of Clifford Frederick Wheelock, his children, his wives, and their spouses.

Updated the parents and siblings of Charlotte Bowker, who married Ephraim Wheelock on 12 Nov 1816 in Hopkinton, MA. Connected Charlotte to her niece, Charlotte W. Bowker, who married William Wheelock on 3 Jun 1838 in Hopkinton.

Updated the family of Lucy Beaman, her parents and siblings. Lucy married Revolutionary War soldier Jonathan Wheelock, of Lancaster, Concord, Massachusetts, and Concord, New Hamsphire. She was the mother of Lucy Wheelock, who married Lewis Downing, manufacturer of the "Concord Coach."

The story of the Concord Coach, as told by the 1984 Shaw Brothers Album, The Ballad of the Concord Coach, made in collaboration with The Concord Coach Society (now Abbot-Downing Historical Society), tells the story of Lewis Downing who went to visit his fiancee Lucy Wheelock in Concord, New Hampshire. Lucy lived in Massachusetts, but had been staying with her aunt in Concord. On a visit from his hometown of Lexington, Massachusetts, Lewis decided to stay in Concord, and soon started a wagon manufacturing business. Research reveals that the aunt was Rhoda (Beaman) Kimball, who lived in Concord, New Hampshire with her husband, Benjamin Kimball, Jr. According to Lewis Downing's business notes, Benjamin Kimball, Jr. bought the first coach that he manufactured in Concord. The families were apparently close. When Benjamin died, Lewis Downing became guardian of two of his children by Rhoda.

Updated the family of Lewis Downing, his parents and siblings.

A few other small updates and corrections.

May 15th

Updated the family of Lincoln Arden Wheelock, and especially the descendants of Mary Frances Wheelock, thanks to Holly Edith Matson, great-granddaughter.

Numerous other small updates, corrections, and source citation improvements.

Mar 19th

Added the family of Eli Wheelock, son of Edward Wheelock and Martha Dagget. There is no record that specifically says Eli is the son of Edward and Martha, but the emergence of two new pieces of information render it a near certainty. First, one of his daughters, Adelia Wheelock, never had children. When she died her probate records named all of her siblings as legal heirs. Since most of them were deceased, the probate also named all of their children. Unless the executors missed siblings, this probate record identifies all children of Eli Wheelock. They were all born either in Batavia, or near Batavia, where Eli lived; and some had sons named Eli. Second, a listing of burials in the Old Batavia Cemetery was found, which lists Eli W___lock and Charity W___lock, citing death date, and age at death. The dates for Eli fit perfectly with census records, land records, and the records of births for his mother, Martha Daggett.

For a detailed discussion of the evidence, see the Research Notes for Eli Wheelock.

Added more information about the family and descendants of Andrew C. Wheelock, of Wyoming Co, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and New York. Thanks to research by Ryan Wheelock, a descendant.

Updated the notes and source citations for Reu Wheelock, another son of Edward Wheelock and Martha Daggett.

Feb 25th

Corrected misinformation about the parents of Euphemia Turnbull, wife of John T. Wheelock. Thanks to Hannah Frances Thomas for the research. See Euphemia Turnbull's wikitree entry here for more details and images of orignal sources.

Added parents, birth and death dates for Winifred O'Malley, second wife of Oscar Merritt Wheelock, alias Oscar Creighton, hero of the Mexican Revolution. Research kindly supplied by Larry Lashaway, who has written a sketch outlining Winnie's interesting life path. Click here to read/download the sketch.

Add information about the parents and out-of-wedlock daughter of Beulah Johnson of Charlton, Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Numerous other updates, including research on spousal lines, and improving source citations.

Jan 1st

Numerous updates to the family of David Wheelock and Naomi Fairbanks of Northborough and Leominister, MA, including the addition of Henry P. Wheelock as a son of Naomi, born out of wedlock. The marriages of several of Naomi and David's children (Eliza Wheelock, Nancy Wheelock) were updated and corrected, based on information in Naomi's administration of estate. A plausible marriage record was found for their daughter, Sophia Wheelock, and her husband David Cawthorne. Unfortunately, no progress on the central question of David Wheelock's parentage. His (extensive) probate records contain no obvious clue about his ancestry or Wheelock relatives.

Updated the marriages of Ruth Wheelock, daughter of Benjamin Wheelock and Elizabeth Thompson. Acknolwedged that the "Mrs. Ruth Morey" who married Adams Wheelock was the former wife of Thomas Morey. Documented the evidence for this in the notes for Ruth. Also, added a second marriage for Ruth Towne.

A few other minor updates to source citations.

Uploaded the annual updates to the Descendants of Rev. Ralph Wheelock, and The Wheelock Family of Charlton, Massachusetts PDF documents, which can also be downloaded under 'featured downloads" on the right.

What's New 2019

Dec 15th

Updated the family of Moses Wheelock, and Mary J. Foster, of Barre, MA. Made corrections to his wives, and added several children.

Updated the family of John P. Wheelock and Marrietta K. Fisher, of Newport, Orleans Co, Vt - with help from Leanne (Thurber) Joeckel, a descendant.

Worked out the identify of Elizabeth Weld, wife of Seth Wheelock of Charlton, MA, with help from Marina Cole, who first noticed the reference to Elizabeth Weld as "widow" in the record of marriage for Seth and Elizabeth. Based on a process of elimination, Marina concluded that Elizabeth Weld must have been the widow of Stephen Weld, who died in 1775. A comprehensive examination of the probate records and deeds confirms this identification, providing plenty of evidence to support it. For details, see the notes for Elizabeth Thayer.

Numerous other smaller updates, and improvements to sources.

Nov 15th

Researched the genealogy of five men named Harrison Wheelock, born before 1840. One of them, the son of Humphrey Wheelock and Sophia Lesure, couldn't be traced after birth. Perhaps he died young, left a small imprint on the records, or went by a different name later in life.

Another, the son of Otis Wheelock and Hannah Eddy of Vienna, NY, went to California, perhaps with his brother, Jay, and cousin, Samuel. He was probably the Harrison Wheelock that wrote "Guide and Map of The Reese River and Hombolt" in 1865, for miners and prospectors who flocked to the San Francisco region during the gold rush years. He came east, married a woman in Danbury, Connecticut, then, perhaps during a business trip, died in Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois, where he is buried.

There were at least two Harrison Wheelocks who fought during the Civil War, both from Iowa. One of them was born circa 1822 and died in 1864, presumably from wounds received during the war. No original records have yet been found that identify his parents, but "History of the Original Town of Concord, Being the Present Towns of Concord, Collins, North Collins, and Sardinia", by Erasmus Briggs, 1883, identified him as the son of Elijah Wheelock and Lucretia Taylor. Harrison's son, Henry H. Wheelock, had an interesting story. His father died when he was an infant. He was raised by his mother and step father in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. He married, was in and out of trouble with the law, served two prison sentences in Iowa - for robbery and attempted murder. Not surprisingly, his wife divorced him, and remarried. When Henry was released from his second prison term, he went back to his home town, and confronted his ex-wife. In self defense, she shot him, killing him instantly. The incident was heavily covered by the newspapers, which cast their sympathies with the ex-wife.

The other Harrison Wheelock who fought in the Civil War was born in Vermont, and lived in Poweshiek Co, IA. His genealogy has been well documented at FamilySearch.org, and in various family trees at Ancestry.com.

The fifth Harrison Wheelock is also well documented on the internet. He was born in Iowa, died in Michigan.

Identified the surname (Hanson) of Lydia Wheelock, fifth wife of Joseph Wheelock, of Coventry, VT.

Numberous other updates and corrections.

Sep 13th

Updated the family of Joseph Thompson and Sarah Wheelock, identifying additional children. The ancestry of Joseph is unknown, but it seems likely that he was closely related to Elizabeth Thompson, who married Benjamin Wheelock in Charlton, and whose parents lived in the same part of Charlton as the Wheelocks (the "County Gore").

Made some further updates to the family of Samuel H. Wheelock, grandson of Jonathan Wheelock, and Lucy Beaman - following the work of Marina Cole on www.WikiTree.com here, and FamilySearch.org here.

Numerous other corrections, source improvements, and updates.

Sep 1st

Updated the family of Amariah Wheelock and Roxelana Derby, of Watertown, NY. Updated the family of Jonathan Wheelock, of Concord, MA and Concord, NH. Concluded that he married twice, and that two of his presumed children, Jonathan and Thankful Wheelock were misinterpretations of the Concord Vital Records.

Aug 1st

Sorted out the time line for Clara De Freezer, after her divorce from David Lorenzo Wheelock, with help from David and Clara's granddaughter, Ruth Ann (Newberg) Scott. From a genealogical perspective this was particularly challenging, because there was so much incorrect information about Clara to lead researchers astray. Her gravestone marker has a birth date that is off by thirteen years, and her brother's 1975 obituary claimed she was still alive, when she wasn't. Despite these false clues, there is a clear trail of records to her identity.

July 14th

More updates to source citations, replacing stale web links with original sources. Some of the families updated include Jonathan Wheelock and Prudence Smith, Fordyce Foster Wheelock and his wife Martha Ann Barnes, Manning Wheelock and his wife Marbra Southwick, Simeon Wheelock and Mary Scott (from work originally done by Marina Cole, see wikitree page for Simeon Wheelock here), and updated what is known (by me) about Clara DeFreezer, who seems to have disappeared after her divorce from David Lorenzo Wheelock. Thanks to family members Ruth Ann Scott (grand-daughter), and other grandchildren and great-grandchildren for information about her.

June 23rd

Updated the family of Joseph Wheelock, including an identification of his wife, Irene (Rainey) Patrick.

Updated most of the sources for Jonathan Wheelock, his wife, Prudence Smith, and the immediate family. The sources had become stale. The updated citations now reference original sources.

Added a PDF document, compiled by Edwin (Ted) Wheelock, outlining the genealogy of Selden Frank Wheelock, of Michigan. Most of the online genealogies for Selden (including here - as of June 2019) are incomplete.

May 27th

Uploaded the annual update to the "Descendants of Rev. Ralph Wheelock" PDF document, which can also be downloaded under 'featured downloads" on the right.

Made numerous additions, corrections and source citation improvements, including:

Mar 30th

Wrote a blog article on Sophia Wheelock and her husband Benjamin Buffum. The article examines the evidence relevant to this couple, shows that Benjamin was the same man that married Sophia's half-aunt, Olive Wheelock, presents evidence that Benjamin and Sophia had four children out-of-wedlock, and discusses the validity of that evidence.

Numerous other updates, corrections, and source citation improvements.

Feb 10th

Corrected an error in which Jay Wheelock and Jasper Wheelock, twin sons of Otis Wheelock of Vienna, Oneida Co, NY, had been merged into a single individual, Jay Jasper Wheelock. They are, in fact, two different individuals, as can be seen in the 1900 census, where they are listed as distinct individuals. Also, Otis's Oneida County will lists both sons individually. Thanks to Scott and Jesse Putnam, descendants of Otis Wheelock, for pointing this out.

Worked out the identify of Benjamin Buffum (1787-1861), who married Olive Wheelock in 1810, then married Olive's niece, Sophia, in 1849. The astonishing thing about Benjamin is that he had children with Sophia while still married to Olive. All the vital records support this conclusion (though there may be reason to doubt these records, see Mar 30th updates above), and the land records convincingly prove that Olive and Sophia married the same man. There is still one important record to examine, Sophia's will, which has been ordered. For a discussion of the evidence, read the notes for Sophia.

Further clarified the identity of Lydia Mitchell, the mother of Jeremiah and Calvin Wheelock, sons of Seth Wheelock of Burrillville, RI. It is now known that she was the daughter of Darius Mitchell, of Glocester, RI. She apparently never married, but fathered two children with Seth. See notes for Lydia Mitchell. Thanks to JD Saunders for help with the research.

A few other updates, corrections, and improvements to source citations.

Jan 26th

Identified the mother of Jeremiah and Calvin Wheelock, sons of Seth Wheelock of Burrillville, RI. Jeremiah and Calvin's death records each referred to their parents as Seth Wheelock and Lydia. Both were born after Seth Wheelock's wife, Levina Hunt, died - leaving Lydia's identity a mystery. No marriage record has been found for Seth and Lydia, probably because they were never married. But the Rhode Island probate records at Ancestry.com leave little doubt about her identity. For the summary of evidence, see the notes for Seth Wheelock and Lydia Mitchel.

Added more detail to the family of Sylvester Wheelock, thanks to Jesse Putnam, ggg-grandson, for supplying the information.

Jan 18th

Updated the family of Otis Wheelock and Hannah Eddy, based on newspaper articles found on fultonsearch.org. Added some details to the family of Ruth Wheelock and Robert Kelley, of Charlton, MA. Oneida County deeds and New York tax records had previously revealed that Ruth Wheelock's brother, Edward Wheelock, and his extended family had moved to Augusta, Oneida County, NY sometime around 1797. Now, Worcester County, MA, deeds reveal that Chapin Kelley, son of Ruth and Robert also moved to Augusta - not suprising, since Edward Wheelock was Chapin's guardian.

Several other miscellaneous updates.

What's New 2018

Dec 23rd

Updated the family of Dr. Obadiah Wheelock and Celestia Seymour of Turin, Lewis Co, NY, and Minnesota, based partly on Seymour family correspondence held at the American Antiquarian Society. Filled in the family of Silas Wheelock and Almira Durant. Updated information about George L. Wheelock, son of Humphrey Wheelock, and Sophia Lesure.

Nov 15th

Added Abial Wheelock, daughter of Moses Wheelock and Lydia Bond, of Westborough. There is no birth record for Abial, but her death records in Westborough and Charleston leave no doubt about her parentage. Added Henry King, husband of Abigail Wheelock of Charlton, MA. It's not obvious from the Charlton vital records that this is the Abigail that married Henry King, but a Worcester County deed, Henry's administration of estate, Abigail's death record, and the lack of any other candidates for Abigail makes a convincing case.

Various other source updates and minor changes to notes.

Oct 22nd

Added two additional grandchildren of Paul Wheelock and Abigail Chapin of Charlton: Betsey Converse, and Elliot Converse, children of Mary Wheelock and Daniel Converse.

Confirmed that John Wheelock likely had only one child, based on the will of his wife, Lydia Davis, who identifed Sally Spurr, wife of John Spurr, as her only child. Lydia's will also named Paul Wheelock 3rd "illegitimate child of Betsey Converse" as a beneficiary ($200). A guardianship for Paul (discovered by Marina Cole) confirmed that he was the (out of wedlock) son of Paul Wheelock and Betsey Converse. This solves the longtime mystery surrounding the parentage of Paul Wheelock (aka John Adams Wheelock).

Paul Wheelock (aka John Adams Wheelock) was born in 1807, per death record. An entry in his aunt's diary points to a likely birth date of 11 March 1807. The aunt is Mary (Converse) Wheelock, Betsey's sister. She kept a diary between the years 1804-1809, currently in the possession of Margaret A. (Stockwell) Cole, a descendant of Mary (Converse) Wheelock. The 11 March 1807 entry reads as follows: "Betsy had a fine boy born, with but little difficulty thank to God the giver of good and evil too."

Oct 12th

In an ongoing attempt to identify all the grandchildren of Paul Wheelock and Abigail Chapin of Charlton, Worcester Co, MA - filled in the family of Abigail Wheelock (daughter of Paul and Abigail) and Asa Dresser of Charlton, MA. The public trees on Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org have little commonality on the genealogy of this family, with many errors.

Aug 31st

Filled in the family of Samuel A. Wheelock, and Charlotte F. Robbins of Cambridge, MA; and the family of Caroline Wheelock and her husband, Warner Wheeler, of Michigan.

Added more information about the descendants of Ernest Alton Wheelock and Catherine Taube, thanks to help from Ryan Wheelock, their g-grandson. Also, added Elizabeth Shook, the first wife of Ernest Alton Wheelock's father, Andrew C. Wheelock - thanks to help from Marina Cole.

Aug 14th

Added birth dates to the family of Benjamin Wheelock and Elizabeth Thompson, based on a register of vital events maintained (probably) by Polly Converse, found by Peggy Cole (a descendant of Polly) while cleaning out the family home.

Added Daniel Wheelock, ancestry unknown. Add more details about the wives of Frank Wheelock. Various other minor updates.

July 14th

Added more detail to the family of Seth Wheelock and Levina Hunt, including Levina's relationship to her mother-in-law, Keziah Hunt. Most of their vital events are not recorded in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, leaving more than few mysteries for genealogists to solve.

Updated information on some of the children of Reu Wheelock and Rosanna Smiley, namely Augusta, Sarah, Caroline.

July 1st

Added Ithamar Wheelock (about 1805 - 1867), and family. Ithamar was born in Massachusetts, and lived in Ohio. Though his ancestry is not known for certain, it's likely he is closely related to Samuel Wheelock and Hannah Ammidown of Tyringham, MA, possibly a son of Ithamar.

Finally connected the David Wheelock of Readfield, ME with the David Wheelock born 1782 in Charlton, MA. The names and dates strongly suggested this connection, but two additional pieces of evidence clinched it. First, the death records of two of his children identify his birthplace as Charlton, MA; and second, a 8 July 1849 letter from David to his sister in law, Polly (Converse) Wheelock, exists, and is in the posession of Peggy Cole, a descendant of Polly (Converse) Wheelock. Thanks also to Dale Potter-Clark for her work on the early settlers of Readfield, Maine, and her genealogy of David Wheelock posted at ancestry.com.

Added detail to the family of Luther Wheelock (1782 - 1868) and Clarissa Marcy, of Berkshire Co, MA.

Numerous other updates, corrections, and improved sources.

Jun 7th

Listed Joel Wheelock, Jr. of Sweden, Monroe Co, NY as the son of Joel Wheelock, Sr. of New Ipswich, NH, based on an accumulation of additional information that linked the two together. For details, see the notes for Joel Wheelock, Jr.

Added Betsey Wheelock as a daughter of Joel Wheelock.

Added Miranda Wheelock, born 1822 in Batavia, Genesee Co, NY, parents unknown. Another possible child of Eli Wheelock, or sibling.

Corrected a transcription error in the will of Jonathan Wheelock (1727-1798) of Cavendish, VT. A bequest to son Jotham Wheelock was incorrectly transcribed as Jonathan Wheelock. (Thanks to Marina Cole for catching this.)

Jun 4th

Corrections, improved sources, and updated research notes for various individuals.

Added a link to the Wheelock One Name Study page on WikiTree.

Apr 30th

Updated information for Phoebe Wheelock, who married George Hedley, with research help from Marina Cole (see here).

Added George Granville Wheelock, whose ancestry is not yet proven, but is likely closely related to Abner Wheelock and Lydia Tillotson of Sugar Grove, PA.

Filled in some of the descendants of William Wallace Wheelock, with help from David Balken, a descendant.

Mar 3rd

Added the family of Calvin Wheelock (about 1777 - 1851), of Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Chenango Co, NY. This was a joint effort with Marina Cole, who has information about this family on www.WikiTree.com here.

Numerous other corrections, additional dates, and improved sources.

Feb 17th

Updated the "Descendants of Ralph Wheelock" and "The Wheelock Family of Charlton, MA" PDF files in the downloads section. Added a section for the Wheelocks of Batavia, Genesee Co, NY, including a number of unplaced Wheelocks, all of whom are probably closely related to Edward Wheelock and Martha Daggett of Charlton, Worcester Co, MA.

Added the family of Seth Wheelock (about 1805 - 1868), and Christina Wesley, of Kalamazoo Co, MI. Seth's ancestry unknown.

Added partial family of Joseph Wheelock and Rainey (--?--) of Windsor Twp, Windsor Co, VT. They had at least two children: Woodward Wheelock, and Eleazer Wheelock. Joseph's ancestry is not proven, but he is likely to be the son of Eleazar Wheelock (b. 27 June 1747), and his wife Betty Woodward, of Charlton, MA. See notes for Joseph

Added the second marriage/partnership of Timothy Erastus Wheelock (1828 - 1878) of Grafton and Boston, MA.

Jan 13th

Added updates for Allen Wheelock (1813-1889), son of Caleb Wheelock and Sally Allen of Townshend, VT.

Added Obadiah Wheelock, born about 1792, presumed child of Obadiah Wheelock, of Floyd, NY. Research by Marina Cole.

Added the family of Robert Upton and Anna Wheelock of Cavendish, VT, and Salem, MA.

Added Almira Wheelock, Adelia Wheelock, and Anna M. Wheelock, all from Genessee Co, NY and MI. The three are closely related, and presumed to be sisters, probably daughters of Eli Wheelock, of Batavia, Genessee Co, NY. For a discussion of the evidence, see the notes for Adelia. Thanks to Marina Cole for bringing Adelia and Almira to my attention.

What's New 2017

Dec 14th

Added updates for Merrill G. Wheelock, architect in Boston.

Added marriage and death info for Laura Lucretia Wheelock, thanks to information from Linda Porter, whose ancestor was her brother.

Updated the notes and death date for Edward Wheelock of Charlton and Oneida Co, NY. Based on Oneida Co deeds, it is known that he purchasaed land in Augusta, NY in 1797, near his daughter Relief, and her husband Jabez Howe. He is enumerated on the tax rolls there from 1799 to 1803. His whereabouts after 1807 is still unknown.

Nov 6th

Added the family of William F. Wheelock and some notes for Orrin E. Wheelock, both children of Eliab Wheelock and Ruth Blackman of Poland Center, Chautauqua Co, NY.

Added Silas Wheelock, of Dorchester, MA, died 6 Nov 1831, ancestry unknown.

Updated the family of Luman Cyrus Wheelock, (most notably his wife, Kathryn Sutton) with info supplied by Greg Wheelock, a direct descendant.

Added a place holder for John Wheelock, who is possibly a brother of Eli Wheelock, Reu Wheelock (1785 - 1833), and Silas Wheelock (1781 - 1851), though proof has yet to be found. John appears in the 1820-1870 Census records, living in or near Batavia. In 1850 and 1860 he is living in the household of Sally Lusk, daughter of Relief Wheelock (sister of Reu and Silas); adding support to the theory that he is a close relation.

Oct 2nd

Added Benjamin F. Wheelock and James H. Wheelock to the family of Haskell Wheelock and Lydia Dunham. Haskell and family moved from Royalton, VT to Wisconsin, circa 1810.

Added a place holder for Eli Wheelock, who is probably a brother of Reu Wheelock (1785 - 1833) and Silas Wheelock (1781 - 1851), though proof has yet to be found. Reu and Eli jointly purchased land in Batavia, Genessee Co, NY in 1817 and 1820, and are enumerated next to each other in the 1820 Federal Census. But further information about Eli has proven elusive.

Also, fixed an "Internal Server Error" that occured on searches originating from the search page.

Sep 11th

Updates to the family of Aubrey Vane Wheelock, thanks to some help from Ted Wheelock. Updated Kimber Gadsby Wheelock, an early contributor to WheelockGenealogy.com, who passed away 12 Aug 2017. His obituary is here. Various other corrections, including notes on the births of the children of Francis S. Wheelock and Ruth Orcutt - with thanks to Greg Wheelock for identifying incorrect birth information.

Aug 7th

Updates to the family of Orville Edgar Wheelock, and his granddaughter, Ruby Alice Wheelock (with help from Brian Chapman).

Various corrections, and improvements to source references.

May 23rd

Thomas Wheelock has retired the www.WheelockGenealogy.org website, and has transferred the information there to the Wheelock One Name Study website at http://Wheelock.One-Name.net. He continues to update the website with information on the English roots of the Wheelock surname, and the Latin American branches of the Wheelock family, from which he descends.

Updates to the notes of Cyrus Wheelock (b. 1763), identifying additional information about his wives and children. Cyrus moved from Milford, MA to Readfield, ME between 1800 and 1810. At the time, Maine was still part of Massachusetts. Wheelock genealogies, published and online, have little to say about his children or their descendants. The updated notes show that Cyrus probably had two additional children that are not normally enumerated in Wheelock genealogies.

The family of Calvin H. Wheelock (b. 1844) and Bridget Kane, of Cedar Co, IA has been filled in. There is still more work to do to fill this family in completely.

The family of Levi C. Wheelock (b. 1831) and Mary Howard, of Hopkinton, MA has been filled in.

Apr 26th

Updates to genealogical info about Oscar Merritt Wheelock, including his birth date, his brother's middle name and some vital facts about his near relatives, thanks to Larry Lashaway.

Updates to several additional families, including the families of William Wheelock (1816 - 1876), and Oscar Wheelock (1840 - 1922).

As always, updates to sources and dates for numerous other individuals in the Wheelock genealogy.

Feb 11th

Updates to several families including the families of Arnold Morgan Wheelock (1917 - 1990) (thanks to Derek Ashley Wheelock), Alfred Pearce Wheelock (1832 - 1897), and Waitstill Dickinson Wheelock (thanks to Greg Wheelock for the research). Some information about Maryette Wheelock (1821 - 1884, m. Lewis St. Ores) has been added, thanks to Marina Cole. Maryette was probably born in Lyme, NY, but later moved to Wisconsin, and finally California. Her parentage is unknown - if anyone has information about her, I'd love to see it. Also, a bug in upper/lower case searching has been fixed. All searches are conducted in lower case, regardless of whether you use upper case letters in the search box.

Jan 9th

Updates to many families including the families of Paul Wheelock (1803 - 1858) and Susan Allen of Rhode Island, Edmond Blood Wheelock (b. 1813) and his three wives, and Edgar Warren Wheelock (b. 1870). In addition, all the PDFs on the Downloads page have been updated, and a link to the talk I gave to the Medfield Historical Society has been added there.