February 15th



Welcome to the Wheelock Genealogy website. Here you'll find a large and growing genealogy of the Wheelock family in the United States. Browse the Wheelock genealogy by clicking on the 'browse' button above, search using the search box to the right, or visit one of the topics in the sidebar.

What's New

The family of Lewis Jackson Wheelock (1862 - 1952) and his wife Mary Westfall (1864 - 1917) has been filled in, with help from Father Robert Dean Wheelock, a grandson. The family of Joseph Wheelock (1902 - 1969) and his wife, Marie Gleason (1906 - 1992) has been filled in, with help from their grandson, Gregory Wayne Wheelock. Finally, the family of Otis Wheelock (1829 - 1864), Civil War Veteran has been filled in, with information from primary sources. Otis is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, while most of the rest of his family is buried in Pierrepont Hill Cemetery, in Pierrepont, NY.

January 24th

Previous Update

The website has been completely redone to make it more visually appealing, more navigable, and easier to maintain. Most of the information from the old website has been preserved here. But in some cases I've decided to eliminate information whenver it is readily available elsewhere. For example, cemetery records are now thoroughly documented on www.FindAGrave.com; there is no need to document them here. And it would be impossible to keep up with FAG anyway. Also, I've scaled back the 'links' section. There are now so many websites with interesting information about Wheelock history that it doesn't make sense to try to accumulate them all here. Instead, only links to websites of other Wheelock enthusiasts are shown.

All of the genealogies on the 'downloads' page have been udpated. In particular, the families of Paris and Marcus Wheelock, sons of Baruch and Philadelphia have been filed in. This family moved from North Smithfield, RI to Corning, Steuben Co, NY between 1820 and 1830. Members of this family later moved to Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA, and then to Washington, DC. Some are buried in the Congressional Cemetery there.