Wheelock Family Genealogy

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A history and genealogy of the Wheelock Family in the United States, with an emphasis on the Charlton, MA Wheelocks.

Updated 27 April 2014


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Surname History, New England Migration History
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Wheelock Records
MA Probate Indices, VT Probate Indices, NY Deed Indices, Probate Documents, Land RecordsCemetery Records

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Revolutionary War Soldiers

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Added a link to Ted Wheelock's Facebook page in the "Interesting Links" section. Lots of fascinating Wheelock information can be found at Ted's growing, active Facebook community. Click the link above, or login in to Facebook and search for "Rev Ralph Wheelock, Puritan".  Also added information about Henry P. Wheelock (1823-1904), including an argument that he may be the son of Naomi (Fairbanks) Wheelock (d. 1859). For a history of revisions to this site, click here. If you would like to be notified of updates, send an email here.



This website is maintained by Rick Sullivan (Northborough, Massachusetts, USA), a descendant of Rev. Ralph Wheelock, through Silas Wheelock of Hamburg, NY. It is a growing, collaborative effort, with contributions from Scott Wheelock, Russell Wheelock, Daniel Wheelock, Doreen (Wheelock) Strube, Vance Mead, Nancy Jackson, Susan Hunt, Persis Ivett, Virginia Burdick, Theresa Anne Crowell Bickhart, Larry Danker, Betty Wheelock Sullivan, Joyce (Wheelock) Shew, Patricia (Wheelock) Springer, Elizabeth (Wheelock) Davis, Ron Ouimette, Dr. Robert Hayes Wheelock, Dr. John Manning Wheelock, Dr. Seymour Wheelock, Nancy Jackson, Charlotte (Wheelock) Kennedy, Linda (Wheelock) Gruno, Marina Cole, Scot Addison Wheelock, Shawn Wheelock, Gary Wheelock, Kate O'Keefe, Leslie (Ferry) Helger, Jody Thibodeau, David Battey, Rick Gagne, Nate Davis, Dale Wheelock, Doug Chase, Kristy (Staples) Hammond, Dave Hannon, Dave Lawrence, Christine Galbraith,  Janet Noble (White) Gibbens, Mike Herrell, Barbara Elaine Teague, Linda Denison Aust, Christine McGlaughlin, Bev Rainey, Tom Stuhler, Sandra Smith, Kimber Gadsby Wheelock, Dana Buell Sengbush, James Allie, Karen Lansing, Robert Wheelock, Barbara Bishop, Richard Mullen, Arthur Kingsland Wheelock, Sr., Arlene (Jeronime) Fitzgerald, Alan Stokes, Roger Kelley [Dean Family Historian], Krista (Spaulding) Leeder, Michal Handy, Ellen Berg, Beverly Wheelock Musick, Georgia Wheelock, Su Wetzel, Bonnie Bergeron, Diana McGuffin, Merrill Nelson, Vicki (Wheelock) Weaver, Joseph Pollard, Dann Wheelock, Fr. Robert Wheelock, Evelyn Wheelock (by way of Kevin Wheelock), Jan Wheelock, Andrew Hayes Wheelock, Sr., Marian Chamberlain, Jeanette Browning, Andrew Wheelock, Mike Wheelock, Ted Wheelock, Thomas Wheelock, Norman Wheelock, Anita Chambers Decoteau, Gina Roush, Dianne Eaton, Carmen Johnson, Nancy Docherty, Judith Arthur, Sandra Ball, Tucky Sancibrian, William Hutchinson, Alta Pettengill, Anne Milligan Rudolf, and many others. If you have comments, questions, suggestions, corrections, feedback or would like to make a contribution of any sort, send email to rbsullivanjr@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you! In addition, I am happy to share whatever information is presented here with anyone who wants it.



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