March 5th



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A better search engine has been added. Instead of using a standard "text-based" search, now uses a genealogical search, which searches the database of individuals at, and returns links directly to the people matching the search criteria. Search criteria can include first and/or last names, birth date ranges, and place names. Try it out - enter a name in the search box to the right.

The family of Ezekial Wheelock (1820 - 1896) has been added based on primary sources. Ezekial is nephew to Paris Wheelock who lived in Corning, Steuben Co, NY. Ezekial was interesting to research; he doesn't seem to be well documented by existing genealogies of the Wheelock family. But he left telling clues about his life, including his Rhode Island birth record, and marriage to Uraniah Aldrich. Uraniah seems to have died young. Her headstone in the Old Aldrich Burial Ground in North Smithfield, RI indicates a death date of 1849, just a few years after she married Ezekial. I'm guessing she died giving birth to Uraniah D. Wheelock, who died at the young age of six months, and is buried in Wayne, Kennebec Co, ME. Ezekial lived in Wayne for a time. He married his second wife there (Charlotte Small). After that, they moved to Corning, where many members of the family are buried.

January 24th

Previous Update

The family of Lewis Jackson Wheelock (1862 - 1952) and his wife Mary Westfall (1864 - 1917) has been filled in, with help from Father Robert Dean Wheelock, a grandson. The family of Joseph Wheelock (1902 - 1969) and his wife, Marie Gleason (1906 - 1992) has been filled in, with help from their grandson, Gregory Wayne Wheelock. Finally, the family of Otis Wheelock (1829 - 1864), Civil War Veteran has been filled in, with information from primary sources. Otis is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, while most of the rest of his family is buried in Pierrepont Hill Cemetery, in Pierrepont, NY.