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What's New 2017

Apr 26th

Updates to genealogical info about Oscar Merritt Wheelock, including his birth date, his brother's middle name and some vital facts about his near relatives, thanks to Larry Lashaway.

Updates to several additional families, including the families of William Wheelock (1816 - 1876), and Oscar Wheelock (1840 - 1922).

As always, updates to sources and dates for numerous other individuals in the Wheelock genealogy.

Feb 11th

Updates to several families including the families of Arnold Morgan Wheelock (1917 - 1990) (thanks to Derek Ashley Wheelock), Alfred Pearce Wheelock (1832 - 1897), and Waitstill Dickinson Wheelock (thanks to Greg Wheelock for the research). Some information about Maryette Wheelock (1821 - 1884, m. Lewis St. Ores) has been added, thanks to Marina Cole. Maryette was probably born in Lyme, NY, but later moved to Wisconsin, and finally California. Her parentage is unknown - if anyone has information about her, I'd love to see it. Also, a bug in upper/lower case searching has been fixed. All searches are conducted in lower case, regardless of whether you use upper case letters in the search box.

Jan 9th

Updates to many families including the families of Paul Wheelock (1803 - 1858) and Susan Allen of Rhode Island, Edmond Blood Wheelock (b. 1813) and his three wives, and Edgar Warren Wheelock (b. 1870). In addition, all the PDFs on the Downloads page have been updated, and a link to the talk I gave to the Medfield Historical Society has been added there.

2016 Updates

Nov 16th

Further updates to the family of David Lorenzo Wheelock, reflecting some clarifications by Angela Jennes, great-granddaughter of David. There are other minor updates to the families of Joseph Barber Wheelock (1832 - 1910) and Benjamin C. Wheelock (1830 - 1909), reflecting information gleaned from www.FindAGrave.com.

The Wheelock Family Genealogy talk I gave to the Medfield Historical Society on Oct 3rd has been published on the YouTube Medfield TV Channel here. A PDF version of the PowerPoint slide deck can be found here. I am working on a transcript of the talk, which will be available on the Wheelock Genealogy website blog shortly.

Oct 25th

Updates to the family of Elizabeth Jeanne (Wheelock) Davis, who goes by the name Betts. Betts has done a lot of research on the Wheelock family, and has been very helpful in filling in some of the gaps in the Wheelock genealogy.

The family of David Lorenzo Wheelock of East Moline, Rock Island Co, IL has been updated with information kindly supplied by Matt Newberg, a descendant of David. The information supplied by Matt was instrumental in sorting out some of the confusing relationships in this family.

Updates to the family of Cyrus J. Wheelock, with information kindly supplied by Sam Stuhlmiller. Cyrus has no living descendants, but Sam's ancestors were related to Cyrus' daughter, Lucy, by marriage; and found some information of genealogical interest in her effects.

Still waiting for Medfield TV to post the Wheelock Genealogy talk I gave on Oct 3rd.

Oct 4th

Updates to the family of Henry Wheelock and Phoebe Dickinson, based on discussions with Greg Wheelock, Mikey Seabury, and Mary Gilmore. In particular, the existence of Phoebe Irene Wheelock is called into question. No primary records exist which can confirm her birth. Also, more details have been filled in for family members, based on research kindly supplied by Greg, Mikey, and Mary. In particular, more information about Dickinson Wheelock, son of Henry and Phoebe has been found; and detailed vitals for some of his siblings have been updated.

The talk I gave to the Medfield Historical Society on Oct 3rd was recorded and will be posted on YouTube in the near future. I'll post a link to the video here when it becomes available.

Sep 11th

Numerous updates, including updates to David Lorenzo Wheelock (thanks to Angela Jennes), Madeline Ruth Wheelock (thanks to Angela Aimee Bisson-Lambert), Everett Baxter Wheelock, and several others. The Descendants of Rev. Ralph Wheelock PDF in the Downloads section has been updated.

May 26th

Updated the blog with an essay on the family of Josephus Wheelock (1792-1872).

Several updates to the Wheelock genealogy, mostly involving error corrections, improved source references, and the addition of new individuals. The family of Josephus Wheelock is now filled in. Josephus was an interesting study. He moved from New England to Alabama prior to the Civil War. Despite being a slave owner, he remained loyal to the Union. For more, read the blog entry.

February 28th

Updated the blog with an essay on events leading up to and shortly after Rev. Ralph Wheelock's arrival in Massachusetts.

Posted a research essay about Oscar Merritt Wheelock, alias Oscar Creighton, who fought with notoriety in the Mexican Revolution. The essay was written by Larry Lashway, who has studied newspaper articles written during the time that Oscar and his wife Winnie lived in Butte, Montana. It sheds light on what transpired during the year that Oscar lived there, what events led up to his hasty departure on the eve of 1911, and how his wife, Winnie, and her relationship to the mayor of Butte influenced these events. The essay can be found here, and is linked at the end of the biography of Oscar Merritt Wheelock here.

Also made some minor updates to the genealogy of Rev. Ralph Wheelock.

January 22nd

Added a blog to capture thoughts, essays, and research notes that didn't seem to have any natural home on the WheelockGenealogy.com website.

Two generations of descendants of Philip Wheelock, of Floyd, Oneida Co, NY have been added, based on census records, obituaries, and www.FindAGrave.com records. In addition, the following have been added: descendants of Dexter Wheelock and Elsie Gray, of Atlas Co, IL; children of Henry Wheelock and Adelphia Converse (of Newfane, VT, and Byron, IL); and numerous other addtions and corrections.

Included a copy of Ralph Wheelock's signature, as it appeared circa 1655, at the end of his will.

Dec 28th

The genealogies of many new families have been filled in, including Haskell Wheelock, Alonzo P. Wheelock, Burtis Lemuel Wheelock, Alpheus Wheelock, Thomas Seabury Wheelock, Alonzo J. Wheelock, and many others. Several corrections have been incorporated, and source references have been improved.

A discussion of the ancestry of Brigadier General Charles Wheelock (1812 - 1865) has been added to the Wheelock Mysteries page. To the best of my knowledge, there are no primary sources that identify the ancestry of his father, Daniel Wheelock (1768 - 1812). The oral tradition in this family insists that he is the son of Daniel Wheelock and Beulah Albee, of Uxbridge, MA; yet the vital and probate records do nothing to substantiate this claim. In fact, the vital records are silent about Daniel, and at first glance seem to contradict the family stories. But these oral traditions may still be true. A deeper discussion can be found here.

Finally, the documents in the downloads section have been updated to reflect these changes.